Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 08/22/2008

It’s time for the weekly Friday Night Smackdown report.

The audience sees a recap of Summerslam matches, including the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Rated R Superstar Edge.

Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero opens the program by telling the fans we have not been seeing the real Vickie Guerrero and it’s all Edge’s fault she has acted the way she has been acting. She says she’s glad she reinstated The Undertaker and she wants the audience to give Undertaker a standing ovation. She talks about the Championship Scramble for the WWE Championship set for the next pay per view.

Our ringside announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz.

Maria heads to the ring and we go to commercial break.

Maria from Chicago, IL
Natalya from Canada

The bell rings and the two women lock up with Natalya taking Maria to the floor. Maria comes back with a headlock that takes down Natalya. Both women are back to their feet and Maria applies a wrist lock. Natalya gives up with wrestling and goes for some fist shots to the face before dropping Maria against the ropes. Natalya goes to work on Maria’s left knee. Maria manages to use a leg to back off Natalya. Natalya misses an elbow drop and then gets caught with a jawbreaker. Maria delivers two clotheslines and Natalya is on the ring apron. Maria sends a shoulder into Natalya sending her to the floor. Maria goes out to the floor after Natalya but Maryse appears to get in the action. The referee calls for the bell but now Maria is down on the mat with Natalya and Maryse both working her over. Michelle McCool appears to break things up and clear the ring.

Winner: Maria via disqualification, match time 3 minutes.

I think Natalya is a great ring worker but I just can’t seem to get much out of Maria’s ring work.

Big Show runs into Vickie, Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero backstage. Show finds out he isn’t in the qualifying matches for the championship scramble. A 10 Man Battle Royal is coming up next.

Big Show appears and heads to the ring, takes a chair and sits at ringside. We go to commercial break.

Big Show is still sitting at ringside.

Championship Scramble Qualifying Battle Royal

Already in the ring:

Scott Goldman
Super Crazy
Armando Estrada

Introduced individually:

The Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson
Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder
WWE Tag Team Champions
Jimmy Wang Yang
Vladimir Kozlov

The bell rings and we see the general mayhem which usually happens during a battle royal. Everyone eliminates Kozlov. Scott Goldman is eliminated. Big Show enters the ring and decides to clear the ring all by himself. TBK gets sent over the top rope but Zeke catches him before he hits the. Yang is the last one over the top rope courtesy of Big Show. Show leaves the arena and heads back up the ramp. TBK wins because his feet never touched the floor.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson

I didn’t time the match but it didn’t seem to take very long thanks to Show. The live audience doesn’t seem to be very enthused but Zeke made it work for The Brian Kendrick.

We see a replay of the match before commercial break with TBK winning the 10 Man Battle Royal. JR introduces a video installment introducing R-Truth who will be debuting on Smackdown next Friday night.

Championship Scramble Qualifying Match

Montel Vontavious Porter, M.V.P.
With Jesse

Before the match begins, the audience sees what MVP had to say about Jeff Hardy after Summerslam. The bell rings and MVP goes after Festus with fists but gets caught by an uppercut when the referee backs MVP out of the corner. Festus delivers a suplex and goes for a cover but MVP kicks out. MVP again cuts loose with fists only to catch a hard right that sends MVP to the mat. Jesse is outside the ring cheering on Festus. Festus nails MVP with a clothesline and goes for the cover but again MVP kicks out. Festus delivers a throwaway slam and this time MVP delivers a kick before sending Festus shoulder first into the ring post. MVP continues to work on the left arm of Festus. Festus fights back. MVP has Festus down on the mat with an arm bar and pounds Festus’ shoulder with elbows. MVP stomps on Festus’ shoulder and goes for the pin but Festus kicks out. Festus makes it back to his feet and delivers a head butt, twice, sending MVP out to the ring apron. MVP uses the ropes to inflict further damage to the shoulder. MVP again goes for a cover, getting a one count. Festus nails MVP with right hands. Festus charges MVP in the corner but MVP moves out of the way and Festus nails the corner post. Again MVP goes for a cover, getting a two count. Festus is down on the mat again and Jesse is yelling for him to fight out of the hold. Festus gets MVP up on his shoulders to deliver a Samoan drop. MVP stands up, Festus takes him down with right fists. Festus delivers a splash in the corner and a shoulder block off the ropes before delivering another sit down splash on MVP’s chest. MVP comes off the ropes and catches a boot in the face. Festus goes out of the ring after MVP, delivering a clothesline. Festus picks MVP up and MVP comes up slugging. Festus sends MVP over his back and down to the floor. As the ref is counting in the ring, MVP knocks Jesse out of his chair. Festus helps Jesse up and MVP gets back in the ring before the count out.

Winner: M.V.P. via count out. Match time 9 minutes.

