MGF Reviews The One – Superpsychosexy

The One – Superpsychosexy
OM Records (8/19/08)

Coming to you straight from Charlotte, N.C., The One represents a bit of a reach for OM Records—and if you’re familiar with their roster of talent, you know that’s saying something. His style is ostensibly neo-soul, but with his meandering delivery and repetitive lyricism, it’s hard to see what all of the hubbub is about.

“Hot Momma” is arguably his most recognizable single to date, but it’s at least two years old (it appeared on a 2006 OM compilation) and comes cliché-ready with that old “we don’t need no water, let that (expletive) burn… burn… burn” line crammed right in. The tired analogies continue on “Drippin'”, as The One’s woman is like “ice cream on a sunny day… all over [his] hands and face”.

“Milkshake Thick” follows a similar path. It’s the usual ode to women with big asses—think a dumbed-down version of Raekwon’s classic “Ice Cream” or Kelis’ not-so-classic “Milkshake”. And, when you’re liberally aping from Nas’ old lady, you’ve got some originality issues, son. The One actually goes back to this subject on “Ms. Big Booty”. Whew… I’d hate for that segment of the population to think black musicians had forgotten them.

There are two things that make Superpsychosexy especially frustrating. The first is the production. Every track is produced by Geoffrey Edwards, and for the most part, the beats are dense, complex and entertaining. But The One wastes most of them with this sleep-inducing style. Second, the insufferable ego of The One overshadows every other aspect of this album—good and bad. This album plays like the most self-serving of vanity projects.

OM Records has done a fine job of bringing many underground acts to the edge of mainstream, but The One has a lot of work to do before he deserves to be heard by a larger audience.