All Today’s News in One J.R. Blog Post

Hey, Jim Ross: Pulse Wrestling would love to hire you if you ever do decide to leave WWE! In his latest post over at, the prolific Smackdown play by play man lent his opinion to all the news of the day. Here are some excerpts…

On Tuesday’s ECW:
It was interesting reading the Internet reviews of Tuesday night’s ECW TV show which were largely positive. It is a simple recipe when the product isn’t over analyzed by those within the business. Compelling wrestling matches involving competitors that the paying customers are emotionally invested in usually delivers a positive result.

On new wrestlers being introduced:
If a wrestler in today’s marketplace simply shows up and has a match without any build up or fan fare, the chances of the individual making an impact is slim and none. The possible exception of this theory is when a new hand makes a debut and “upsets” an established star. Bottom line, new talents should be “rolled out” somewhat like any new “product”with a long term strategy and a game plan that provides the individual the best chance of succeeding.

On Jesse Ventura not running for Senate:
Jesse Ventura not running for political office from Minnesota did not surprise me. After upsetting political traditions by winning the Governor’s race in Minnesota in the late 90’s, Jessie has build what seems to be a nice life for himself and his family writing a few books, lecturing, etc which I personally think fits his life style at this stage of his life.

The latest NBC Saturday Night’s Main Event, which I think is a one hour program this go around, will be taped Monday in Washington D.C. prior to the live broadcast of Monday Night Raw.

On today’s news that Brooke Hogan may pose for Playboy:
What’s next, Nick in semi prison garb in Playgirl magazine? Can everyone, all at one time, say…”LAY LOW”? Leave the media crazy, TMZ-like radar screen and watch public perception improve….if that matters and perhaps it doesn’t.

He writes about a lot more, including how often the word “poop” should be used in wrestling, the recent Affliction PPV and upcoming UFC PPV, Jonathan Coachman’s post-WWE future, why heels shouldn’t be funny, how there are no current plans for him to return for Raw (yes, he addressed that last time), Mike Knox and more.

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