Make Movement: Further Proof Cena’s Character Is Immortal

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of John Cena as a performer, and again, I have nothing personal against Cena or the fact he’s a great company man in the WWE. However, as time goes on, and Cena is considered one of the measuring sticks of success in the business because of his marketability to women and children, I want to know why Cena’s character continues to go on beyond the point of believability? The only character in sports entertainment that has gone as far as this is ‘the Immortal’ Hulk Hogan.

This weekend we saw Cena and JBL wrestle in New York City, in one of the greatest meccas in the world, Madison Square Garden, in what was the corniest match of this year a NYC Parking Lot Brawl. Surrounded by cars, clearly the writers were playing the WWE video game when coming up with the concept of this match. As if last week’s RAW where JBL “hit” Cena or “narrow miss” Cena with a car wasn’t insulting enough, how about all the camera angles where the WWE would continue their quest to try to turn a wrestling storyline into a action movie? John Cena escaped and NO SOLD a burning car. There is no explanation, John Cena is Terminator. He finally sold landing onto the windshield but the next night on RAW, wouldn’t you know it, Cena is so Hulk Hogan that he can have Cryme Tyme work most of the match and save the day (to a Hogan like reception) and FU BOTH MEN with a screwed up arm! Perhaps the funniest part of this was the fact that Cody Rhodes had to launch himself out of the FU which was silly to begin with. For reality sake (you know, for a little bit of realism here), Cena shouldn’t have made it look so easy, with glass in his arm the night before, why not sell that he’s somewhat hurt and how hard that would be, beyond the fact he’s so strong?

At least the writers are teasing Batista versus Cena, that will surely confuse the Cena loyalists now.
My money’s on Big Dave.

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