Words of Questionable Wisdom – Totally Fanboy

This September I’m going to my first comic convention in five years and I’m totally excited about it. In fact I can see myself going totally fanboy.

Y’see for some reason, Las Vegas, the convention capital of the world doesn’t have an annual comic book convention (one of the many reasons I had to leave that place.) It’s got something to do with low turnout because everyone shows up on the first day and gets distracted by Vegas on the second day. The point is I’ve not been to a con in five years.

The last one I went to was the Baltimore Comic Convention in 2003. The weather was bad, the turnout was worse. I spent my time at the con with my best friend collecting Heroclix. Oh and we also spent some time in awe of some of the fellow attendees who showed up in costume, at least those we weren’t mocking.

But this year, now that I’m back in Baltimore, I’m totally pumped about the event. Furthermore, I plan on getting sketches and signatures. This is a first for me.

What turned the tide and got me into fanboy mode was an email that announced that James Robinson and Peter Tomasi were going to be attending. Now Tomasi is a current fave writer and James Robinson is in the all time strata. And since I figured that the Starman Omnibus was just released I should probably pick one up, take it and get it signed by both men.

But then I saw that Cliff Chiang is also going to be in attendance. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Cliff Chiang fan and while I’ve interviewed him, I’ve never actually met the guy. So I figured that since he’s going to be there I really absolutely have to have a Christopher Chance sketch.

And since that meant I was getting a sketchbook, I decided to see who else I was going to have to get sketches from. And here they are;

(For the record, I’m trying to get everyone to sketch Jack Knight, except for Chiang’s Christopher Chance. If they’re not confident with Jack Knight, I’ll take a Flash.)

Kyle Baker – See, I really want to stick with the Jack Knight theme, but I may have to get a Nat Turner from Mr. Baker. Eh, I don’t know. I’ll probably be to scared to ask for anything.

Jim Calafiore – Again, Jack is my wish, but it would be great to get Calafiore to draw Orin again.

Darwyn Cooke – Anyone Darwyn wants to do would be swell, but at the same time, John Henry from New Frontier also seems mighty tempting.

Cully Hamner – See, this is a really tough one. I fell in love with Hamner’s work on Green Lantern Mosaic, so John Stewart would be awesome. But Hamner also worked on Blue Beetle, and I do love me some Jamie. Will I stick with Jack?

Adam Hughes – Since Catwoman’s coming to and end, I’d be nice to have my own Hughes sketch of Selina.

Barry Kitson – Kitson drawing Vril Dox II again would totally blow my mind, especially if I traveled back in time and show it to the 1990 version of myself, who totally wouldn’t understand if I showed him a sketch of Jack Knight.

So I don’t know, do I go with getting sketches of my favorite character or of characters I’d love to see the artists draw again? Decisions, decisions.

What I’ve Read Recently: Women & Teams

Trinity #3-6 – While I’m digging the relationship between Bats/Supes/Wondy, I’m really supporting this book for Jose Delgado, Gangbuster!

Manhunter #32 – Man, I’m really glad this book has returned. Kate playing the race card? Darkstar and Reach tech battling? Dylan and Joker subplot building? What’s not to like in this issue?

Supergirl #31 – Wow. This was such a good “real world” issue of a comic book. Seeing Kara being so gung ho about what she wanted to do and then having it fail was such a powerful and great moment. This book continues to surprise me.

Wonder Woman #22 – Eh, I’m happy that Stalker was bad, but this arc is boring. Though Nemesis vs super intelligent gorillas keeps me interested.

Catwoman #80 – Sorry to see Repro go, he was a fun guy. But it was great to see Selina turn the tables, set up her nemesis and reclaim her throne. I’m really going to miss this book.

Justice Society of America #17 – Frankie makes Cyclone tolerable, barely. Super smiley Gog is both creepy and comforting. I don’t like Heartthrob Damage. But I can’t wait for everything to fall apart.

Batman & the Outsiders #8 – Good issue. I’m going to miss Dixon.

Brave & the Bold #14 – Wow, Ollie was really a jerk. I mean he had a valid point, but it still sucked the way he discarded Boston like that.

Justice League of America #22 – I liked the high tech surgery for Reddy. I really liked Ben and Mari having a heart to heart. I appreciated Mari getting the boot and I’m digging Amazo’s new costume. Though having Amazo tussle with the resident android was done much better in Hourman.

Infinity Inc #11 – I’ve got no clue how Milligan is going to wrap everything up in one issue. It defies logic.

Legion of Super-Heroes #43 – Yet another issue of a team that barely resembles the LSH that I love. It makes me sad.

Checkmate #27 – Damn me for not dropping this title last issue.

Teen Titans #60 – I really liked this arc. I liked seeing the Titans decimated. I liked the Terror Titans. I really, really liked the new Clock King and his infatuation with Ravager. I’m looking forward to the Terror Titans mini and to seeing how the Teen Titans recover.

Black Canary & Green Arrow #10 – Good action. I liked the reveal at the end of the issue and I liked that Norton stopped trying to ape Cliff Chiang and came into his own.

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