Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time iMPACT Report 10/09/2008

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TNA Wrestling
Cross The Line

The show opens with Jeremy Borash and Jeff Jarrett for Jarrett to discuss his match against Kurt Angle scheduled for Bound For Glory. We then see a video package of the feud between them.


Our announcers tonight are Mike Tenay and Don West.

The king of the mic, “Instant Classic” Christian Cage is first up to tell everyone that he has no intention of picking sides because he doesn’t need to pick a side. Enter Booker T accompanied by Sharmell and the briefcase with Booker attempting to sway Cage to his side and now “Phenomenal” AJ Styles comes along for the same purpose but we are in luck because Jim Cornette brings his own mic to the ring to tell everyone that tonight it will be Booker versus AJ with Cage as the Special Referee. JB talks to Sting about his role in Bound for Glory, taped earlier today. And we go to commercial break.

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No Disqualification Match: Kip James with The Beautiful People vs. “War Machine” Rhino

Rhino goes on the attack outside the ring before the referee rings the bell but the bell rings as soon as Rhino throws the first punch. A brawl is a brawl and Kip seems to be working harder than we have seen him work in a long time. The match moves back into the ring and obviously the girls don’t think James can do this by himself as they attack the War Machine when the ref’s back is turned. Rhino finds a table when Cute Kip attempts to put a bag over his head and Rhino sets up for the gore. James moves and Love and Sky spray something in Rhino’s eyes. Kip sends Rhino through the table and gets the cover.

Winner: Kip James

This match was not worth watching. Rhino and Kip did nothing spectacular and although Kip did appear to be working, his attempt at a gore was not impressive. Naturally, the Beautiful People attack Rhino and ODB and Rhaka Khan race to make the save, steel chairs in hand and we go to commercial break.

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JB catches Kurt Angle on his way into the building but Angle says he is going to let Jeff make the first move.

Four Way Contender’s Match for the X-Division Title

Petey Williams vs. “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt with SoCal Val vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed

This is a four-way match with everyone battling inside and outside the ring. Creed goes for an early pin over Williams but Lethal breaks it up before Dutt makes his way back into the ring. Sonjay is working his way through a heel phase and even turns on Petey after he helps out. The Canadian Destroyer is blocked several times before Consequences delivers a back slide and gets the win.

Consequences Creed with a back slide

The match was fast paced but not the best of any of the wrestlers in the ring. It was too short for a four man match.

Sheik Bashir is backstage to tell everyone that he will face (did he call himself The Middle Eastern Nightmare?) Creed at Bound For Glory and punish him. We go to commercial break.

Mick Foley is the guest on Karen’s Angle and at least Karen isn’t popping out of her shirt this week. Foley does some WWE bashing before telling everyone what a difference he is going to make at TNA. West and Tenay run down the matches scheduled for Bound For Glory which debuts on pay per view this Sunday. JB is backstage with Rhino who is after Kip James and promises to play Gore the Whore. We go to commercial break.

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Steve Mongo McMichael will be the Special Guest Referee for The Monster’s Ball Match at Bound For Glory and Mongol does a promo for his spot.

Tage Team Match: “Cowboy” James Storm and Robert Roode with Jacqueline, Beer Money, Inc. vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan and “The Monster” Abyss

Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D make their way to ringside to watch the match and distract the four men in the ring. Morgan and Roode begin the match when the ref calls for the bell with Matt delivering a fall away slam to Robert and then to Storm when he tries to interfere. Abyss gets the tag but the ref doesn’t see it and Morgan is in trouble as Beer Money works over his left leg. Ray and Devon are guest commentating the match and not doing a bad job. This time Matt gets the tag and Abyss is in the ring to punish James and Roode. Abyss delivers the Black Hole Slam and covers Storm to get the three count and the win.

Winners: Abyss and Matt Morgan

It was a short match but went at a much faster paced than I thought it would. Lauren is backstage with Homicide and Hernandez of LAX who will be in the Monster’s Ball Match this Sunday and we go to commercial break.

Mike introduces a video of the feud between Jarrett and Angle. Mick Foley enters the ring to tell everyone that he is wearing a sports jacket because Brother Ray stole his flannel vest. Foley calls Angle possibly “the greatest wrestler of all time” to the jeers of the audience but when he mentions Jarrett, the audience is a little more enthused and Foley wants everyone to know that he will be the Special Guest Enforcer for the match at Bound For Glory and he will do his job. Jeff and Kurt come to the ring and Jarrett returns Angle’s gold medal. The two men shake hands and Kurt thanks him and tells him to apologize to his girls for him because Daddy isn’t coming home after Bound For Glory and we go to commercial break.

West and Tenay again run down the matches for Bound For Glory. It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, why waste time showing us some matches during this two-hour time slot? We see video promo of Booker T. Borash is backstage with Booker in that terribly red dressing room Booker has obtained. I’m not sure what accent Booker is attempting to achieve this time but it’s appears to be a mix of something? And we go to commercial break.

TNA Rough-Cut is about Roxxi and her hardcore time in TNA…To be concluded at Bound For Glory.

Tag Team Contest: Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong vs. Roxxi and Taylor Wilde, TNA Knockout Champion

Roxxi is in the ring to start the match but she is attacked by Saeed and Kong but it’s Wilde in for the save, breaking it up. Taylor is now in trouble as the ref is distracted by Roxxi trying to save her tag team partner. Raisha tags in Kong and she prevents Wilde from getting the tag. Kong nails Saeed on the ring apron and Roxxi is in the match taking on both opponents. Roxxi goes for the cover and gets two before Raisha breaks it up. Wilde sends Kong over the top rope and helps Roxxi until Taylor catches Roxxi with a boot to the head. Saeed misses a moonsault and Roxxi attempts the Voodoo Drop but Awesome is back in the ring to take out Roxxi and get the cover and the win.

Winners: Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed

This match was fast paced and the women all fought hard with equal time in the ring. We go to commercial break.

Booker T with Sharmell vs. “Phenomenal” AJ Styles with Special Guest Referee: “Instant Classic” Christian Cage

Booker and Styles surprise us with some real wrestling action before AJ catches a boot to the head. Styles delivers a nice dropkick and gets a one. We go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Booker misses a kick and Styles delivers a fist to the forehead but Booker hangs AJ upon the ropes. Styles is down on the canvas but Booker only gets a two. Booker catches AJ with a spine buster and gets another two. Cage gives Booker a little talking to before he applies a reverse chin lock. Booker again misses a kick and both men are down on the mat. AJ goes after Booker with fists and then drops him with a clothesline before delivering a suplex. Styles covers and gets two. Styles applies an arm bar but Booker gets his feet on the ropes and Sharmell makes sure Christian sees it. Booker delivers a suplex, gets the shoulders down and gets the three count and the win but Cage raises Booker’s hand and then nails Booker, sending him out of the ring. Christian smacks Styles and sends him to the mat but Cornette comes out to tell them it will be Styles vs. Booker vs. Cage in a 3 way dance at Bound for Glory. We go to commercial break.

Jim Cornette, Sting and Samoa Joe are in the ring to sign the contract for the TNA Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory with the stipulation there will be no rematch. Sting signs the contract and then Joe signs. Sting tells Joe it didn’t have to be this way but it is what it is. Joe tells Sting to do what he needs to do but Joe will stomp Sting into the mat but he does respect him. The two men shake hands but Joe delivers a head butt.and Sting goes after Joe with Cornette calling for Security and referees to break them up.

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