10 (More) Thoughts on ECW – 07.22.2008

There’s a new ECW Title, and it looks like a melted trash can lid. Join me as I complain about this and much more in this week’s 10 Thoughts on ECW. Plus, I send a message to TNA.

1. Tony Atlas squeezed his way into the ECW Intro. Apparently, Mr. “Ladies and Gentlemah” is here to stay as Mark Henry’s mouthpiece. They couldn’t have gotten anyone better than Atlas? Honestly, this guy is just as good, if not worse, than Mark Henry.

2. The new ECW Championship is a big colorless silver plate. I liked it at first, and then it started to remind me of the WWE Women’s Title if you take all the color off of it. The banners on the title say “World Wrestling Entertainment ECW Champion”. Interesting they’re now associating ECW with WWE.

3. The change of the belt also indicates they are planning to keep the title on Mark Henry. The old ECW Title looks acceptable on any other ECW Wrestler, but it looked plain goofy on Mark Henry. It looked like a cookie wrapped in tin foil. The new Silver Plate Title looks somewhat decent slung over Henry’s shoulder.

4. Teddy Long proudly claimed Tommy Dreamer was the future of ECW. The future… I’d rather him claim Mike Knox the future of ECW than Dreamer.

5. I honestly cannot see what they are doing with Colin Delaney. If you are going to turn him heel, let him do some heelish things and take control of the match for a little bit. Let him get some heat. Instead, WWE is still burying the poor kid.

6. From Evan Bourne’s ECW Bio: Take one-third positive attitude, one-third technical brilliance, and three-thirds aerial magic and you get the solid mixture of Evan Bourne. . Evan Bourne is one and two-thirds of a man! AMAZING!

7. Bam Neely is the WORST bodyguard in the history of professional wrestling. He never does anything right. He’s either getting his butt kicked and leaving Chavo vulnerable for attack, or letting someone escape his grasp. Fire him Chavo.

8. The Miz and Morrison segment was golden.

Miz: Don’t put yourself down man. Only you can get a three thousand dollar coat like this.
Morrison: I wish I could get a coat like this for only three thousand dollars. Farm raised jackal.
Miz: WOW!

9. The four way dance may be my favorite WWE match of 2008. It flowed perfectly. Each man cycled their way through resting and wrestling so there was never a dead moment. Hardy is the number one contender and will be the next man to try and take the gigantic silver plate away from Henry.

10. To TNA: When a one hour wrestling show on the Sci-Fi Network that is put on the internet the day after is beating your two-hour program on Spike TV, you need to fix something.

I would like to send out a big thank you to Thomas Daniels and Paul Marshall for covering 10 Thoughts last week.

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