Reno 911: The Complete Fifth Season Uncensored! DVD Review

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Reno’s finest are back for more wacky improvised action in there fifth season!

In case you haven’t seen Reno 911, it is an improvisational show that parodies reality cop shows. It focuses around a handful of racist, stupid and inept deputies in Reno, Nevada and their day-to-day mishaps. It’s one of the funniest shows on Comedy Central today and is most certainly not for the easily offended

Right from the first episode, season five completely jumps the shark. Literally. No, I mean it. Lt. Dangle (Thomas Lennon) attempts to jump over a tank of water with a shark in it to raise money for autism. Of course being as this is Reno 911 you know how well that must go. After that nice little gag, season five picks up right were season four left off, which if you remember, left us about to find out who Wiegel’s (Kerri Kenney) baby’s daddy was and Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui) proposing to Dangle’s boyfriend. Well in true Reno 911 fashion nothing goes as expected and the cliffhangers prove to be not nearly and important as made out to be. In fact, the Wiegel’s baby story gets wrapped up in the first episode and the debate whether Garcia is gay or not gets wrapped up in that first scene.

Then it’s back to business as usual, or perhaps unusual in the case of these police officers. Throughout sixteen episodes we get to see them bungle call after call, we get drunk drivers, a crooked mayor, cocaine filled plush bunny rabbits, cleavage revealing Kevlar vests and a clown car full of dead clowns. Terry (Nick Swardson) is of course causing all sorts of trouble for our hapless deputies and we get a few new reoccurring delinquent as well including a pedophile, a man who always causes trouble at a brothel and a man who seems to enjoy turning himself in, however not without posing several hypothetical questions before hand. With all these misfits Reno’s Sheriff department sure have their hands full. Good thing they hired a new office administrator, who just happens to be an ex-sex slave worker.

There are a few great special guests in this season too, the best being Seth Green as an unruly fast food managers who totally messes with Jones (Cedric Yarbrough) and Garcia. Another shining moment comes when the deputies comes face to face with Tommy Hawk (Diedrich Bader), a Dog, the Bounty Hunter wannabe.

All-in-all this is another solid season of Reno 911. It’s consistently laugh-out-loud funny and this season seems to raise the wall of inappropriateness to new heights. And if all that wasn’t enough the season ends with fiery explosive cliffhanger to make sure you tune in when season 6 hits your small screen next season.


Disc 1:

Did Garcia Steal Dangles Husband? 1/16/2008

We learn the fate of Garcia’s big question and the fate of Wiegel’s baby. Dangle jumps a shark. Also, it turns out Terry’s girlfriend, Seeeeemji (Christina Applegate) is real.

Bounty Hunter Tommy Hawk 1/23/2008

The team comes face to face with Tommy Hawk, Bounty Hunter and the two are after the same bounty! Meanwhile, the department hires an ex-sex slave as an office administrator.

Super Knockers! 1/30/2008

The ladies get sexy new Kevlar chest plates that the guys seem to enjoy, but do they work as well as they look? Also, Johnson (Wendi McLendon-Covey) grows jealous of the attention the others girls’ chests are getting. Meanwhile, an ex-con out of their past plots revenge against Dangle and Jones. Too bad they have no idea who he is.

Mayor Hernandez 2/6/2008

The Mayor (George Lopez) starts acting very fish and demands the team’s allegiance while leaving them with strange packages to dispose off. Then they have to deal with his extremely drunken wife.

Coconut Nut Clusters! 2/13/2008

When the team goes out to sell coconut nut clusters for charity Kimball (Mary Birdsong) and Jones have the worst day of their lives.

Dangle’s Secret Family 2/20/2008

Dangle’s black brother and sister come to town to settle their father’s will so he enlists the help of Williams (Niecy Nash) to help him learn how to assimilate,

Undercover At Burger Cousin 2/27/2008

Jones and Garcia go undercover at a Burger Cousin fast food joint to stop a series of robberies only to be completely demeaned by the would be manager (Seth Green).

