Excerpts from This Morning's Alphabits: Scared Money

Yes, children, I have been shaking like a ragged, three-legged cur roaming the streets of Musicland hoping to find something into which sink my teeth. Yes, I know I haven’t been searching all THAT hard, however; part of that is the lack of money in my possession. My wallet laughs audibly when I withdraw (pun) it from my pocket fully intending to undergo a transaction that includes me walking away palming a new collection of music ready to be absorbed by my Zune. Sometimes I think I even hear the sound that accompanies the boxed red “X” that splashes across the television screens of Family Feud watchers.

Elzhi’s album dropped this past Tuesday and I enjoy that fella’s flow immensely. Just couldn’t cop it. However, I was able to, in its absence, get my hands on Saul Williams’ The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust for the low low price of a utilized gift certificate. I happen to be listening to it right now and there are beat-nasty snares and rowdy guitars that illuminate his already potent and glowing lyrics.

Now, I’ve been listening to this dude for a number of years. Ever since the film Slam released and he burst into a poem entitled “Amethyst Rocks” to keep from being shanked in the prison yard, I’ve loved the intensity that he brought to poetry and hip-hop lyricism. I’ve YouTubed him randomly to find live performances that never cease to amaze me (search “Saul Williams Children of the Night” to see what I’m talking about). I also have a few of his books (it was a weighty gift certificate). Anyway, I truly appreciate the emphasis this man puts on forging one’s own identity and being unabashed in its presentation to the rest of the world. This happens to hit close to home as I deal with my own issues regarding my hunger/fear of writing. Finding a unique voice and being able to project with authority and conviction is something that I admire greatly and it is why I am captivated by Saul’s work. I suggest you give it a listen. And should you not possess a gift certificate of the magnitude that would allow such a purchase, you can YouTube some of the tracks and test them out for yourself if you just want the sampler platter before you settle on such an entrĂ©e. Bon appetit, y’all.

Be good.