After the match, Festus is his docile self at the sound of the bell. MVP takes advantage by delivering a kick to the head that sends Festus over the top rope and down to the floor. This wasn’t the best match I’ve seen MVP in lately but I did enjoy the match. MVP may be making enemies of the fans, but he is doing very well in the ring. We go to commercial break.

May 16, 2002: Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson are in a “legs” competition. Tajiri breaks it up and takes Torrie away but Trish Stratus, WWE Women’s Champion appears to win the competition courtesy of WWE Classics on Demand.

Championship Scramble Qualifying Match

“The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin
WWE United States Champion
With Hornswoggle

Benjamin grabs the mic before his opponent is introduced to tell the fans that Michael Phelps is being called the NEW Gold Standard but Benjamin says that Shelton Benjamin is THE Gold Standard. Benjamin backs Finlay into the corner as the men lock up. The ref breaks it up and Finlay gets the jump on Benjamin, delivering an elbow. Finlay goes to the cover and gets a one count. Finlay has Benjamin backed into the corner and again the ref has to get between the two men. Finlay applies a side headlock and then takes Benjamin down to the canvas. Benjamin rolls Finlay over and gets his shoulders down on the mat but Finlay rolls back. Finlay again takes Benjamin down but Benjamin slides back into the corner and the ropes. Benjamin takes Finlay back into the ropes but he doesn’t let the ref back him up before he delivers a boot to Finlay’s midsection. The ref backs Benjamin up and Finlay charges at Benjamin. We have a brawl in the ring that goes out to the floor. Both men get back in the ring and Finlay takes Benjamin down by the legs. Finlay puts pressure on Benjamin’s left and ankle. I’m ready to yell ouch. That’s a nasty angle for someone’s leg to be. Benjamin delivers fists and then a kick to Finlay’s head but Finlay doesn’t release his hold. Benjamin makes it to the ropes and Finlay breaks the hold. Finlay charges at Benjamin, Benjamin gets out of the way and Finlay’s shoulder meets the ring post. Benjamin sets his sights on the left shoulder of Finlay. Benjamin takes Finlay down to the mat. JR points out that Hornswoggle is trying to get the audience involved in cheering for Finlay. Finlay is down in the corner with the ref asking him if he wants to continue the match after receiving a nasty kick to the back of the head. Finlay is now out on the floor and Benjamin tries to deliver a baseball slide. Benjamin gets caught in the ring cover and both men are back in the ring. Benjamin knocks Finlay off the top turnbuckle and we go to commercial break…

Back to the action, Finlay is down on the mat with Benjamin working on Finlay’s neck. A worried Hornswoggle is standing at ringside. Finlay nails Benjamin and Benjamin goes down to the mat but Benjamin delivers kicks and then a few fists before the ref backs him off again. Finlay delivers a jawbreaker and goes for the cover, getting a two count. Finlay again goes for a cover but gets only a one count. Benjamin delivers a clothesline and goes for the pin but Finlay kicks out. Benjamin goes to work on the neck and shoulder area of Finlay. Finlay sends Benjamin into the ropes but gets caught by a kick to the skull again courtesy of Benjamin. Benjamin goes back to work on the neck of Finlay. Finlay tries to reach the ropes but he can’t make it. Finlay makes a switch and delivers a backslide but Benjamin kicks out. Benjamin delivers another kick and goes for the cover getting a two count. Benjamin delivers a suplex and gets another two count when he goes for the cover. Finlay delivers a series of clotheslines and a squash, getting a two count when he goes for the cover. Finlay drops Benjamin to the mat but Mike Knox is outside the ring and he goes for Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle gets away but Finlay’s attention is on Hornswoggle. Benjamin hits the pay dirt and gets the three count.

Winner: “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin. Actual match time 14 minutes.

Finlay and Benjamin put on a great match for the Smackdown fans tonight. After the match, Knox enters the ring and takes down Finlay.

The Brian Kendrick, M.V.P. and Shelton Benjamin have all qualified for the Championship Scramble match. JR reminds the audience The Undertaker will appear on Smackdown tonight. We go to commercial break.

JR and Tazz discuss the incident between Chris Jericho, Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Mrs. Michaels. We see a replay of Jericho giving Rebecca Michaels a fat lip. I don’t believe HBK will be retiring anytime soon but Jericho may need more than Lance Cade watching his back.

Vickie, Chavo and Neely are backstage. Chavo is upset that he wasn’t involved in a qualifying match. Chavo asks Vickie if she knows why The Undertaker hasn’t shown up yet. Chavo says Undertaker is the kind of guy that might hold a grudge and he thinks they need to apologize to Undertaker.