Disc 2:

The Wall 3/5/2087

Junior and Garcia head south to protect our borders from illegal immigrants by helping to building a portion of a chain link fence. Meanwhile, Wiegel goes undercover as a “sexy” schoolgirl on a bus to weed out dirty old men.

Death Of A Pickle-Thrower 5/22/2008

A new local law is put into place where unwanted babies can be dropped off at the police station yielding an over flow of babies so the guys bring in some hookers to help take care of them all. Meanwhile, Jackie (Keri Kenney), the team’s favorite hooker is dying in the hospital and they all stop by to pay their last respects.

Baghdad 911 5/29/2008

The team gets put in charge of training a new Iraqi police force that doesn’t take them seriously at all. Also, Dangle and Wiegel have to dispose of a whole lot of cocaine that had been hidden in a bunch of plush bunnies.

The Tanning Booth Incident 6/5/2008

When a local tanning salon offers half price deals to Reno’s Sheriff Department, Dangle decides take them up, but he falls asleep and tans too long. Also, a lottery glitch leads man of the officers to think that they have won.

Strong Sister 6/12/2008

Raineesha Williams is excited that she is going to be featured in Strong Sister magazine, so the rest of the gang stretch the truth or tell out and out lies to make her look better. But everyone is shocked when they learn what kind of magazine Strong Sister really is.

Wiegel’s Dad Returns 6/19/2008

When Wiegel’s long thought dead Native American alleged rapist father shows up, she is excited to have him back in her life. But there others are suspicious of him and will be very shocked when they learn the disturbing truth. Meanwhile, Dangle and Junior (Robert Ben Garant) go undercover to bust a Thai food delivery prostitution ring to devastating results.

Junior Runs For Office 6/26/2008

Junior sees a chance for a quick buck and decides to run for the position of Reno’s Commissioner of Dead Carcass Removal, but when his apposing candidate (Dan Castellaneta) puts on the pressure he needs to reconsider. Meanwhile, Kimball and Jones must drive a racist retired war general in a parade.

Disc 3:

Undercover Acting Coach 7/3/2008

An acting coach (Ryan Stiles) is brought in to help the team be better undercover agents. Also, Dangle, Jones and Junior must deal with a clown car of death.

The Parade 7/10/2008

The gang work together to try and win an award for the most patriotic float in a Carson City parade, but will they make it to the parade on time? Also, the department outsources 911 calls to India to save money, but certainly not to save lives.

The show is presented in fullscreen 1:33.1 and English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. Despite all the shaky-cam this is still a great looking and sounding show.

Audio Commentary: On six episodes you get commentary from various cast members. These are all pretty funny. You don’t get much insight into the show, but you do get a lot of monkeying around and horseplay.

Cop Psychology: Inside The Minds Of Reno’s Deputies: (23 min.) Watch and laugh as Dangle, Garcia, Johnson, Jones, Junior, Kimball, Wiegel and Williams individually sit down with a therapist to who is trying to evaluate them. This is really funny and could almost stand alone as an episode.

Extended Scenes: (41 min.) You get four extended uncut scenes here. They are very funny and it is interesting to see the improve play out without any cutting. The scenes are: Dangle and Wiegel at the Mr. McHuggl’es Warehouse, Clown Car Tragedy, Garcia and Junior Join A Militia and Jackie’s Last Will and Testament.

Available just days after the last episode of the season aired this is a must own for Reno 911 fans. If you haven’t seen the first four seasons quit your job, drop out of school and get caught up right now, you’ve been missing out, man!


Comedy Central and Paramount Pictures present Reno 911: The Complete Fifth Season Uncensored!. Created by Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant and Kerri Kenney. Starring Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney, Cedric Yarbrough, Niecy Nash, Carlos Alazraqui, Wendi McLendon-Covey an Mary Birdsong. Running time: 352 minutes. Not Rated. Released on DVD: July 15, 2008. Available at

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