Survivor: Gabon – Episode 17-01 Review

I’ve tried power rankings and linear discussion. Now it’s time to try something I haven’t tried yet.

10 Thoughts on Survivor: Gabon

1. Nature Trail to Hell in HD.
The switch to HD was long overdue, and the production team made the most of it. I know Widro says that sports is the best thing in HD, but when you see stuff like Planet Earth simply upconverted to 1080p, it truly is a beautiful thing. And the second unit shots we get in the season premiere are also in that category. Earth’s last Eden, indeed.

2. Bob could be a powerhouse.
There have been a few excellent players who have come into this game in their late 40’s. Terry Dietz, Jonathan Penner and Yau-Man Chan are undoubtedly some of the better players to have been in this game, and you could argue that Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien and Helen Glover also belong here. And it looks like Bob Crowley, who looks like Bill Nye with the physique of UFC lightweight Corey Hill, could join this select group. He’s clearly got the brains, he’s got some deceptive physical strength and he makes himself invaluable to the tribe – and he’s 57 years old. However, there are things that could derail his going far in the game. One is his current lack of any true alliances, and the other is that age could end up gassing him out.

3. Randy’s gash looked a lot worse than it probably was.
Well, except that he’s on an isolated reserve in Africa, so he could get infected and die. Then again, maybe I’ve watched too many wrestlers cut themselves and have become inured to gashes to the head.

4. Are lawyers truly smart?
The answer, as with just about anyone, is “not always”. My wife contends that all lawyers are smart, but having known people who have gone through law school, I can say this – it’s not necessarily being smart that gets you through. Those guys work insanely hard to make it through law school, and I doubt that sheer brains will carry you to a degree. I say this because Dan is a lawyer, and, well, his actions at the second Tribal Council weren’t exactly the mark of a smart guy. I respect the hell out of anyone who makes it through law school, but in Survivor, you don’t tip your hand unless you absolutely have to, and he definitely didn’t need to.

5. Exile Island – not exactly an island, is it?
Of course, “Exile Isolated Area” doesn’t have the same ring to it, so Exile Island it is. Anyways, the “Clue or Comfort” Detouroption is a nice little twist on things, but I don’t see it really doing a whole lot. People are more likely to choose the “Clue” option until the point where they’re sure that someone has the hidden immunity idol – which, if this runs true to the last few seasons, will be an item hidden at camp.

6. They seem to be running out of challenge ideas.
Granted, Gabon is hilly, but this was basically a footrace for extra food. The individual immunity was nice, but in the first few minutes of this challenge you should know whether you can get the immunity or not. If no, then you focus on getting your team the win by helping the others. Quest for Fire had the usual eliminator course, but coupled with the sand pit/puzzle combo instead of just ending with the raised flag. And I suppose that waiting about 14 seasons for the return of the Earthball race is OK, but still, I’m not sure that there are any more original challenges left.

7. The Charlie-Marcus alliance will continue to be awkward.
Yes, Charlie’s gay, but you know what? That’s no big deal. However, his Gabon-sized crush on Marcus is gonna be a bit much – especially when you consider that Marcus is straight and has no interest in Charlie outside of an alliance. And what happens if Marcus decides that keeping the two blondes may be a better option than the gay male?

8. I think Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock would make one wacky team on The Amazing Race.
They’d probably only last the first leg, but that’s about the only thing CBS missed out on in promoting the EliteXC show on October 4. Well, that and having Gina Carano in a bikini on Survivor. Check out Inside Fights for all the details!

9. Gillian and Michelle were easy elimination choices.
As cute as Michelle is, her bad attitude made her stand out from the rest of the tribe, and that’s not a good thing when your tribemates are looking for a reason to get of someone. Gillian, well, she was in the “old person doomed to be voted out early” position, and her attempts at an alliance were laughable at best. I’m not sure who she expected to vote out Kenny but he didn’t exactly need the Contra Code to get an extra life, did he?

10. Ace Gordon will be the first member of Kota to be voted out.
Once again going along the lines of “we’re looking for an excuse to get rid of someone”, Ace stands out as being a bit bossy and perhaps a bit too full of himself. So if the Onion alliance can swing a fifth their way, he’s probably gone the first chance they have to vote him out.

That’s all, see you next week!

Kevin Wong writes for Realty Dish, Prime Time Pulse and Inside Fights. He’s happy that Amanda isn’t back to choke in the finals again.

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