Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 22

A stunned Canadian Idol audience didn’t know what to think after last night’s shocking results show.

On Tuesday night, I was at the John Bassett theatre in downtown Toronto to find out which Idol hopefuls would have their dreams extended into the Top 8.

The show began with a group medley. Because the singers paid homage to legends that had passed on (a carryover from the performance theme on Monday), Ben Mulroney made a great joke before the show started when he said they would be performing a ‘deadley’ (instead of medley). I actually thought it was pretty clever. I don’t usually get a chance to talk about Ben Mulroney’s performance on Idol and I have to say that I think he is an incredibly talented host. I have said that he is probably one of the best ad-libbers that I have seen and that is a critical element for any good host to have. Even in the red carpet interviews that I have seen him do, he is always quick on his feet.

After the group performance, last year’s runner-up, Jaydee Bixby came out to do a performance in support of his new album. His single is called “Old Fashioned Girl” and it was a good time.
There is no question that the most anticipated moment of the Tuesday results show was finding out which music superstars would be mentoring the Idols this season. I knew that it would be hard to top last year’s Bon Jovi inclusion.

It was revealed that this season’s mentors would include:

Simple Plan
Bryan Adams
Tom Jones
and Gavin Rossdale who would be joining the show next week for ‘unplugged’ week.

After the announcement, the couches were set-up.

On the top couch sat (from left to right): Theo, Mark, Katherine, Drew and Earl.

On the bottom couch sat (from left to right): Mitch, Amberly, Mookie and Sebastian.

Ben read the results.

Theo was safe.

Earl was safe.

Mark was safe.

Katherine was in the bottom 3.

Drew was safe.

Mitch was safe.

Sebastian was safe.

This meant that either Amberly or Mookie would be the final singer in the bottom 3. I was pretty sure that it would be Mookie because of his Ontario location and because Amberly was one of the only two girls who remained in the competition.

I was wrong.

Ben announces that Amberly was in the bottom 3.

That meant that the bottom 3 was comprised of Sebastian, Katherine and Amberly. While I think even the most ardent Sebastian supporters had to admit that their boy was in trouble yesterday. I was convinced he was done.

While I was shocked that Amberly was in the bottom 3 (I am sure that the judges were as well), I knew it wouldn’t last long and I was right when Mulroney told her she was safe.

So it would either be Sebastian or Katherine going home.

Insert dramatic commercial break.

When the show resumed, I was already writing Sebastian’s Idol eulogy in my head.

And then it happened.

Katherine got the lowest number of votes.

She was done.

Truly unbelievable for a variety of reasons. The fact that Sebastian didn’t go was stunning. The fact that the only two girls in the top nine both made the bottom 3. And that Katherine went home was definitely surprising.

I’ll be back next week when Idol goes unplugged.


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