Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 08/29/2008

It’s Friday night and time for the live Smackdown review. Grab a chair, take a breather from the long week and the upcoming long weekend, and follow the action…

With The Undertaker stalking LaFamilia and The Big Show stalking anyone who may be involved in the Scramble for the WWE Championship, will any member of the Smackdown roster leave the arena unscathed?

The world is watching!

Smackdown is brought to you from Pittsburgh, PA. Ringside announcer’s are Jim Ross and Tazz.

The lights to down and the show opens with The Undertaker’s entrance theme along with The Undertaker as Vickie Guerrero and the rest of the family watch nervously from a backstage monitor. Undertaker has a mic. He addresses Vickie Guerrero to tell her that he is not the forgiving kind so he will be coming for her and he will be coming for her soul (the live audience liked that). Undertaker tells her that she will burn in hell. Backstage, Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero leave the room with Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder right behind them. Vickie realizes she is alone but when she tries to leave, she can’t open the door. While the ring posts burn, Undertaker heads up the ramp and toward the back.

Jeff Hardy will face M.V.P. in a Summerslam rematch. “The Game” Triple H will face “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin and we go to commercial break.
As we come back from commercial break, a R-Truth video appears on the screen.

R-Truth from Charlotte, NC weighing 235 lbs.
Kenny Dykstra from MA weighing 234 lbs.

I don’t see an overly eager welcome from the live audience. Dykstra comes out with a mic to badmouth Truth before he gets to the ring and then continues the tirade in the ring. The ref backs up Truth and then rings the bell. Truth comes out with a right fist and then uses Dykstra’s head to check the strength of the ring posts. Dykstra manages to come back after a roll up attempt by Truth. Dykstra goes for a cover and gets a two count before Truth kicks out. Dykstra works on Truth’s back. Truth delivers a couple of clotheslines and then delivers an elbow as he comes off the ropes. Truth comes off the ropes one more time and delivers a scissors kick to the back of Dykstra’s head, goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: R-Truth, match time 3 minutes.

The match gave R-Truth a chance to show off some of his ring skills. The audience still doesn’t seem to be overly enthused with Truth. Not a good sign after such a big build up getting him to Smackdown.

Michelle McCool is backstage getting her picture taken when Maryse appears. Maryse is after the ugly Diva’s Championship belt. That really is an ugly belt. We go to commercial break.
The Raw Rewind – Maria vs. Natalya last week with Maryse interfering in the match and Michelle McCool coming to the rescue.

Diva’s Tag Team Match

Michellel McCool from FL
Diva’s Champion
Maria from Chicago, IL
Maryse from Canada
Natalya from Canada

Natalya faces McCool as the bell rings. McCool takes down Natalya, back to their feet and Natalya takes McCool down with a hip toss. McCool takes down Natalya as she comes off the ropes and goes for the cover but Natalya kicks out. McCool applies a wrist lock and tags in Maria. Maria goes for an inside cradle but only gets a one count. Natalya delivers a body slam but misses a leg drop when Maria rolls out of the way. Natalya backs Maria up to the wrong corner and tags in Maryse. Maria comes out with elbows but Maryse delivers a knee to the abdomen and sends Maria to the mat. Maria knocks Natalya off the ring ropes when Natalya slams Maria in the back, Maryse grabs Maria, delivers a DDT and gets the three count.

Winners: Maryse & Natalya, match time 3 minutes.

It wasn’t a bad match but it wasn’t a great match which is disappointing when Natalya is in the ring. After the match, Maryse goes after Maria, McCool defends Maria, Natalya goes after McCool and McCool ends up on the mat.

JR introduces a video of the rivalry between Montel Vontavious Porter and Jeff Hardy. They have a Summerslam rematch coming up later tonight. Hardy is backstage to tell everyone that MVP is just an obstacle between Hardy and a championship. We go to commercial break.

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JR and Tazz remind us about the Unforgiven Championship Scramble coming up at Unforgiven. Triple H, WWE Champion, will take on Shelton Benjamin, WWE United States Champion, tonight.

