Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 10/03/2008

Welcome to the MyNetworkTV debut of Smackdown! Grab a chair, sit back, relax and follow along as Smackdown leads us down the road to the No Mercy pay per view this Sunday…


Smackdown has a new opening video and music for the move to the new network.

Smackdown is broadcast from Green Bay, WI and our ring announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz. Tazz informs us General Manager Vickie Guerrero is not here tonight and question who is in charge.

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Finlay with Hornswoggle and Batista vs. Montel Vontavious Porter, John Bradshaw Layfield, The Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson and Kane

The referee calls for the bell and Finlay and Kendrick begin the match. It doesn’t look like a good start for TBK and then Finlay tags in Batista. The Animal works on Brian and tags in the Belfast Brawler and Hornswoggle leaps off the ring apron to take out MVP as he comes around outside the ring and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Finlay has Kendrick down on the mat before tagging in Mysterio who delivers more punishment to Brian before tagging in Hardy. Kendrick catches Jeff with a fist and Hardy tags in Finlay. TBK works over Finlay until Hornswoggle distracts Kendrick. They move outside to the floor where Finlay delivers a clothesline but then gets caught by a clothesline thrown by Zeke. Kendrick tags in JBL and the Belfast Brawler is down on the mat. JBL tags in Kane who continues the beat down of Finlay before tagging in Porter and the next tag goes to Layfield who goes for a cover and gets two. Finlay catches JBL in a DDT and both men are down. JBL tags in MVP as Finlay tags in Batista who takes out TBK and Kane with spine busters when they come in to assist. Batista tags in Rey who comes off Batista’s shoulders for a frog splash. Mysterio ends up in the ring with Kendrick and Porter and goes for the 619 but Kane pulls him out of the ring and we go to commercial break.

We are back from our second commercial break during this match with Kane delivering a kick to Mysterio’s head before going for a cover and getting two. Kane tags in TBK who goes for a cover and he gets two and Brian tags in JBL who goes for a cover but Batista is in the ring to break it up and JBL tags in Porter who delivers a kick to Rey’s head and tags in Kendrick. Mysterio tags in Jeff who delivers a whisper in the wind but Layfield is in to break it up. Rey clears the ring and nails MVP with the 619 before taking down Kane outside the ring. Hardy delivers a Swanton bomb to Porter and gets the pin.

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Finlay with Hornswoggle, Jeff Hardy and Batista with a Swanton bomb.

I am not a fan of eight man tag team matches and since there were two commercial breaks during the first match, I didn’t even bother to time it. This was a minor showing of the talent that will be on Sunday’s pay per view but this match wasn’t worth watching.

We see a video repeat of The Undertaker/Vickie Guerrero feud including Vickie receiving a Tombstone Piledriver last week. We go to commercial break.

Special HEY! to my Indiana buddy in the striped shirt, Benji Kauffman!

Mike Adamle, Theodore Long, Tiffany are backstage butBig Show wants to know what everyone is doing at Smackdown since Big Show is in charge of Smackdown tonight. Show tells Chavo Guerrero he has a match tonight.

Hurricane Shane Helms is showing up in the corner of our screen. Santino Marella shows us the Honk-A-Meter and how many weeks it will be before he beats the Honky Tonk Man’s Intercontinental Championship Record and we go to commercial break.

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Champion vs. Champion Match

Santino Marella, Intercontinental Champion, with Beth Phoenix vs. Shelton Benjamin, United States Champion

Benjamin doesn’t take Marella seriously and calls him Beth’s girlfriend. Shelton is making this a beat down of Santino before he can go for a cover R-Truth comes through the audience singing “What’s Up”. Benjamin has a problem continuing the match as Truth continues to the guardrail and the distraction gives Marella a chance for a roll up to get three!

Winner: Santino Marella with a roll up.

It could be a good thing that a feud is building between Benjamin and Truth, but the match we just saw was not worth watching. We go to commercial break.

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Big Show comes to the ring to tell us that he has everything under control on Smackdown and he has a very special match for Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero vs. “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry with Tony Atlas and The Great Khali with Ranjin Singh

Just as I was about to say this match wasn’t going to be good, it turns out to be a 2 on 1 Handicap Match. No offense to anyone, but I won’t be timing this match either. Khali and Henry continuously tag each other into the match until Khali applies the Khali Vice to Guerrero’s skull. The ref calls for the bell and the match is over.

