Balls Mahoney Talks Indy Wrestling

Balls Mahoney took time from his new Indy gig with FTW’s “Rise Against” to fill in fans on his work since leaving WWE at’s Steel Cage Blog.

In a straight forward, no holds barred interview, he says has no regrets being back on the Indy scene and enjoys being able to use his own creative abilities to please the fans and mentions that the door may be open for him to do a show now and then for WWE since he left on good terms and is very fond of the McMahon family. Balls, who has been wrestling for 20 years, talks about his friendship with Chris Candido and naming his own son Christopher and he gives his opinion of the Chris Benoit tragedy and why he believes it had nothing to do with chair shots. He gives his take on independent contractor status for wrestlers, the wrestling gimmicks he has lived through and about working in WWE with his thoughts on TNA and ROH. FTW, a Long Island based independent promotion, debuts “Rise Against” on September 13 at Lefty’s Bar & Grill at 543 W. Hoffman Avenue with a 4 p.m. start time. Tickets are $15 on FTW’s official website, which you can access at FTW’s Web site.

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