WWE MSG Classics – From 10.29.1989

I watch this show every week and I don’t write about it, which goes against all blogger sensibilities. Some of my memories may not be on point as I was either not alive or a little kid during most of these shows. I’m going to try it for a couple weeks and see if it works. To note: I DVR these and watch them randomly when I have a chance. I have a backlog of four at the moment. That’s to say: it won’t necessarily be a regularly scheduled thing.

From October 28th, 1989

Mean Gene let’s us know that this is less than two weeks after the World Series Earthquake. Announcers are Gorilla Monsoon and Hillbilly Jim.

For the Crown: Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan: The set-up here is that Duggan was King of the Ring and Savage had stolen the crown. This match is Duggan’s chance to get the crown back. This should be a interesting test in the “anyone can have a good match with Savage” hypothesis. Huge pop from the crowd when The Fink announces the crown is on the line. No music for my hometown hero Hacksaw. The U-S-A chant apparently wasn’t part of his repertoire yet. Savage attacks to start but Duggan no-sells and goes in to his deep repertoire of right hands and head-butts. Thumbs up draws another pop before Duggan mixes it up with a clothesline and an atomic drop before pulling off a terrible “over the top rope” bump when Sherri pulls the rope down. Duggan turns his back on her and she shoves him in to the post, hits him with the purse, and puts a high heel in his temple. Duggan lays on the floor which is stunningly more entertaining than his offense. Savage then finally comes out of the ring with a double axe-handle from the top rope to the floor… which is NOT to be confused with his top rope elbow into the ring which is 1,000 times more powerful. Heel tactics by Savage before going to the top for a double axe-handle. Duggan sees the second one coming and counters with a punch to the gut. Duggan back into his scintillating offense but Savage counters with an eye rake. Savage goes for the ropes but Duggan heaves him over the top! Back to the outside and they brawl into the crowd. Ref watches as Duggan uses a chair to the gut. Duggan knee-drop but Sherri distracts the ref so no count. Gorilla is horrified that Duggan had Savage down for a 20 count. Another pin but Sherri puts Savage’s foot on the ropes. Seriously, good managers/valets are a lost art. Savage tries to creep up on Duggan but gets a shoulderblock for his effort. Savage counters another and goes for the elbow but misses! Comeback time for Duggan… 3-point stance connects but knocks Savage out of the ring. Duggan puts him back in the ring and Sherri follows with a purse shot. Duggan’s finally had enough and chases Sherri. Danny Davis stops Duggan but gets bumped and is knocked out cold for an absurd amount of time. Duggan gets TWO MORE no-ref. Sherri then sneaks the purse to Savage who uses it to knock Duggan out. Savage makes the slow crawl. Sherri wakes up the ref for the 3-count but Duggan kicks out!!! The ref is still loopy and Savage pins Duggan with both feet on the 2nd rope AND Sherri holding his feet AND Hacksaw STILL kicks out at 3.1. Duggan and the 2×4 attacks Savage after the match. I forget that there was a time where Duggan rated this kind of protection and pinned Steve Austin in 35 seconds. Very little surprise here that Savage carried the match and led most of the drama. Would be a D+ if not for Savage. C+ with him.

MSG reminds us that your champions at this time were Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, and Demolition.

We get a promo from Mr. Perfect! He talks up Jimmy Snuka and reminds us that, no matter how good Snuka is, he’s not perfect.

Mr. Perfect vs. Jimmy Snuka: Mr. Pefect’s unblemished record is on the line here. Snuka is f’n brick sh*thouse HUGE in this. Perfect opens with five across the eyes to throw Snuka off his game and bails. Back in the ring, collar and elbow tie-up goes into the corner. Perfect teases a clean break and delivers five more across the eyes. That’s ten across the eyes for those counting. Another collar and elbow for another clean break, but Perfect delivers a chop. Snuka finally gets annoyed and chops Perfect over the top rope. Snuka has control and delivers a few Samoan Spikes to the gut. Headbutt to Perfect surprisingly doesn’t end his career right then and there. Snuka off the ropes but Perfect was waiting for it, clothesline him on the rope. Follows that with a slingshot clothesline into the bottom rope and Perfect has control. Perfect starts working the neck. Snapmare into his somersault neckbreaker thing. Hillbilly Jim is a terribly boring commentator, no wonder I don’t remember him. Perfect continues to work the neck. I was thinking the pace of this match is very slow and I then I recall that Snuka’s already like 50 in this match. Snuka Samoans up and Perfect tries to retain advantage with headbutts into the turnbuckle… well that’s just dumb. Superfly Special gets two. Perfect bails and begs off. Snuka will have none of his shenanignas and responds with his own heads into the turnbuckle. Three for each and one for the canvas. Superfly has control and Irish Whips perfect but puts his head down — that gives Perfect the Perfectplex and it’s over. Snuka, like Duggan, kicks out out at 3.1. B.

Alfred Hayes is at ringside and letting us know that Warrior is backstage pacing and growling like a caged lion. Oddly, he does that at home when he’s watching Food Network, too.

Sean Mooney interviews Bobby Heenan and reminds us that Andre has never been beaten and and has never submitted. As this is post Wrestlemania III, I think Andre’s lying.

Intercontinental Title: Andre The Giant vs. The Ultimate Warrior: Andre is going by “Andre The Ultimate Giant” for this feud. Bobby Heenan is banned from ringside. Response for the Warrior is a bit more muted than I would have expected. This match is going to be brutal, I think… or not. By the time I typed that sentence it was over. Andre mocked Warrior’s rope shaking, Warrior delivered a clothesline, threw a shoulderblock, bring us home. Andre, continuing the running theme of the night, kicks out at 3.1. Andre takes the microphone and says there was no match, he never heard an opening bell. Action shot of the crowd and I see a pair of zubas and four mullets, reminding you that NYC is the center of the style universe. No match here.

I remember the Andre/Warrior feud but I don’t remember Warrior winning matches in 30 seconds. Andre had either relaxed at lot by this point or his knees were already too messed up to do anything worthwhile.


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