More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – I Ain't Madd

So, the Madd Rapper has a song out and it features Cory Gunz. And really there’s absolutely nothing about this song that I don’t love.

I mean, I love the Madd Rapper as a character. During the heyday of Bad Boy, the Madd Rapper skits were always something to which to look forward when you picked up the latest Bad Boy release. They provided a nice bit of levity, providing a nice break from the glitzy club songs and occasional rugged street song.

I liked how the skits had a storyline and characters were introduced and fleshed out. I liked when the Madd Producer got to shine. It was clever and funny, and it provided a countless number of campus imitators.

And really, let’s not forget how instrumental the Madd Rapper was in terms of 50 Cent’s career. I mean, the Madd Rapper was sort of the pre-Eminem in that regard.

I thoroughly enjoyed Tell ‘Em Why U Madd, and while it’s a pretty good album, it’s nowhere near the guilty pleasure I thought it was going to be. The Beatnuts show up and do their thing, and so does Eminem. And this was back when Eminem didn’t completely believe his own hype.

So to hear the Madd Rapper again after all this time, it’s nostalgic, but also reminds me that hip-hop can be fun.

And of course, there’s Cory Gunz. First off, you’ve got to love that the son of Peter Gunz took his father’s rap name. That both slays and tickles me at the same time. But it’s also dope to know that Cory is still around. I remember when he had the undergound abuzz, back when he was a minor. Of course, that was two record labels ago, including a stint on Def Jam.

Yup, Cory is another one of those acts who didn’t release an album under the Carter Administration, and I’m glad that he’s building momentum to something. Hopefully, this time around, it’ll pan out. Of course, before his album comes out, I’m guessing he’ll release a slew of mixtapes, at which point I’ll be tired of him and in full backlash mode.

But at this moment, I’m rooting for him, so let’s dwell on that.

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