Heroes – Episode 3-6 Review

I missed Heroes last week due to Canadian Thanksgiving and wedding hangover, but I managed to catch it this past weekend and I gotta say – any episode with Horshu/Luther Reigns in it has to be a winner.

This episode was a little more exposition-heavy than most, but overall I think that it builds towards a lot.

First off, we get Parkman back from his turtle hunt (perhaps the strangest discovery of your animal token/totem since Adam discovered he was a frog on Power Rangers) and trying to convince Daphne to stay with him, because he saw them together in the future, taking care of Molly. And I must have missed this, but who the heck is taking care of Molly right now?

Speaking of Daphne, she’s a great new addition to the cast, but I don’t see the future being very bright for her. Her speed allows her to be a connecting point between the various storylines, but what happens when they all converge? It goes without saying that her power would be a very useful addition to the multi-powered metahumans, for which I think I’m gonna need to come up with a better description for. Maybe Omegas?

Anyway, Daphne was the one who tasked Hiro with getting the precog – “African Isaac” in Hiro-speak. In the process, Hiro went back to being comic relief from his previous stupid-head status. A lot of the stuff that took place was fairly predictable (Hiro didn’t actually kill Ando, going back in time not working with a precog), but sometimes stuff you see coming from a long way off is still enjoyable.

Claire took us to see Mohinder’s steady descent into villainy, as along with gaining the proportionate strength and agility of a spider, he’s also gained web-spinning abilities. I hope that it’s like in the Spider-Man movies, and not like in real life. Like a low-budget horror film, we don’t actually SEE what he does with his victims, but I think it works here because, like Sylar in season one, what we imagine can sometimes be far worse than the reality. Or, I sup/pose, retcon.

By the way, what happened to Maya? Shouldn’t Tracy and Nathan have seen her strung up?

Daphne didn’t get involved with the Claire storyline, and there, we basically see again that Claire isn’t really cut out for the villain-hunting life. She made things way too easy for Puppet Master to capture her, and if it weren’t for her regenerative abilities, the women would have never gotten out of their predicament. Bus as with Hiro, you could see this coming. What you don’t see coming is partner-whore H.R.G. trying to get yet another partner in Meredith in his quest to capture the remaining Level 5 villains.

One of whom was busted out of Level 5 by Daphne. Sylar declined her generous offer of joining Parkhurst, but Peter had no problem busting in there like an idiot. But that’s generally been his M.O. His dad is finally revealed as Max Cherry (Tarantino and Elmore Leonard fans will get that), and his power is… power theft? I’d guess it’d have to be, although I suppose we’d have to ask how he absorbed all the powers that Peter was mimicking, and whether Sylar’s hunger would consume him. Shame about Adam though – I was hoping that they would use him more. Knox as well, but at least Knox is alive. I suppose that the logic behind Adam dying was that his healing factor was all that was keeping his body in it’s youthful state, and once that was gone, he aged to his true, um, age. Well, at least we know that they can be killed in a method other than Highlander style.

That’s all for this week.

Kevin Wong writes for Prime Time Pulse, Reality Dish and Inside Fights. His daughter just turned one last week, and she’s become an expert in manipulating Mummy and Daddy.

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