“The Game” Triple H, WWE Champion, enters the arena and heads to the ring. JR reminds the audience that Jeff Hardy will face The Great Khali for a spot in the Championship Scramble tonight. HHH defeated Khali at Summerslam. We go to commercial break.
WWE Rewind – Summerslam Championship match between HHH and Khali. HHH delivered a pedigree to win the match and retain his title.

HHH has joined Tazz and JR at the announcer’s table to watch the next match.

Championship Scramble Qualifying Match

The Great Khali
with Ranjin Singh
Jeff Hardy

The matches up until this point have been decent. I’m not sure even Hardy can pull this one off and make it look good. With any luck at all, Big Show will appear to take out Khali. The bell rings and Khali shoves Hardy into the ropes. Hardy does a little bouncing off the ropes, delivers a slap to Khali and rolls out of the ring. The fans are chanting for Hardy. Hardy is back in the ring and this time when he comes off the ropes, Khali delivers a clothesline. Hardy is down in the corner and Khali shoves the ref out of the way to deliver a few boots. The ref again backs Khali up as JR says that Vickie Guerrero has a written statement of apology for The Undertaker when he arrives at the arena tonight. In the ring, Hardy is catching another clothesline and is again down on the mat. Khali has his hand up in the air and grabs Hardy by the shoulder. Hardy tries to elbow his way out of it but Khali delivers a blow to the back. Khali picks Hardy up and body slams him to the mat. Khali has broken a sweat. Khali has Hardy by the neck but Hardy goes for the eyes and gets up on the second rope. Khali delivers a blow that sends Hardy down to the floor. Khali pulls Hardy up on the ring apron but Hardy uses the ropes to hang up Khali. Hardy delivers a twist of fate and then goes out to climb to the top turnbuckle. Singh is up on the ring apron and the distraction gives Khali a chance to grab Hardy by the head in the vice grip. HHH takes out Singh with a fist and nails Khali in the head with a steel chair. Hardy delivers a whisper in the wind and then a Swanton bomb to get the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy with a little help from HHH. Match time 5 minutes.

Jeff Hardy can now add his name to the Championship Scramble match. I didn’t see much in this match but I guess we can all be grateful that Khali won’t be in the scramble match. We go to commercial break.

HHH is in the ring with a mic. M.V.P., Shelton Benjamin, Brian Kendrick, THE Brian Kendrick, and Jeff Hardy will face HHH for the Championship. HHH explains that the last person who gets a fall in the 20 minute time limit walks away with the championship. HHH says that it nearly guarantees the championship will change hands. HHH says that the fifth guy in the ring is a 12 time champion, has been in every match the WWE has to offer and has come out on top, and that he is known for a very good reason as “The Game” and he is known as “The King of Kings” and there is only one.

Kenny Dykstra interrupts HHH during his speech about HHH and even grabs the mic away from “The Game”. Dykstra is complaining that no one is taking him seriously around here so HHH delivers a pedigree and takes back the mic. He says “good to see you, Kenny” and leaves the ring.

Vickie, Chavo and Neely are interrupted by Hawkins and Ryder who tell them Undertaker is here. They all leave to deliver their apology as a family and we go to commercial break.

We see another replay of the highlights from Summerslam, ending with Undertaker/Edge in Hell in a Cell in order to let everyone know that there will be replays all week long.

La Familia is in the ring with Vickie reading her apology to The Undertaker. She’s very busy calling herself a great woman. I’m not sure that’s the way to open an apology to The Undertaker. She asks the audience to join her in a standing ovation and she gets out of her wheelchair to announce The Undertaker. The lights go down and The Undertaker appears at the top of the entrance ramp. The fans are now on their feet as Undertaker heads down the ramp and enters the ring. Vickie’s going to play hell trying to run if she needs to. Her wheelchair doesn’t have wings. La Familia keeps backing up as Undertaker removes his coat and hat, never taking his eyes off of Vickie. Vickie says she delivered her husband, Edge, to him at Hell in a Cell and she wants Undertaker’s forgiveness. Vickie says that they can talk about it next week and she asks him again to accept her apology. Again Vickie stands up and then gets on her knees, still begging forgiveness. Undertaker takes the mic away from Vickie and tells him to look at him. Undertaker says he didn’t come to the ring for an apology, he came for her soul. Undertaker finds himself surrounded but he simply takes everyone out until Neely takes Undertaker down to the mat. It’s now a beat down in the center of the ring. Chavo bails out of the ring and grabs a steel chair but Chavo gets a boot to the face. Undertaker sends Chavo and Neely out of the ring and choke slams Ryder and Hawkins to the mat. Undertaker then faces Vickie who is limping up the ramp and delivers “the end” sign.

For the most part, this was a decent showing of WWE talent in the ring. I can always stand less talk and more action but the good matches were very good and made up for some of the chat and the matches that weren’t so great.