Shawn Michaels Injury Update, Popular Comic Book Blogger Acknowledges Killer Kowalski’s Passing, Awesome WWE Tag Teams & More

According to Mike Johnson, WWE is acknowledging that Shawn injured his left tricep at the end of RAW but expect him to be at Unforgiven to face Jericho. Since Shawn once wrestled HHH on one leg at Taboo Tuesday, that seems like a pretty safe bet.

Johnson further says that, should he need surgery, Shawn would be out 4-6 months, making his return date “just prior to Wrestlemania.” WWE’s acknowledgement can be found here.

Over at his blog, Chris Sims acknowledged Kowalski’s passing with a tribute. As a big fan of Sims and cross polinization of my nerdy interests, I thought this was really cool, in spite of the sad circumstances. Really, anyone who enjoys laughing and pop culture should read Sims’ blog, I’m just using this as a chance to pimp it here. WWE’s acknowledgement of the legendary perfromer and trainer of HHH’s passing is here.

On a completely different note, IGN has a list of fun potential tag teams for RAW vs. Smackdown 2009 that would be pretty awesome in real life and WWE should totally steal them. Here’s my favorite:

CM Punk and The Miz
How They’d Form: At a press conference, a reporter from MTV asks Punk who his favorite “Hills” character is. Punk attempts to play it off like he doesn’t know the show, but everyone attending knows that Punk is holding something back. Later that night, Miz finds out and confronts Punk, who reveals that his straight-edge nature results in him spending many a Friday and Saturday night at home (instead of at the bars), where he watches countless episodes of reality television. He also admits to being a huge fan of the Miz, and with rent going up at the Palace of Wisdom, Miz and Punk become a tag team and roommates.
Key Moves: Go To Hollywood Hills, combination knee strike/neckbreaker

I mean, seriously, the vignettes alone there would be gold. Really, all of these are fun ideas and certainly seem to have more thought put in to them than most WWE random singles guys with nothing better to do tag teams in the last… ever, really, bar Rock ‘n’ Sock. WWE acknowledges tag teams here, sort of.

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