10 Thoughts on TNA Impact – 7/24/08

1. So, Joe and Booker meet again at Hard Justice in a steel cage but if that isn’t enough Booker says tables, ladders, and chairs will be involved. Why so much gimmick in one match?

2. Why is Abyss playing the residential superhero role? Not only that but why is Abyss all of a sudden gaining a conscious? Seems a bit strange for this one time monster who was feared by all to all of sudden feel remorse.

3. Why is Karen hosting her own little talk show? Shouldn’t she be involved in this Angle/Styles feud?

4. Great backstage segment with the Murder City Machine Guns. They used some nice witty lines but at the same time got the point across that they wouldn’t be taken lightly.

5. Why do they waste valuable airtime on this superhero combination?

6. Beer Money/MCMG was a fun match but what was the point of the ref bump? So Storm could use the handcuffs? It’s a strap match!

7. I’m not sure if I agree with the video package of Daivari. I mean we all realize the discrimination of Arab Americans but there really is no place for a hot button political issue like that on a wrestling show.

8. Turn Val already, please? It’s painfully obvious she’s going to turn so why drag this out anymore?

9. The tables match was a fun brawl but I was kind of disappointed that Styles was able to pick up the win. He’s pretty much been the whipping boy of this entire feud with Angle. Hopefully he picks up a win soon or the fans won’t care much longer. Also, what’s the deal with TNA needing the ref to be down or distracted to run interference? It’s a tables match for crying out loud.

10. The whole Joe being taken out is interesting because it could be Sting but at the same time it could just be Booker laying Joe out and playing mind games with him.

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