Missing Links on Freddie Prinze, Eddie, New Bloggers, John Cena, FCW, Nigel, Ashley & More

Freddie Prinze Jr. has posted on his WWE.com blog, thanking the fans and being a little nutty. Joey Styles, in his latest blog post, talks about Prinze, Mike Adamle and more.

In his latest blog entry, Jim Ross also talks about Adamle, the U.S. Presidential race, why Jericho has raised his talking skills to a Rock-like level, and reveals that (to the best of his knowledge), Prinze will be part of the Smackdown writing team. JR also has another blog entry posted over at WWE.com. He’s a machine, I tell ya.

The Eddie Guerrero/G-TV segment where he got caught in the shower with two of Godfather’s Hos is the latest “Spicy Moment” in the latest WWE.com countdown list. Yes, one of those Hos was Victoria (not Guerrero!).

John Cena tells IGN.com that Ted DiBiase, Jr., is a future main eventer, talks about his diet, CM Punk, why he doesn’t want to go all-out heel and more. IGN also has posted a list of the top ten moments of Cena’s short career.

According to a report of FCW’s latest TV tapings over at F4Wonline.com, James Curtis (recently seen on ECW) either injured his knee or did a great job selling it in a FCW title match vs. Champion Jake Hager. Others appearing on the show (yet to air) included DH Smith, Drew McIntyre, Alicia Fox (the Smackdown wedding planner), Kane, MVP and Mickie James. Next week, CM Punk, Edge and Beth Phoenix are scheduled to be there. FCW’s new Web site is FCWwrestling.com.

There’s a great interview with ROH Champ Nigel McGuinness at Newsday.com where he talks about his character, whether or not he ever wants to go to WWE or TNA and more.

Ashley has posted an update, saying she’ll be back to TV soon, here.

IGN has also recently interviewed Rhino.

Stevie Richards (Michael Manna) has launched a new tech site.

Marty Elias and John Morrison are now blogging on WWE.com’s Fan Nation (click here for a full list of Superstars doing so).

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