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Pre-show quick results courtesy of sherdog.com
Ryo Chonan defeated Roan Carneiro by split decision
Jason Macdonald defeated Jason Lambert by submission in the 2nd round
Tim Boetsch defeated Michael Patt in the first by K.O
Kurt Pelligrino defeated Thiago Tavares by unanimous decision.

Dong Hyun Kim vs Matt Brown
Round 1:
Right from the start Brown is throwing wild punches until Kim grapples with him and takes his back. Kim continues to go for a standing rear naked choke and gets it locked in until Brown is able to escape and ends up on top of Kim. After little action they get back to their feet. Brown continues to throw kicks to the legs to keep Kim away. Kim attempts to grapple along the fence but Brown gets Kim against the cage. Kim gets a trip but Brown ends up with side choke locked in deep. Eventually Kim gets Browns back and continues to try and go for the read naked choke to no avail as the round ends. Very good round for both men.
Close round, but I gave it to Kim

Round 2: Before the round starts, Brown’s corner goes on about how tired Kim is and it seems to be that way as the round starts. Brown dominates the first minute with strikes and muay-thai knees. Kim goes for a take down with no luck and Brown pummels him against the cage before getting back up to their feet. Kim again with the trip, but Brown ends up in Kim’s guard. Kim has a high guard and goes for a triangle or arm lock but Brown escapes and upon escaping eats a very hard up kick from Kim. After getting frustrated Brown walks away to give Kim time to get up. After some work against the fence they move towards the center of the cage where Kim eats a beautiful right from Brown. We hit the ground again and Brown attempts an arm triangle before getting frustrated and pounding Kim until the end of the round.
Matt Brown wins this round easily 10-9 if not 10-8.

Round 3: Kim comes out looking a bit fresher and took Brown down to the ground but struggles to keep him down. Brown gets up and wins some dirty boxing along the cage. Brown stuffs some Kim take downs before Kim finally gets him down with a double under hook slam. Kim gets in Browns guard and is relatively unbusy. Kim gets loose and starts to land some great elbows under the left eye of Brown opening hip up very badly. He is bleeding everywhere as the round ends.
Round 3 goes to Kim in my opinion.

The judges score the bout 29-28 Kim, 29-28 Brown and 29-28 Kim giving Kim the split decision victory over Brown.

Martin Kampmann vs Nathan Marquardt
Round 1: They exchange striking in the middle of the cage before Mardquardt hits him with a bbig head kick dropping him to his knees. This pushes him back to the cage where he continues to get mauled with shots all along the cage. Mardquardt pours it on heavy before Kampmann hits the mat and the referee steps in to stop the fight.
Marquardt defeated Kampmann by K.O in the first round.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares
Round 1 After walking around each other for 30 seconds or so Palhares goes in for the take down and gets pounded by Henderson before finally getting back up. Palhares continuously tries to take Henderson down before connecting with a nice body kick. Henderson keeps his hand cocked waiting to strike every time Palhares goes for the take down. Palhares goes to strike and takes a major punch from Hendo again that drops him hard to the mat but again escaped back to his feet. Palhares throws wild haymaker head kicks that are no where near the mark. Palhares finally gets Hendo down and gets side control with 30 seconds remaining. Palhares moves to half guard and gets Hendo in a knee bar right as the round ends.
I give this round to Henderson.

Round 2 Relatively no action to start the round. After about 45 seconds Palhares hits a MASSIVE slam on Henderson and falls into his guard. Palhares passes guard and gets Henderson in a leg lock deep but Henderson fights through it and is able to stand up. Henderson fights hard to stop a couple more take downs before finally falling into Palhares’s guard. Hendo throws little uneffective strikes from the top doing no damage. Palhares keeps his legs moving and is attempting submissions continuously. Herb Dean steps in with 50 seconds left to start them on their feet. A couple thrown strikes but nothing lands clean as the round ends.
A very close round but Palhares gets my vote because of the massive slam and the very close heel hook/knee bar.

Round 3 A minute goes by of them dancing around with nothing really landing. Palhares tries a couple spinning heel kicks with no real luck. Henderson sprawls out of a couple of Palhares take down attempts. Hendo lands a couple big punches that look to have little to no effect on Palhares as he proves to have a solid chin. Henderson continues to throw punches but nothing is landing flush. Palhares comes very close to a takedown with 1:15 left in the round but again Hendo uses his superior wrestling to escape. Palhares catches a leg with :45 seconds remaining and it looks deep before Hendo pulls out. The round ends with Hendo on top landing a couple punches.
Not much happened this round but Hendo wins on elusiveness and the round ending punches.

The judges scored the bout 30-27 (twice) and 29-28 for your winner: Dan Henderson.

Matt Hamill vs Rich Franklin
Round 1
Both men move quickly around the octagon with Franklin throwing a few solid kicks that go unchecked. Hamill tries to go for a front arm uppercut a couple times with no success. Hamill seems contempt to stand and throw with Franklin even though he is losing the stand up battle, although Franklin has a cut opened below his right eyebrow. Finally with :50 left in the round Hamill gets a beautiful double leg take down. Hamill falls into the guard and nearly gets arm barred before escaping and they go back to their feet. Round ends. Somewhere late in the round Hamill was also opened up underneath the right eyebrow.
10-9 Franklin

Round 2 Franklin throws a kick which is checked and nearly taken down but escapes and lands a couple nice combination’s. Yamazaki stops the fight to look at Franklin’s cut but nothing comes from it. Rogan says a major piece of skin is hanging off. Hamill continues to eat kicks and punches before Hamill eats a low blow from Franklin that goes straight and hard into the goods. Ouch. Fight starts again and Hamill is chasing and eating some more good shots. The damage of the leg kicks is starting to show as Hamill has a visible limp. Hamill attempts a few more take downs in the last minute with no luck.
Easy round for Franklin.

Round 3 Hamill continues to eat brutal leg and mid kicks. Franklin hits a body kick that crumples Hamill to the mat and Mario steps in to break it up.
Franklin officially wins by referee stoppage, but the replay shows Hamill taping.

Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans
Round 1
Rashad moving around a lot to avoid Liddell’s strikes. Evans connects with a shot and Liddell strikes right back with a hard punch. Rashad still moving quick trying to out move Liddell. Not a lot of action in the round but Goldberg reports a cut by Liddell’s right eye. Chuck starts to close in and land a few shots late in the round. Chuck’s cut continues to open up and bleed.
I vote 10-9 Chuck first round, but it was a very close and relatively uneventful round.

Round 2 Liddell is closing in again and using the cage to his advantage getting Evans on the fence but neither is able to land a clean shot. Evans connects with a couple of clean shots and then KO’s Liddell with one of the most amazing highlight one punch KO’s of all time!!!!!!
Rashad Evans defeats Chuck Liddell by KO in the 2nd round.

Thanks to everybody who stayed with us throughout the night and please leave a comment. Compliments and criticism are welcome.

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