Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season – DVD Review

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I’m pretty sure that there are some Justice League fans out there. There’s bound to be a number of those fans who also liked watching the numerous animated series devoted to Batman and Superman. Let’s not forget cartoons that had Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, and the Super Friends going out and battling big time villains looking to rule Earth and any universe they could land in. It’s only fitting that anyone who has watched and a been fans of those series check out the younger side of things and feast their eyes on the adventures of the Teen Titans.

While the older and more experienced(?) super heroes are out dealing with the more troubling situations in life, there is a group of five youngsters that set out to keep things in order in their neck of the woods. Living in Titan Tower, the five teenagers are undeniably led by Batman’s longtime “boy wonder” Robin. Beast Boy is by far the funny man of the group and he also has the ability to change himself into any animal. The strong man of the group is Cyborg who is half human and half robot. Raven is a unique girl who can use her mind to move things and create items out of thin air. Finally there is Starfire who is the bright spot of the group who can shoot blasts from her hands and also the only one with the ability to fly. That is if you don’t count Beast Boy when he changes into a bird or something.

The Titans work together to keep evil from terrorizing people in the city where their giant “T-shaped” tower resides. Even though they are usually working together as a team; that doesn’t mean they all don’t have their own personal problems and demons to work through. Robin has constantly been plagued by the ever-nagging Slade. Beast Boy often gets called upon by his former teammates The Doom Patrol to give them a helping hand. And they happen to be the focus of a lot of season five. The opening two-parter is where we see a lot of the groundwork laid for this final season. The Doom Patrol needs the help of Beast Boy after being captured by the Brotherhood of Evil and end up pulling the rest of the Titans into their longtime fight.

Teen Titans does an excellent job of introducing the viewers to a lot of heroes and villains they may never become familiar with just by watching other animated comic series. How often would you see the Brotherhood, or Doom Patrol, or the H.I.V.E. Five? Better yet, how often would the viewers get to watch an entire episode focused through the eyes of a villainous group such as the H.I.V.E. Five? This season introduces us to Kid Flash and finally tells a long overdue tale of how the Teen Titans got together as a group. No holes are left gapingly open so that things get lost from one episode to the next. Never did I feel lost or like I was watching a series that was too childish or kiddie for me to enjoy. This is one of the better animated series period and not just from the comic book genre.


Disc One:

Homecoming Parts 1 and 2
For Real
Hide And Seek

Disc Two:

Revved Up
Calling All Titans
Titans Together
Things Change

The episodes are shown in Full Screen format and they look great. All colors are bright without any real problems in the transfer over to DVD.

The episodes are heard in Stereo Sound and for an animated series, they all sounded extraordinarily good. All dialogue can be heard perfectly while the fights, music, and explosions all came through loud and clear with good sound effects.

Top-Secret Files From The Teen Titans – This twenty-five minute feature shows a lot of clips from different episodes as the creators, writers, and more of the crew discuss why they did some of the things they did. They go on about certain villains that were picked to be up against the Titans and some of the stories are actually rather interesting.

With such a high replayability factor from just the episodes alone, the fifth and final season of Teen Titans should be picked up by any comic book or animation fans out there. While kids will enjoy this series simply because it is a bunch of cartoons, adults can really get into it because the storylines are aimed at an older crowd without being overly complicated. They’re just a really good way to pass the time; and when you’re all done with the whole season, they’re a good way to pass the time again. The one special feature is well worth checking out even if it’s only an additional thirty minutes of viewing time. Let’s face it, if you even remotely like this series then you’re more then getting your money’s worth at less then fifteen bucks a pop anywhere.


Warner Home Video presents Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season. Created by: Sam Register & Glen Murakami. Starring (voices): Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes, Khary Payton, Tara Strong. Running time: 299 minutes on 2 discs. Rating: Not Rated. Released on DVD: July 8, 2008. Available at Amazon.com

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