Vickie is still locked in her office. She tries to make a phone call, but the phone doesn’t work. After she tears the phone apart, I don’t think it will ever work again.

Jeff Hardy from Cameron, NC weighing 225 lbs.
Montel Vontavious Porter, M.V.P. from Miami FL weighing 249 lbs.

I’m not sure about MVP’s weight. I was having trouble hearing the announcer during the introduction. The bell rings and MVP is trash talking across the ring from Hardy. They move face to face and MVP delivers a shove, Hardy delivers a drop toehold and then applies a side headlock. MVP tries to shake Hardy loose but Hardy doesn’t release his hold. Hardy takes MVP down to the mat with a hip toss. MVP sends Hardy across the ring and Hardy takes him down with a shoulder block, twice. Hardy tries it again and MVP sends him through the ropes. Hardy lands on his feet and gets the jump on MVP when MVP tries to attack him on his way back into the ring. This time MVP bails out of the ring and walks around the ring as the referee counts to five. MVP rolls back into the ring. Hardy again applies a headlock. MVP takes Hardy down by using the hair. Hardy delivers a leg sweep to drop MVP and then delivers a leg drop. Both men are back to their feet and Hardy applies a wristlock. Hardy follows up with arm drags and continues to work on MVP’s left arm. MVP gets himself into the ropes and the ref makes Hardy break the hold. The ref tells MVP to get out of the corner but when he doesn’t, Hardy goes after him in the corner. Hardy receives a back elbow when he charges at MVP but when MVP tries to go after Hardy’s leg, Hardy sends MPV shoulder first into the ring post. Hardy goes for the cover and gets a two count. Hardy sends MVP into the ropes and MVP bails out. Hardy dives off the ring apron and takes down MVP and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Hardy continues to work on MVP’s left arm. Via split screen, we see what happened right before commercial break. Hardy breaks loose with fists but MVP manages to send Hardy face first into the turnbuckle. MVP goes after Hardy with boot stomps before picking Hardy up, hanging him on the ropes and then delivering a kick to Hardy’s head. Hardy goes down to the floor but MVP goes out after him, dropping him on the guardrail surrounding the audience. The ref reaches the count of five but MVP gets Hardy back in the ring and goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out. MVP goes for another cover and gets a two count before Hardy kicks out. MVP applies an abdominal stretch. Hardy picks up MVP and manages to drop MVP to the canvas. Tazz calls it a side slam. Hardy delivers a kick and then a double stomp to MVP’s chest. Hardy drops MVP to the mat with a face buster and then goes up to the top turnbuckle. Hardy delivers a Swanton bomb but MVP gets his knees up. MVP delivers a low drop kick sending Hardy into the ring post then goes outside to use the ring post in order to put more pressure on Hardy. MVP goes back out and rolls Hardy into the ring. MVP goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out at the count of two. MVP picks up Hardy and sets him up across the top turnbuckle and MVP delivers a kick to Hardy’s spine. MVP continues to deliver kicks to Hardy’s back and goes for the cover and again MVP gets a two count. MVP grinds his boot into the side of Hardy’s face but Hardy comes back with right fists. Again MVP goes for a cover and again he gets a two count. MVP applies the camel clutch. MVP lets go long enough to deliver hits to the side of Hardy’s head before again applying the camel clutch. Hardy makes it to the ropes and MVP breaks the hold before delivering an elbow to Hardy’s back. MVP body slams Hardy to the mat and then delivers a knee drop. MVP goes for the cover and again Hardy kicks out. MVP delivers a back suplex when Hardy tries to fight his way out. MVP goes for the cover. MVP gets only a two count. Hardy delivers rights and lefts but as he comes off the ropes, MVP delivers a snap belly-to-belly suplex and again goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out. Hardy comes up with a right and we have a slugfest in the center of the ring. Hardy goes up to the top turnbuckle but MVP sweeps Hardy’s legs and Hardy lands hard on the mat. MVP goes for the cover and Hardy kicks out at the count of two. MVP sets Hardy up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up after him. MVP tries to take Hardy down to the mat but Hardy manages to turn and MVP is the one who hits the canvas. Hardy goes for the pin and gets a two count. MVP comes off the ropes and Hardy takes him down to the mat and then again and again. Hardy comes off the rope with a whisper in the wind and then comes off the top with the Swanton bomb. Hardy goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy, total match time 18 minutes.

