BLATT vs. ECW – July 29th edition

So last night Mike Adamle, Mr. American Gladiator himself, was named GM of RAW. So what does that mean for ECW? Todd f’n Grisham at the ECW broadcast booth! I always enjoyed Grisham, so it’s good to see him as the play by play guy on ECW.

Matt Hardy starts the show and he’s got something to say. A little over a month ago he was psyched to be drafted to ECW. He’s always been a fan and since he’s always been in EXTREEM matches, it was a natural fit. At Summerslam he’s got the biggest opportunity of his career. Blah blah blah and here comes the champion and Tony Atlas. tony Atlas knows Hardy’s intimidated by Mark Henry, who was drafted to ECW just like Hardy. Henry’s got the title around his waist, which is an amazing feat for the designer of that belt. Atlas says that since joining ECW, Henry’s become the champ and Hardy’s lost the US title. they are here to do a demonstration for Hardy. Henry is given a 40″ steel bar, and Atlas says that the bar is tougher than Hardy is. Henry, predictably, bends the steel bar in half. Atlas says the bar will bend, but Hardy will break. Kinda a weak demonstration if you ask me. Hardy says there’s one difference, cause at Summerslam they aren’t having a bar bending contest, they are having a wrestling match. Inanimate objects don’t fight back, but Matt Hardy fights back. If he doesn’t fight back in the ring, he’ll fight back on his blog. And at Summerslam, Mark Henry will become BLOGGIFIED! Umm… I mean Mark Henry will lose his title belt.

Ricky Ortiz over Chavo Guerrero by DQ
I thought they were painting Ortiz as a heel? It certainly seemed that way when he was giving his undefeated talk last week while being 1-0. Bam and Ricky have words to start and then we get down to business. Grisham calls Ricky’s attitude as “west coast” which is interesting to think about. Ortiz gets a bodyslam out of the gate. Chavo walks it off and they go back to grappling. Chavo goes around and gets a side headlock on the mop with yellow pants. Chavo is thrown off to the ropes, ducks a clothesline and attempts a cross body but gets caught. Ortiz attempts a gorilla press, but needs two attempts to get Chavo up. Ortiz dumps Chavo like Warrior would drop Heenan and hits a shoulder block off the second rope.

Ortiz gets Chavo in a front chancery and Chavo drapes Ortiz over the ropes and tosses him off. Chavo takes a breather and hits a european uppercut. Chavo gets on Ortiz with a modified camel clutch, but Ortiz fights up, Chavo hits a few forearms and goes to a front facelock. Ortiz lifts Chavo and drives him into the corner and follows up with right hands and a drop kick. Ortixz charges and gets a drop toe hold and face full of turnbuckle. Chavo goes for a pin and puts his feet on the ropes. Bam Neely holds Chavo’s feet in place. the ref counts to two, sees the feet and… calls for the bell? Post match Chavo and Bam beat on Ortiz until Evan Bourne saves the day and wakes the crowd up. If this were REALLY ECW, Teddy Long would turn this into a tag match.

Backstage, Colin Delaney catches up with Tony Atlas and Mark Henry and calls them out of leaving ringside last week. They say that Colin needed to prove himself last week and he disappointed them. Colin wants another chance and this time around he can fight MAtt Hardy to soften him up for Summerslam. Yikes.

The Douches over Finlay and Hornswoggle by face plant
Todd Grisham makes a Bedazzler joke and earns my respect right away. Finlay overpowers and out wrestles the Miz to start. Morrison is tagged in and gets control and gets Finlay into the heel corner. Hornswoggle runs into the ring and crouches behind Morrison. Finlay pushes Morrison over, throws Hornswoggle into Miz and the faces have control once more as we go to break.

Morrison is in a headlock when we return, fights out but misses his spinaroonie/leg drop on Finlay. Finlay throws on a single leg crab, but Morrison fights to the ropes. Finlay gets a close two (TWO!) and attempts a pin a few more times. TWO!

Finlay continues his domination until the Miz breaks up a pin to distract Finlay and Morrison throws Finlay into the corner post on the ring apron. This gives Morrison control, who tags in Miz. Miz slaps an arm submission on Finlay, smart because that’s the part of Finlay he hit against the post. Morrison is tagged in and attempts his springboard dropkick but misses and lands flat on his back. Finlay clears Miz off the apron and throws Morrison around in the ring. finlay hits his rolling fireman’s carry. Morrison almost mounts a comeback, but Finlay gets a bot to his face. Finlay, in the corner, surprisingly gets tagged out by Hornswoggle who attempts a rana, but gets face planted for the three count.

all match, they kept alluding to how Finlay wasn’t tagging Hornswoggle, so this is justice for Finlay I suppose. Out of the crowd comes Mike Knox who delivers two nasty boots to Finlay and then Knox rolls out of the ring and up the ramp. I guess this adds another dimension or ends the tag team feud that was going on between those two teams.

Backstage Knox says that Finlay’s lost his edge and when you get soft you become a target. That was Knox’s shot. Also backstage, braden Walker is with Matt Hardy who warns him about Colin Delaney. Hardy responds with “Yeah, he’s a real wildcat.” BRILLIANT I SAY! BRILLIANT! Tonight, Braden Walker has Hardy’s back tonight.

Colin Delaney vs. Matt Hardy
Mark Henry and Tony Atlas stay at the top of the ramp instead of coming to ringside. This match pretty much goes as any Colin Delaney match goes. Colin comes out swinging, but every move is blocked and Colin takes punishment from every angle. Hardy continues throwing Colin around from pillar to post. Colin gets his first pair of moves with a boot to the face from the corner and a missile dropkick. That doesn’t last long as you’d imagine. Hardy calls for the Twist of Fate, hits it and that’s all she wrote about that.

Henry comes to the ring post match and Hardy is ready for fight. Henry collects Colin Delaney and throws him gorilla press style over the top rope!!! Whoa that looked nasty. Henry walks out of the ring and thats our show. Interesting…


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