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TNA iMPACT – 7/24/2008

– Your hosts are Mike Tenay & Don West

– Taped from Orlando, FL


– Joe kicks off the show and there’s a cage around the ring.  He’s also with Nash.  He says it should be him and Booker in it for the title, six sides of steel.  Booker comes out and says why not add a bunch of other fun weaponry.  Contract signing tonight.

– Meanwhile backstage Borash talks to Christian, Styles & Rhino about Sting.  Christian says it’s more than just about wrestling, it’s about who will end the others livelihood.  Rhino tells Styles not to get “sucked in” by his antics.  After commercials, it leads to a 10 minute Sting promo.

Jimmy Rave v. Consequences Creed v. Johnny Devine v. Eric Young

Clusterfuck to start and Creed tees off on everybody.  Rave kicks him down and adds a low dropkick for two.  Rave gets dumped to the apron where he’s met by Young, but Young gets slammed down.  Inside Lance Rock gets DDTed and he adds a plancha to Devine.  Young goes in control of Rave inside and Devine comes in to try to double team, but they get double clotheslined by Young.  Young gets tripped to the outside and Creed springs in with a bridged roll up on Rave for two.  Rave slams Creed down but Young breaks up the pin and gets a spinebuster on Rave, Devine breaks up the pin and nails the Divine Intervention, Creed breaks up that pin.  What a mess.  ORLANDO SHUFFLE by Creed on Devine!  He tries the DDT but Devine counters to the Divine Intervintion, but Creed takes him down and grabs the legs for the pin.

Winner: Consequences Creed

– Post match Lance, Rave & Devine go to hit Creed with a chair but Abyss makes the save.

– Backstage Angle and Team 2D have Borash pinned down on a table and tell him that Sting is now one of them.

– We get a video package of all of Kaz’s accomplishments yet he always ends up finding defeat.  These including his victory in the Steel Asylum and so on, but losing in the World Heavyweight triple threat, losing to Williams last month in the X title match on Impact last week, and last month losing the X title for his team.

– That leads us to the first edition of Karen’s Angle, where backstage she sits on a couch and talks with Kaz.  She asks him the typical questions like “what made you want to become a wrestler”.  He talks about being in TNA from day one, his favorite wrestler being Bret Hart.  When asked about leaving, he says he despises the “politics” of the business and that his passion is gone.  To be continued …

Matt Morgan v. Kory Chavis

Exactly how intimidating is Morgan’s TNA nickname, “The Blueprint?”  I know I’d be shivering in my boots.  Morgan pummels him around and lands a knee to the back while Chavis hangs in the ropes.  He adds an apron leg drop and back inside ends up nailing the Hellavator (I guess his finisher has a name now) for the pin.

Winner: Matt Morgan

– Jackie is backstage with the Motor City Machine Guns.  They’ll be facing Beer Money Inc in a strap match tonight.  They say that their tag name is the name of a made-for-DVD movie starring Zach Morris.

– So how many people are actually going to buy the PPV for the Ice T performance?

Beer Money Inc v. The Motor City Machine Guns – Strap Match

It’s a tug of war with the straps to start.  Shelley is attached with Storm while Sabin is with Roode.  Storm tries bailing but Shelley hauls him into the ring post.  Shelley ties him up wit the strap and sends him into the post while Sabin does something similar.  Roode gets sent into the barricade and Sabin chokes him with the strap.  In the ring Sabin gets a strap-assisted neckbreaker for two.  Sabin and Shelley kick both of them down and lock in dueling rest holds until Jacqueline distracts them on the apron.  They yank both of the heels up into clotheslines and then get get matching rope-assisted low blows.  Think the top rope crotch, but on a strap.  Shelley goes up top but Jacqueline tosses him off and Roode nails Sabin with a big spinebuster as Storm slugs away.  Roode chokes Shelley out on the floor while Storm adds a couple of pin attempts inside.  Roode dropkicks Shelley down for two.

The heels stay in control with matching slams and they both come off for axe handles but they receive a pair of inverted atomic drops.  The Guns wrap them up in the straps and nail matching enzuigiris and then bulldog Roode into Storm’s crotch.  They lock in dueling leg locks, Jacqueline comes in to try to break it up but gets caught in the middle of it for her troubles.  Tenay calls it a “star”.  Storm adds a backcracker on Sabin as the ref gets bumped.  Storm levels Sabin with handcuffs around his wrist for the pin.

Winners: Beer Money Inc

– Post match Beer Money continue to beat them down until LAX make the save and they bail to the ramp to celebrate their win.

– Ike Taylor and James Ferrarior of the Pittsburgh Steelers are with us at ringside.

Taylor Wilde v. Velvet Sky – Knockouts Championship

Sky’s ass shake while entering the ring simply is not the same with black pants on.  Wilde rolls her up right off the bat for the pin to retain the title.  The announcer calls it a new Impact record of 5 seconds.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

– Post match Sky gets on the mic and yells how she wasn’t ready and the bell never even rang.  She tells her to come back in if she isn’t scared.