There were almost too many close falls but MVP and Jeff Hardy earned their money in this match up. Hardy’s whisper in the wind looked a little awkward but it could be that he was tired. Hardy and MVP were in the longest match of the evening and it was action packed throughout. After the match, Shelton Benjamin appears to attack Hardy. As a surprise for MVP, Benjamin then takes MVP down to the mat and we go to commercial break.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are brawling in the front row of the audience – they are playing for the camera, of course.

JR introduces a video of WWE at the Democratic National Convention earlier this week with Josh Matthews and Candice Michelle.

Tag Team Match

At a combined weight of 501 lbs.
Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder
WWE World Tag Team Champions
At a combined weight of 435 lbs.

The bell rings and Hawkins is taken down by Festus and then Festus takes out Ryder as Jesse helps send both members of the opposite team to the floor. JR reminds the audience that this is a non-title match. The Big Show’s entrance theme begins and Big Show appears in the ring to take out Hawkins & Ryder. Festus had been sent to the floor. Jesse makes it back to his feet and Show drops him with a fist. Festus is his usual docile self since the bell has rung. Show has a mic and he tells the audience that the General Manger is under so much pressure that she is overlooking certain superstars. Show addresses Vickie Guerrero and tells her that he will never, ever be overlooked again. And as far as just what happened here, oops! Show says they can just call it an oversight.

Winners: I don’t think there were any winners. and as Big Show exits the ring, we go to commercial break.

Check in on Tuesday night at Pulse Wrestling for the live ECW review. I realize someone has to be the beat down puppets for Big Show but did it have to be the four we saw before commercial break?

Vickie Guerrero is still locked in her office.

Victoria from Los Angeles, CA
Brie Bella from Scottsdale, AZ

The two girls lock up when the bell rings. Victoria applies a side headlock and takes Bella down with a hip toss. Bella gets out of the hold and sends Victoria over to the floor. Bella goes for a roll up and delivers a pair of snap mares. Bella comes off the ropes, Victoria catches her, delivers a back breaker and goes for the cover but Bella kicks out at the count of two. Victoria delivers a shoulder block in the corner and delivers a moonsault but when she goes for a semi cover, she can’t get the three count. Bella delivers a kick off the ropes but Victoria catches Bella with a kick that sends her out to the floor. Victoria goes out to the floor and rolls Bella back into the ring. Bella delivers a sudden inside cradle and gets the three count.

Winner: Brie Bella, match time 3 minutes.

Again a short match and although both women did a decent job, why is Victoria constantly a jobber these days?

Raw Rebound – Mike Adamle delivers the news about John Cena’s neck injury and shows footage of the match between Cena and Batista where the injury happened. Cena suffered a herniated disc in his neck. Cena had surgery last week to correct the problem. Adamle replaced Cena in the Championship Scramble with Rey Mysterio who appeared via the monitor. We go to commercial break. We go to commercial break.

The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel are backstage reading books. TBK says he does not need to stoop to his opponent’s level. He says it isn’t about who wins the little battles, it’s about who wins the war. TBK says he will win the Championship Scramble.

JR and Tazz go over the matches for Unforgiven, WWE’s next pay per view. There will be three Championship Scrambles at Unforgiven.

”The Game” Triple H from CT
WWE Champion

Commercial break before Triple H’s opponent is introduced.

Back from commercial break, the Smackdown qualifying match last week where Jeff Hardy defeated The Great Khali with a little help from Triple H. Benjamin is on the monitor to tell everyone that he is The Gold Standard before he is introduced.