Winners: The Great Khali and Mark Henry with the Khali Vice.

After the match, if you can call it a match, Show delivers a fist to Chavo’s head before taking the mic to tell Undertaker that he will take him out. The lights go out and Show gets out of the ring and Taker appears in the ring. We go to commercial break.

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Six Man Tag Team Match

Cody Rhodes, Ted Diabiase, WWE World Tag Team Champions and Manu vs. Primo and Carlito, WWE Tag Team Champions, and CM Punk

Carlito says this was supposed to be a tag team match but he decided to make it a six man tag since Manu would be in the opposite corner. Primo faces Dibiase as the bell rings but he immediately ends up in the wrong corner as Rhodes gets the tag. Carlito tags himself into the match but ends up on the floor when Manu pulls down the top rope. Manu gets the tag who delivers a flying head butt and a two before tagging in Ted. Primo gets a tag and again end up on the wrong side as Rhodes gets the tag. Rhodes misses a drop kick and Punk gets the tag as Rhodes tags in Dibiase. CM goes for a the cover but everyone hits the ring as Punk delivers the GTS and gets the win.

Winners: CM Punk, Primo and Carlito with a GTS.

CM Punk may have just saved Smackdown for me tonight although I won’t complain about Primo and Carlito. It would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Rhodes, Dibiase and Manu weren’t showing some of their best as well. The match was too short but it was fast paced and each wrestler had time in the ring.

Before we went to commercial break, the Divas for the next match surrounded the ring complete in heels.

Diva’s Lumberjack Match

Glamazon Beth Phoenix, WWE Women’s Champion, vs. Michelle McCool, WWE Diva’s Champion

McCool goes for a roll up but Phoenix kicks out and delivers a back suplex. Keep watching everyone. If Maria isn’t careful, she will pop out of her top. The match moves outside the ring and, as Tazz says, we have a catfight on the floor. Back in the ring and Maryse gets knocked off the ring apron with a kick by Michelle. Beth delivers the Glam Slam and gets the win.

Winner: Beth Phoenix with the Glam Slam.

I am a Phoenix fan and I was glad to see her get the win. The match wasn’t impressive but it was short enough to be entertaining. We go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, JR introduces a video of the feud that has been brewing between Chris Jericho and Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and the Championship Ladder Match that will happen at No Mercy. I have to admit this is one match that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Champion of Champions Match

Matt Hardy, ECW Champion vs. “The Game” Triple H, WWE Champion vs. and we go to commercial break Chris Jericho, WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Back from commercial break, the Raw Rewind is the match last week that involved Jericho, HHH, and Michaels before Jericho is introduced.

The match starts off as a two on one with Jericho getting the worst of the beat down but as soon as Hardy sends Chris into the ring post, HHH takes down Matt and then goes for a cover on Jericho. Y2J comes back with a clothesline off the ropes and it’s Jericho and The Game with Hardy still down on the mat. Matt is back to his feet but he slides out of the ring and takes HHH with him as Chris delivers a springboard dropkick to both men on the apron, we go to commercial break.

Hardy and Jericho are in the ring but Hunter pulls down the top rope and Matt goes out to the floor. HHH delivers a spine buster and sets up the pedigree but Chris counters and gets sent into Hardy who has climbed up on the turnbuckle. The Game goes out to the floor as Jericho climbs up after Matt but HHH gets underneath and all three men are down and the ref is counting. The Game covers Y2J but he kicks out and HHH tries for a sleeper but Jericho counters. Jericho misses a lionsault and appears to have injured his knee. Hardy is back out on the floor and Y2J has the Walls of Jericho locked in on The Game. Matt is back in the ring and goes for an inside cradle but Chris kicks out. Hardy delivers a bulldog and gets a two. Matt hits the side effect but gets caught in a pedigree and The Game gets the win.

Winner: Triple H

With the exception of the commercial breaks, this match was decent. And after the match, Jericho brings a ladder into the ring to take out Matt but Jeff charges to the ring to take out Y2J and then takes out HHH unfortunately, Vladimir Kozlov enters the ring to take out everyone.

! Thank you for joining us tonight. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week for the Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report for the fall out from No Mercy.

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