Taylor Wilde v. Velvet Sky – Knockouts Championship

Wilde accepts the challenge and Sky attacks her as she comes in.  However, Wilde soon rolls her up for the pin.  Now they say it’s a new record of two title defenses in 25 seconds.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

– Now Angelina gets on the mic to taunt her.  She says she doesn’t know who she’s dating in TNA to get this special treatment, but they deserve the title.  She accepts the challenge yet again.

Taylor Wilde v. Velvet Sky – Knockouts Championship

Sky attacks off the get go again.  Sky goes in control and tries a crossbody but Sky dodges it and pins her a couple of times, then goes to punchy kicky stuff.  She dumps Wilde to the floor where Angelina Love attacks while Sky distracts the ref.  Back inside Sky applies the octopus hold and BITES THE ARM.  Roll up and Sky is actually able to kick out of it, then add a lariat for two.  Sky takes her down with a hairmare but Sky kicks and slugs away.  Weak looking dropkick by Wilde gets two, and she monkey flips her out of the corner.  Bridged suplex by Wilde but Angelina comes in to break up the pin for the DQ.  So they do all of that just to end the third, actually legitimate match in a DQ?  Great.

Winner: Taylor Wilde (DQ)

– Post match the blonds paperbag Wilde but ODB and Gail Kim make the save and clean house.

– Daivari promo.  He hates America and how people pat him down at airports.  Yawn.  We’ve certainly never seen this angle before.

– So Cal Val and Borash visit Sonjay Dutt in the hospital.  He says that she’s all he thinks about while he’s in this coma.  Borash wonders how he’s even thinking about her if he’s in a coma, but she tells him to have some sympathy.

Kurt Angle & Team 3D v. Christian Cage, AJ Styles & Rhino – Tables Elimination Match

We get five minutes of commercials after the entrances and come back to the faces in control on the outside.  Christian and Angle get settled down inside while D’Von and Rhino take the brawl into the crowd.  Christian gets a second rope elbow on Angle and tries the Unprettier but Angle takes him down by the ankle.  Brother Ray and Styles inside now and Ray goes in control via eye poke, however Styles comes back with the textbook dropkick and follows with a crossbody to the floor.  Meanwhile Rhino gets whipped into a wall somewhere.  D’Von then chokes him with a cable at ringside.  Once again it’s Christian and Angle inside but Styles comes in so they can double suplex Angle.  Team 3D come in now to hit the 3D on Rhino and they go for some tables.  They pull one out but Styles and Christian baseball slide it into them.

Styles sets it up in the ring, Ray tries backdropping him through it but Rhino tosses the table away.  D’Von pulls Rhino out and continues his total domination.  That leaves Team 3D and Styles inside with the table.  D’Von sets up on the second rope but Rhino and Christian come in to break it up and they toss D’Von off the second rope through the table as our first elimination.  A trash can gets tossed in and Christian wacks Ray with it, then he turns around into the GORE GORE GORE.  Angle comes in out of nowhere and wacks everybody with the chair as we head into the MAIN EVENT COMMERCIAL BREAK.  VISA is the only card accepted at the Olympic games.  We’re back and during the break Rhino attempted to GORE GORE GORE Angle through a table, but he moved and so long Rhino, we’re down to two on two.

Angle tries to slam Christian through a table but he slips off and tries something from the top, but Team 3D interrupt and 3D Christian through the table and it’s down to Angle and Ray against Styles.  Pele Kick on Ray connects.  Styles goes out and gets a table as a fan verbally screams “Put him in a body bag AJ” and they film it perfectly in an odd sequence.  In an equally odd sequence, Johnny Divine is apparently in the ring now and he accidentally throws powder in Ray’s eyes, so Ray accidentally puts Divine through the table.  Ray goes through a table and now it’s down to Angle and Styles.  As Tenay calls it, Ray was dropped like a BIG OLE TREE.  Styles finds another table, lays Angle on it, and goes up top, but Frank Trigg is here and he wacks him with a kendo stick and the Olympic Slam sends AJ through a table to finish things.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Team 3D

– Booker T and Samoa Joe come out for the contract signing.  Booker says he has his wife, while he has “…” and looks up at Kevin Nash.  Good point.  Booker says he has added tables, ladders, chairs, ANYTHING to mess Joe up.  Booker says before he signs he wants to know that Nash won’t interfere.  Joe says he expects the same with Sharmell. Booker says he’s scared of his wife and Booker and the Queen get a quick make out in before she takes off.  Booker signs it and the lights go out as Joe is about to, they come back on and Joe is laid out as Booker has the bat.  West goes crazy and Booker smiles as we fade off the air.

End of show.


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