Hitting Shelves This Week…

The TV DVD box set explosion continues as we get further into the month of August so I hope you people will be all caught up when the new fall season arrives. There is a bit of variety this week though as new releases from both TNA and WWE will keep your head pounding and the big time matches flowing. Street Kings, the remake of Prom Night, and a Fletch Collection are coming your way in terms of actual films. And as for those TV DVD sets, there are some great ones including new seasons of Dexter, Perry Mason, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and best of all (at least I think so) House M.D. Take out your prescription tablets and scribble up your list, but make sure you can read your own handwriting or you’ll be coming back home empty handed.

August 19, 2008

6 Films to Keep You Awake

The best horror directors from Spain and gotten together to create some films that are sure to not only keep you up at night, but keep you looking over your shoulder at every little noise you hear. Films included are: Baby’s Room, A Christmas Tale, A Real Friend, To Let, Spectre, andBlame.

DVD Features: Making of featurettes

Best of Both Worlds Concert: Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: The 3-D Movie

Miley Cyrus goes on the road with her alter ego Hannah Montana in this 3-D version showcasing some of the greatest clips from her music tour.

DVD Features: “The Ultimate Personal Tour” featurette, sing along, exclusive songs

Camp Rock

Golden-voiced, working-class beauty Mitchie Torres has only one desire: to spend the summer at Camp Rock, a prestigious musical retreat for budding stars. The wish is granted when her mom gets a job as the camp’s cook, but in order to join the ranks of the popular girls, she must obscure her less-than-regal roots. As the summer wears on, Mitchie is torn between who she is and who she’s pretending to be, an artistic crisis of identity that endears her to the similarly-conflicted boy band superstar, Shane Gray. United by the desire to sing from the heart, Mitchie and Shane help one another discover their true selves, and together pave an honest road to pop success. Starring teen idols, the Jonas Brothers.

DVD Features: Music videos, sing along, interactive features, photo galleries, “Introducing Dem Lavato” featurette, “How To Be A Rock Star” featurette, and much more

Dexter – The Complete Second Season

Dexter Morgan is a Miami police officer that is liked by any and everyone. But he takes his job a little too seriously as he moonlights as a serial killer that kills criminals he believes have escaped proper justice.

DVD Features: All 12 episodes from the second season, behind the scenes, featurettes

The Fletch Collection

The original 1985 comedy follows Fletch as he slips into dozens of different (and insane) identities to investigate his stories. While tracking a drug deal, he gets pulled into a far more complex case when the wealthy Alan Stanwyk propositions him for murder. Fletch’s disguise-heavy adventures continue in he 1989 sequel Fletch Lives, in which we see the reporter inherit a Louisiana estate and wind up in the middle of a mysterious land grab.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes, trailers, “Just Charge It To The Underhills” featurette, “Favorite Fletch Moments” featurette, making of

Gossip Girl – The Complete First Season

Blair Waldorf keeps tabs on the city’s most elite teens as they make the rounds from the preppiest school events to the most lavish, decadent parties. And between Serena and Blair’s explosive friendship, Dan and Serena’s budding romance, Nate and Blair’s fairytale relationship, Chuck’s escapades and Jenny’s introduction to the glamorous life, there’s a lot to track! Sometimes the root of all evil is just a few words of gossip.

DVD Features: All 18 episodes from the first season

House, M.D. – Season Four

Gregory House is back for his fourth season and may not make it out alive. As his team disintegrates before him and they all head out for their own endeavors, House must prepare a new team and he’s having fun picking through the applicants. But things don’t stay all fun and games as he’s still the best in the game so he receives some of the most difficult cases of his life. And when it all comes down to it, House’s friendship with Wilson is strained like never before.

DVD Features: All 16 episodes from the fourth season, audio commentaries, gag reel, season five sneak peek, “New Beginnings” featurette, “Anatomy Of A Crash” featurette, and more

The Life Before Her Eyes

Recklessly hedonistic teenager Diana and her best friend a Christian virgin come face to face with a machine-gun-wielding classmate one morning at school in a situation reminiscent of Columbine. Fast forward to fifteen years later on the anniversary of the shooting; Diana has unpleasant flashbacks haunt her as she takes her daughter to school, lectures on Gauguin to a bored art history class, and possibly spots her older professor husband out with a younger woman. As the events cohere and time collapses one realizes nothing is certain and life renews and ends on a moment-by-moment basis.

DVD Features: Making of, behind the scenes, trailers, “Life Before Our Eyes” featurette, deleted/extended scenes, audition tapes, and more

Married… with Children: The Complete Ninth Season

Al, Peg, Kelly, and Bud are all back for another season of living life the white trash way. The Bundys don’t live like kings and certainly don’t care for one another, but they always prove that if you mess with one of them, then you mess with all of them.

DVD Features: All 28 episodes from the ninth season

Orangutan Island – Season 1

A desperate struggle for survival is raging deep in the heart of Borneo’s forests. Illegal logging is rapidly destroying the Bornean orangutans’ last stronghold in the wild — leaving hundreds of orangutan babies orphaned and homeless. Their future seems bleak but a ground-breaking project provides real hope for ensuring the survival of the species. Meet the 35 classmates of Forest School 103 at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. These precocious red-haired “children of the forest” will get the opportunity, through this innovative project led by Lone Droscher-Nielsen and her team, to live wild on a protected island.

DVD Features: Includes every episode from the first season

Perry Mason: Season 3, Vol. 1

Raymond Burr returns in perhaps his most famous role as a defense attorney that takes on some of the most impossible to win cases in the history of the court. Through hard work and a little detective work of his own though, he’ll get the job done and bring about justice.

DVD Features: Includes the first half of episodes from the third season

Prom Night (Unrated)

Donna is all ready for the night of her life, her senior prom. She is all dressed up, ready to go, and also has a sadistic killer from her past hot on her trail. A remake of the 1980 film of the same name starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

DVD Features: Rated version also available, previously unseen footage

Street Kings

Tom Ludlow is a veteran LAPD cop who finds life difficult to navigate after the death of his wife. When evidence implicates him in the execution of a fellow officer, he is forced to go up against the cop culture he’s been a part of his entire career, ultimately leading him to question the loyalties of everyone around him.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, “Street Rules” featurette

Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete First Season

An onslaught of robotic killers from the future are bent on destroying teenager John Connor, humanity’s future savior. Standing between them are his determined mother, Sarah, and Cameron, a beautiful girl from John’s school who turns out to be a Terminator assigned to protect him. They can’t run forever, however, and their only chance of survival rests on preventing the creation of Skynet, stopping judgment day and creating a new future for the human race.

DVD Features: All 9 episodes from the first season, audio commentaries, terminated scenes, gag reel, cast auditions, featurettes

TNA: Slammiversary 2008

The superstars of TNA all come together for the elite spectacle event of the year, Slammiversary. Sting, Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, Rhino, Tomko, Kurt Angle, and so many more put it all on the line to entertain the fans and walk out victorious.

DVD Features: Backstage vignettes, interviews, bonus matches

WWE: The Great American Bash 2008

God Bless America is an understatement as the superstars from Raw, SmackDown, and ECW come together to destroy their opponents at all costs. Get ready for title matches, women’s matches, and even a New York Street brawl between John Cena and JBL. The fireworks are going to fly and the blood is going to spill.

DVD Features: Interviews, backstage vignettes