The Lounge List: Top 10 Gridiron Thespians

With football season in full effect, it’s time for the Lounge List staff to spend halftime waiting in the beer line and naming their favorite old gridiron stars who ran to the silver screen. It would be so easy to name football players that played football players or themselves. We went for those who dared to act outside the lines. We also had to find them in films that were out on DVD. This sadly enough disqualified Joe Namath. His films were mostly released on Beta.

10. Brian Bosworth – Stone Cold. The Boz was going to revolutionize pro football after dazzling Sooner fans. Sadly his pro career with the Seattle Seahawks was a forgettable three seasons. However there’s no blotting out his first big Hollywood film. He’s a cop that goes undercover to bust a motorcycle gang run by Lance Henriksen. Available at

9 . Fred Williamson – Black Caesar. Fred was a dominating deep man for the Kansas City Chiefs. But he was never as intimidating as the day he took control of Harlem in Black Caesar. He’s so tough that even the film’s fatal ending didn’t prevent him from starring in the sequel: Hell Up In Harlem. Available at

8. Howie Long – Firestorm. Howie might have been intimidating in the Raiders’ black and silver, but he was a pure menace to a script. He’s a firefighter caught in the middle of a jail break during a forest blaze. Available at

7. Dwayne Johnson – The Rundown. The Miami Hurricanes great plows Stifler. Available at

6. Alex Karras – Victor Victoria. The Detroit Lions legend really plays against football type in this gender confusing comedy. Available at

5. Burt Reynolds, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Klecko – Cannonball Run. This film ought to be enshrined in Canton, Ohio. Burt played for Florida State, Terry is a Hall of Famer from the Steelers and Joe was part of the Jets’ Sack Exchange. Available at

4. O.J. Simpson – Capricorn One. Turns out the moon landing was nothing more than Hollywood magic. Something goes wrong in the production and the astronauts including O.J. need to be altered to fit the script. It’s a cover up! Available at

3. Bubba Smith – Police Academy. The Colts linesman knew how to wrap his big paws around a huge cast. Available at

2. John Matuszak – Caveman. A Raider gets to chase Ringo Starr around a prehistoric set. Much more entertaining than The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Available at

1. Terry Crews – Idiocracy. Did you know that President Camacho played for the Rams, Chargers, Eagles and Redskins? Shame we can’t vote for him this political season. Available at

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