Words of Questionable Wisdom – The Joys of Collecting

I’ve been collecting comics for quite a few years now. I like collecting comics. It’s a fun hobby and it keeps me literate, to an extent.

But since I’ve been collecting comics for such a long time I’ve kind of stopped “collecting comics” and am almost exclusively “going to buy comics weekly.”

And there is a difference.

Y’see right now I’m reading dozens of books; 100 Bullets, Catwoman, Manhunter, Final Crisis. But I’m really only collecting a few titles; Sandman Mystery Theatre, Major Bummer and Primal Force. Despite my recent mishaps with my LCS, I really don’t have a problem finding the books that I read and that’s not “collecting” that’s routine.

But there are some books that I’ve got to actively seek out and aren’t readily available. For instance just this spring I finished collecting Global Frequency, which wasn’t that difficult, but provided a thrilling read. Still finding the issues that I lacked and reading them in succession was very satisfying.

And that’s an aspect to the hobby that’s becoming harder and harder to find. For the past decade I’ve pretty much been able to buy all the comics I’ve wanted as they’ve been released. As a result that thrill of finding an issue that you need has pretty much been lost to me.

It’s fun to discover a “new” book. When I discovered Chronos it was such a treat. I’d finally a new book that I had to track down issues for. But sadly that series was short lived and so was the thrill of finding those issues.

Nothing really compares to what I felt when I began collecting Starman. The first current issue I picked up was #43 and from then on I was collecting both future and previous issues. It’s still one of my favorite titles to this day.

I’d picked up the first two issues of Major Bummer when they came out, but I dropped the title after that for some reason (maybe money?) But now I’m all about getting a complete run. I think I went though the same situation with Primal Force, though I’ve gotten a few more issues of that title as years have passed.

I’m really excited about Sandman Mystery Theatre. Not only because it’s a longer series and it’s got JSA ties. Nope, it’s because of the letters pages. I’m a sucker for correspondence from readers and that titles got plenty of them. I’ve probably already got half of the series collected, at this point it’s just a matter of filling in gaps. But my goal is to fill those gaps in order so that I can read as I go along and it’ll make the wait more delicious.

But eventually a time will come when I’ll have stopped collecting those three titles and be in search of new titles to collect. I don’t know how I feel about that.

What I’ve Read Recently: Retro Reads

Archenemies #1-4 – This was a really fun mini with a unique take on the super heroic game. I liked the twist on the accidental origin. I liked the roommate relationship. It’s a good mini for everyone to try out.

Justice Riders – Such a good Elseworlds. The Western setting, the JLI characters. The strong script by Dixon and the stellar art by Williams III & Gray. I don’t know why I slept on this book for so long.

Sandman Mystery Theatre #1-8 – Man, the coloring mistake is #5 is cringe worthy, but this series really does begin on a solid note. I like how Dian’s such a complex character even as early as the second arc. And making her such a strong woman really works well with the era. I really wish that DC would try to give more of their characters the Vertigo treatment.

Gotham Central #16-17 – I really liked how Davies’ reaction getting passed over for promotion drives the early part of the arc, but then Huntress gets in the mix and so do mob familes. And then the case is cracked by another team. Really good writing and I thought that Greg Scott’s art worked remarkably well with the title.

Gotham Central #32 – I loved this issue. I loved the tale told from the perspective of crooked cops. And despite the villain on the cover, I was still shocked by how the issue ended. I mean Rucka completely wrapped me up in the world of Munroe and DeCarlo. Why did this title end again?

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