Guerrilla Chikarticles: Going Nowhere Slow

He doesn’t want to talk to you, he doesn’t want to deal with people like me. He hates everyone that crosses his path, and can’t be trusted. Just ask Chris Hero. He swore he is going to take out his anger and hate for himself out on his opponents. Eddie Kingston is set to return to PWG at ASW7.

Chikara News as of 7.22.2008

The Order of the Neo Solar Temple was one of the fiercest stables in independent wrestling. Ultramantis Black summoned a monster from the sea, Hydra, and along with Crossbones The Order would go on to take Chikara by storm. In a recent match against Ultramantis Black, Tim Donst received a “concussion” and would go onto become a member of The Order. In all actuality, Donst was just a spy sent in from the Tecnicos (face) roster to get juicy details on the Rudos (heels). While in The Order, Donst created a special bond with Hydra, ‘Mantis’ own mini-monster. At Tragedy and Triumph, we may have seen the last of The Order of the Neo Solar Temple as Hydra parted ways with Ultramantis and chose to side with Donst. Together, they are known as the SEA DONSTERS.

Last Sunday at Tragedy and Triumph, we saw Vin Gerard take the Young Lions Cup away from Fire Ant in controversial fashion. With the help and inadvertent distraction of Worker and Soldier Ant, Vin took the cup and smashed Fire Ant square in the cranium. After winning the trophy, Gerard celebrated and left the Chikara Thunder Megadome shortly after the bell.

Less than a month later, Vin Gerard will be competing at Chikara’s double-header in Pennsylvania. On August 9th, he will go one on one against Worker Ant and if Worker can pull out a win, he will get a shot at the Young Lions Cup. If Worker wins, the question will not be if he gets a shot at the cup. The question will be “who is going to defend the cup”? Because just one night later, Gerard will be defending the Young Lions Cup against CZW World Champion Drake Younger. Gerard has got a hell of a weekend in front of him.

Speaking of title defenses, Incoherence successfully defended their Campeonatos de Parejas against Mitch Ryder and Buck Hawke, two falls to one. On August 9th, Incoherence will be defending their titles once again. This time, against the Sea Donsters.

Chikara “All That Glitters” (August 9th 2008 in Reading, Pennsylvania)
1. Super Smash Brothers vs. The Osirian Portal
2. Lince Dorado and Los Chivas vs. Team FIST
3. Worker Ant vs. Vin Gerard (If Worker wins, he gets an YLC Match)
4. Incoherence © vs. The Sea Donsters (Campeonatos de Parejas Match)

Chikara “Vanity and Violence” (August 10th 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
1. Las Chivas vs. Los Ice Creams
2. Fire Ant vs. Chuck Taylor
3. Vin Gerard © vs. Drake Younger (Young Lions Cup Match)

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla News as of 7.22.2008

At Life During Wartime, both the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World and Tag Team Titles changed hands. Hero took home the World Title while Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs grabbed the Tag Team Titles. All three men will be defending their newly won titles at All Star Weekend 7 which takes place on August 30th and 31st.

The next name set to appear is a man of little or no words. He doesn’t want to talk to you, he doesn’t want to deal with people like me. He hates everyone that crosses his path, and can’t be trusted. Just ask Chris Hero. He swore he is going to take out his anger and hate for himself out on his opponents. Eddie Kingston is set to return to PWG at ASW7. PWG hasn’t set a match for him yet, and probably won’t until the night of the event in fear of King’s opponent backing out.

Two of Chikara’s “faithful” are set to make their PWG debut at All Star Weekend 7. The first man I honestly cannot express my true feelings about because it won’t be suitable for readers of all ages. Let’s just say he is a liar and a disgrace to the art of Lucha Libre. That’s right people; “The Man Formerly Known as Equinox” Vin Gerard will be appearing in SoCal on the August 30th weekend. The other man debuting at ASW7 is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, and a man I interviewed a while back, Chuck Taylor! Way to go Chuckie T. “Mo money, mo power.”

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla All Star Weekend 7 (August 30th and 31st Reseda, California)
Announced: PWG World Champion Chris Hero, PWG World Tag Team Champions Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black, Eddie Kingston, Chuck Taylor, Vin Gerard and PAC.

The Closer: 5 Thoughts on the Mike Levy Incident

1. Mike Levy is a straight-up loser. Anyone who cheered for this kid and begged Ian to let him appear in the IWA-MS King of the Deathmatch Tournament is a tool.

2. Ian Rotten told Levy he could compete in the deathmatch tournament. Levy’s reaction was positive until he found out it was the Queen of the Deathmatch Tournament. This was a cute little funny moment that should have gone over quite nicely with the live audience and DVD viewers. I’m guessing this was supposed to be a quick segment.

3. Mike Levy took it upon himself to become an independent wrestling superstar, and picked Mickie Knuckles as his “victim”. The plan quickly backfired when he tried to stiff her with headbutts, and he realized this when she stiffed him back twice as hard. What was supposed to be a cute, short segment, turned into an anarchy rules saga. Levy was soon put away by Knuckles, who escaped the match with only a bump on her head. Rotten grabbed a microphone and reamed out Levy for putting the bump on her head. How does he know it wasn’t from one of Knuckle’s retaliation headbutts?

4. Mike Levy then got beat down by a couple guys who thought they had the right to “punish” the kid. Sure he messed up big-time, but he didn’t deserve to be humiliated like that in front of a couple hundred fans. Levy was caned by Ian’s 12 year old son! After the beat down, Levy was left in the ring a broken man. Not only physically, but mentally too.

5. I’m not siding with Levy nor am I siding with Ian Rotten and his carnival IWA-MS. Both of them are idiots and I will put good money down that they smoked their fair share of crack. The only person I say didn’t do any wrong is Mickie Knuckles. I’m not going to say I’ll never by an IWA-MS show again, but it’s going be a very long time.

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