News on Austin, Carlito, WWE Board & More

Steve Austin has signed a deal with Insight Film Studios to star in an action move. The Vancouver-based production company is hoping to strike a deal with WWE Films to co-produce a number of action vehicles for their wrestlers, which would be made entirely in-character, and financed for overseas distribution.

Shelley “Salinas” Martinez will be appearing on FOX’s America’s Sex Symbol in the fall.

Shane McMahon was in negotiations with Televisa last week. It is the leading network in Mexico, which currently airs CMLL and AAA.

Bob Bowman resigned from the WWE Board of Directors last week. He had publicly questioned WWE’s drug policy in a New York Times article in the wake of the Benoit murders, so his departure was not a surprise. The board has now gone from 8 members to 10, adding Kevin Dunn, the consultant Frank Riddick III and the Six Flags Inc executive Jeffrey Speed. WWE is keen to add more members with solid financial backgrounds.

Carlito’s WWE future is yet again in doubt as he has once more been talking to friends about getting a release. He has a new look now, with a goatee and dreads, but has not been used on TV since the draft.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 18 August 2008 (click here for subscription info)

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