MST3K: 20th Anniversary Collection Heading Down the Umbilicus Next Week

The best show ever about a guy being shot into space and forced to watch cheesy movies with his robot pals is coming back to DVD in a 20th Anniversary Collection.

This is the thirteenth collection to come out in the past six years, but instead of being released by Rhino, this one’s being offered by Shout! Factory, which bought the rights to the show earlier this year.

As per usual, the collection will consist of four movies, and there are some great ones here: First Spaceship on Venus, Laserblast, Werewolf, and Future War. Along with the episodes this volume will also have the most extra features of any of the MST3K collections: an oral history of MST3K, original film trailers, footage from the 2008 Comic Con reunion panel, and all six variations on the theme song (La! La! La!). And if that wasn’t enough, the limited edition will also include a miniature Crow T. Robot and four lobby cards.

Anyone interested can preorder it from Amazon.

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