“The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin from SC
WWE United States Champion

The ref calls for the ringing of the bell and they two men circle each other around the ring before Benjamin takes HHH down with an arm drag. HHH is slow getting back to his feet. They lock up again and this time HHH applies a side headlock. Benjamin sends HHH into the ropes and is dropped with a shoulder block but Benjamin comes back with arm drags to take HHH down to the canvas. Benjamin stays one step ahead of HHH until HHH delivers a right fist. Benjamin backs HHH into the corner. Benjamin doesn’t’ break clean but HHH takes matters into his own hands. HHH applies a wristlock and Benjamin again backs HHH into the corner. This time Benjamin goes after HHH with fists. HHH drops Benjamin with a clothesline and HHH keeps Benjamin down on the canvas. HHH continues to put pressure on Benjamin’s left arm. Benjamin nails HHH with a fist, sends HHH into the ropes and gets slammed to the mat when HHH comes off the ropes. HHH wraps Benjamin’s arm around the ropes and snaps the arm and shoulder off the ropes. Benjamin again backs HHH into the corner and the ref calls for the break but Benjamin catches HHH with a knee and continues to pound on HHH. Benjamin goes for the cover but he only gets a two count. Benjamin comes off the ropes and gets caught by a knee. HHH goes for the pedigree but Benjamin rolls out of the ring and out of harm’s way and we go to commercial break.

Back to the ring, HHH is on the floor and the ref is counting. Benjamin threw HHH into the corner and HHH went over the top rope and down to the floor. Benjamin delivers a neck breaker to HHH as he tries to get back in the ring. Benjamin has HHH down on the canvas and he delivers right hands to the face and head of HHH. Benjamin goes to work on HHH’s neck. Benjamin drops knees on the neck of HHH and then applies a figure four to the neck area of HHH. HHH gets rolled over and has Benjamin’s shoulders down before he gets out of the hold. Benjamin runs into the elbow of HHH and now Benjamin is down. Benjamin, on the ring apron, tries to suplex over the top rope, but HHH brings him into the ring. Benjamin counters with a neck breaker and goes for the cover, getting a three count. Benjamin applies a front face lock and again HHH is down on the mat. HHH is back to his knees and then his feet. HHH delivers fists to Benjamin’s abdomen but Benjamin backs HHH into the corner and pounds on him until the ref backs Benjamin away. Benjamin runs into HHH’s boot but Benjamin sends HHH face first into the ring post and then delivers a squash. Benjamin tries for a second squash and HHH gets out of the way. Both men are down on the mat. The ref starts the count and gets to the count of nine before the two men get back to their feet. HHH and Benjamin cut loose with fists. Benjamin comes off the ropes and HHH catches him with a knee. HHH delivers a power slam but he only gets a count of two before Benjamin kicks out. Benjamin misses a high kick but HHH doesn’t miss the DDT. HHH goes for the cover and again gets a two count before Benjamin kicks out. Benjamin delivers a kick to HHH’s jaw and again both men are down on the mat. Benjamin goes for the cover but HHH gets a shoulder up at the count of two. Benjamin comes off the ropes and HHH delivers a spine buster, goes for the pedigree, Benjamin delivers a back breaker and gets a count of two. HHH comes off the ropes with a face buster and before he can get to his feet, The Great Khali appears at the top of the ramp accompanied by Ranjin Singh. Khali comes down the ramp and as Benjamin tries to take advantage of the distraction, HHH catches Benjamin in a pedigree, goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: “The Game” Triple H, total match time 17 minutes.

I have to say that Shelton Benjamin and Triple H did a good job in this match. It was a little bit of wrestling and a little bit of brawl and it worked well. After the match, Benjamin nails HHH with his title belt and stands over him. Khali enters the ring, picks up HHH and delivers a choke slam.

Vickie Guerrero is still backstage pacing around in her office. The lights go out and we hear several extreme screams before the show is over.

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