10 Thoughts On ECW – 07.22.2008

1) I’m glad they finally replaced the old ECW belt with a new belt. The silver shield is nice and differentiates the look from the other two shows.

2) People have been asking Colin Delany for two days why he turned on Tommy? Shenanigans. No one knows who Colin Delany is.

3) The pop for Teddy Long’s “This is Philly… THIS IS ECW” was surprisingly low. I see that the six or eight months that I was away from this show was plenty to drive away the ECW faithful.

4) Tommy hasn’t won a match in so long I find myself trying to remember what his finisher is here. the Death Valley Driver is too close to the FU, DDTs have pretty much become a transition move, and there’s no plunder in sanitized ECW. DDT it is, though. I had another joke in here about “still not knowing as Tommy falls to the mighty Colin Delaney” but, surprisingly, Tommy went over.

5) Man, Morrison is still one of the better looking dudes in the federation but HOLY CRAP does his verbal delivery still really, really suck. His timing for jokes is all wrong, his facial expression is stone solid, and he always sounds like he’s reading off a card. His backstage segment had a couple legitimately funny lines that fell flat (including saying “he wishes his coat was only five-thousand dollars. This is farm-raised jackal) because of his delivery. I wondered when they were breaking up Miz & Morrison… no time soon.

6) Evan Bourne does one of the nicer shooting-star presses that I can remember seeing. It’s not as slick as Brock Lesnar’s but, really, how could it be?

7) I’m into this Ricky Ortiz guy. He seems like he’s got the type of personality that could be huge.

8) I think one of the reasons I’m into Finlay is that he just seems happy at all times now. I can imagine it’s probably nice to be a road agent and then randomly have your career revived by a dwarf. Good for him.

9) Well, Matt Hardy dropped the US Title and Miz & Morrison dropped the tag straps on Sunday. I’ll have to assume that Matt wins this match. I mean, we can pretty much consider Matt the most over guy on this roster now, right?

10) The first half of the four way match was very slow and plodding but they picked it up after the commercial break. Matt Hardy dropped the US Title to apparently become the guy to carry the ECW Roster. Let’s see how it works.

It seems like all three shows are heading in different and good directions. Considering where they were before, that’s probably a good thing.

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