[Interview] Paloma Soto-Castillo of Survivor: Gabon

After their elimination from Survivor, castaways participate in a conference call to discuss themselves and their experiences on the show. In the premiere episode of Survivor: Gabon, two castaways were voted out. Here, we have the highlights of the call for the third person voted out (and the third consecutive woman), Paloma Soto-Castillo. Paloma is a student originally from Chile, residing in (wait for it) California who once lived among the natives in Kenya for three months.

Paloma was a fan of the show going into the game, and thought it was helpful to know the game and previous players, but because every game is different, anything can happen on the show.

She liked Kota, but realized that she was at a disatvantage because everyone was so athletic (“Kota just bleeds triathlons”).

Paloma was in an alliance with Kelly but was also close with Bob and Charlie. She had an eye on some people in Fang for the merge as well.

As for others on the tribe, she did not realize that Bob and Charlie had their own alliance, but felt that Ace was a sneaky person on the game and in general. And example being the first challenge where Paloma felt that Ace threw her under the bus for a physical challenge. This was borne out in Tribal Council when she lashed out at Ace. Unsurprisingly, she’s not rooting for him to win.

She also thought that Marcus was sneaky and playing the best game with his onion alliance, noting that Charlie, Corrine and Jacquie adore him.

Currently, Paloma is still a full-time student working part time as a waitress, and while Survivor was a huge part of her life, she needs to move on.

Kevin Wong writes for Reality Dish, Prime Time Pulse and Inside Fights. In a strange coiincidence, his goddaughter’s name is also Paloma.