10 Thoughts On ECW – 07.29.2008

This was honestly one of the best ECW on Sci-Fi episodes I’ve seen all year. Join me as I give 10 Thoughts and I give out the very first Don’t Question His Heart award.

1. Mike Adamle was announced the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw, which left ECW Commentator Tazz all by himself. But not for long… Tazz’s new partner is Interview Extraordinare Todd Grisham! Poor Josh Matthews. He’s been doing absolutly nothing for the WWE Television crew for years. Last time I heard his voice was when he was calling Internet Heat with Al Snow.

2. Matt Hardy’s curtain pulling promo was about how he fit perfectly with the rest of the ECW Roster. Why? Because he has taken part in some of the most brutal and extreme matches in WWE history. WWE really needs to decide a direction for the new ECW. If they are trying to get away from the fact that ECW used to be extreme, why cut promos like this one?

3. The new ECW Melted Trashcan Lid Title is the only belt that will fit around Mark Henry’s waist. Because he’s so large and in charge.

4. Bam Neely is Chavito’s bodyguard. Normally, bodyguards wear all black clothing. Instead, Neely has been sporting the same ghetto Chavito sleveless t-shirt that looks like he bought from the Flea Market for weeks upon weeks. Priceless.

5. Ortiz looks like a wreckless and careless wrestler. He’s still extremely green, and you saw it in his match against Chavito.

6. Matt Hardy was talking to Braden Walker about how monsterous Colin Delaney is. Matt Hardy says “Yeah, he’s a real wildcat…”. Slick one Hardy. Very slick.

7. If he’s not going to cheat or have people help him win, what’s the point in turning Delaney? I thought they were onto something when Delaney turned on Dreamer, but they already lost any heat they had for that feud.

8. It looks like there’s going to be a MIke Knox/Finlay program going on in the near future. Knox’s reasoning for attacking Finlay was because he’s gone soft. I can picture this being an intense feud.

9. Have I mentioned how golden Miz and Morrison are?

10. I can’t complain on the direction ECW is going.

Don’t Question His Heart
This is a new weekly award I’ll be giving out to ECW’s most dedicated and hardest worker of the week.

Don’t Question Matt Hardy’s Heart
Hardy actually sounded okay on the microphone during his curtain pulling promo. It sounds like he’s taking this main-event push seriously. Not only that, but Matt Hardy can slap a tornado. He can also dry up seas.

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