Survivor: Gabon – Episode 2

10 Thoughts on Survivor: Gabon

1. Vince Russo is kicking himself for not thinking up a “People on a Pole” match.
We’ve seen variations of this before, and like the previous versions of this challenge, it looked like it took a lot out of the castaways. Fang finally wins a challenge, and you could see the weight lift off of their shoulders. Of course, Kota rationalizes that they did what they wanted to do in holding out their strong women – and they nearly won – but not going 100% in every challenge is never a good idea.

2. Pour some Sugar on me.
Yeah, like I wasn’t using that pun. Sugar is a bit ditzy, but unlike lawyer Dan she read the clues, thought things through and… found the Idol! Good work on her part, and a good thing for the girly girl to have going forward.

3. Silent but Deadly no more.
Randy is becoming more assertive around camp, and while he’s an ornery guy he’s the kind of leader that Fang needs right now. I think that the tribe realizes that and will let him lead until such point where he becomes expendable.

4. Slip ‘n’ Slide
Wait, is the Immunity Challenge… fun? I didn’t know that that was allowed. Fang held the lead briefly, but Kota regained the lead. But of course the challenge fell to the nerds and Ken the video game champ bested Bob the physics teacher. Pressure situation and when you’re lacking food I’m sure that thinking gets pretty tough. But if you’re thinking that Bob will get voted out here, you’re crazy.

5. Bathing beauties.
Ah, swimsuits. Nice of the producers to return the swimwear and try to bump up the ratings a bit.

6. Corrine rocks.
Yeah, she’s willing to be a bitch, but we FINALLY get someone who is questioning Ace’s accent. What IS that accent supposed to be, really?

7. Hey someone else voted for Ace.
I think it was Kelly, which kind of tells you that she’s out of the loop with what the others are doing. Probably not a good thing going forward.

8. Sad to see you go.
I didn’t think Paloma was going to win, but it would’ve been nice to see her stay a little longer. Especially given that my Goddaughter’s name is Paloma.

9. Did they make the right call?
Absolutely. As Charlie pointed out, at this point you need to eliminate the weaker players so that you win immunities and don’t have to go to tribal again. Of course, Charlie is probably one of the less physical players, so one hopes that he listens to himself.

10. So who goes next?
Well, I think Ken will be a continual target, but Susie will probably go if Fang loses. On Kota, Sugar is sure to be targeted, so it probably comes down to who she and Ace try to target.

That’s all, see you next week!

Kevin Wong writes for Realty Dish, Prime Time Pulse and Inside Fights. His daughter’s sick, and he hopes she starts feeling better soon, because he’s not getting enough sleep at the moment.

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