Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time TNA iMPACT Report 10/23/2008

It’s Thursday night and we are taking on TNA iMPACT in HD! Join us for two hours of wrestling action…

TNA Wrestling

We open with a video of a short history of TNA. Tonight iMPACT is in high definition and comes from The Hardrock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV with our ringside announcers Mike Tenay and Don West.

Velvet Sky with Angelina Love and Cute Kip James, representing The Beautiful People vs. Christy Hemme

The referee calls for the bell and Hemme takes down Sky with a flurry of punches. Love and James interfere, with Love spraying something in Christy’s face. Velvet delivers a little hair pulling, a chop to the chest but gets herself slammed down to the mat off the ropes by Hemme. Sky misses a clothesline but catches a boot and Christy knocks Kip off the apron before pinning Velvet for the three.

Winner: Christy Hemme

The match was short and not very interesting but it did get the audience fired up. Hemme worked harder than she has been working but there wasn’t much in the way of wrestling maneuvers by either wrestler. Jeremy Borash is backstage with Angle and we find out that Booker, Sting, Kevin Nash and Angle have joined forces to become the Main Event Mafia. Tenay reminds us that Mick Foley will have a major announcement tonight. We go to commercial break.

We heard Kenny Bolin wasn’t feeling well but the “Starmaker” assures us he will be just fine! Get well soon Mr. B!

Lauren is outside the building awaiting the arrival of Mick Foley and the major announcement he is going to make. We see a limo and then we see a green and white VW and Foley exits the VW and he isn’t going to make his announcement until later, promising it will be really big. Booker T and Sharmel enter the arena to speak to the fans, accompanied by the metal briefcase. Booker opens the briefcase, while the audience calls for No More Accent, and removes a red title belt with TNA imprinted on the gold. Booker claims it is called a TNA Legends Championship belt and Booker claims to be the Champion. “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage seems to have issues with Booker being the Legends Champ and he comes to the ring to say so. Cage saves my evening by saying Booker not only is dressed like a john, but he has a ridiculous accent as well. Christian looks really good in HD and Booker attempts to get Cage to join The Main Event Mafia. Cage doesn’t want to join but he does want to wrestle Booker for the Legends title at Turning Point and Booker tells Christian that if Booker wins, Cage will join his team. Lauren is now backstage with Abyss and Matt Morgan about the match they have tonight but Morgan says Abyss can’t wrestle because he suffered burns at the last pay per view and Matt is going to handle everyone but Abyss says he is going to do something about Kurt and we go to commercial break.

Borash is in the back with Jeff Jarrett and he asks what the big announcement is going to be but Jarrett says that Foley is going to make the announcement. Jeff says he will not get back in the ring with Angle no matter what Angle wants.

X Division Championship Match: “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. “The Middle Eastern Nightmare” Sheik Abdul Bashir©

Bashir charges at Lethal before the bell rings but the ref quickly calls for the bell. Abdul takes it to down to the mat but Machismo gets back to his feet and Lethal does some great razzle dazzle before going out with a suicide dive to take down the Sheik. Jay misses an elbow off the top rope and Bashir catches him with a DDT, goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winner and still X Division Champion: Sheik Abdul Bashir with a DDT

Come on TNA! Two decent workers and the match barely began before it was over! What we got to see was the beginning of a great match. Lauren is backstage with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe so that they can complain about the old guys versus the young guys. We go to commercial break.

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We see a video of Suicide, the masked wrestler, who is scheduled to debut on iMPACT. Rhino is backstage with Lauren and he’s got Bashir backed up against the wall. Abdul delivers a low blow, grabs the mic, smacks Rhino and then goes for a beat down before walking away as Lauren calls for help.

Hardcore Tag Team Contest: Cowboy James Storm with Jacqueline, representing Beer Money, Inc. and we go to commercial break?

Brother Ray representing Team 3D

I stand corrected, this is a gauntlet match and Storm goes after Ray as he enters the ring but Ray comes back with a fist to the gut. Ray is all over James, tossing him over the top rope but Storm hangs on and Robert Roode of Beer Money enters the fray. Ray is outnumbered and Beer Money delivers a double suplex. Brother Devon of Team 3D and Ray is saved as Devon enters the ring taking down both members of Beer Money. Storm fights back and pays for it with a mean clothesline and Hernandez representing LAX enters the ring, taking down all four men in the ring, catching James off the top rope and delivering a nice power slam before going after Devon. Ray is back to his feet and Hernandez is down. Homicide representing LAX is next out and he delivers a drop kick to Team 3D. Devon gets caught in a DDT and Ray gets caught with a hurricanrana as The Blueprint Matt Morgan enters the match. Homicide goes over the top rope with Devon right behind him. Morgan sends Hernandez over the top rope before going after Ray as Abyss enters the ring. Morgan gets distracted and gets sent to the floor. Beer Money, Inc. hits the floor to beat down Abyss before he can get in the ring as it is announced tables are legal. Ray calls for the tables and Devon goes out to oblige. Team 3D sets up the table in the ring and Devon has lighter fluid with Ray manning the lighter. Abyss makes it into the ring, taking down Ray and Devon as the fans call for him to light the table. Abyss takes too long and gets sent over the top rope. It is now Beer Money versus Team 3D. Roode gets sent through the table with the 3D but the ref is pulsed out of the ring before he can count, allowing Beer Money to get the win.

Beer Money, Inc. after being sent through a table

I can’t complain about this match as confusing as it may have been. It was action packed and kept me watching. I was surprised at the winners but Beer Money, Inc. has been building momentum. We go to commercial break.

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Angle is now in the ring with Dave Penzer, the ring announcer who got nailed last week, trying to stay out of the way. Kurt has threatened to pay Jeff’s girls a visit and he wants him in the ring. Jarrett obliges although neither man is dressed in wrestling attire. Jeff tells Angle it’s over and there is no reason he should get in the ring and it’s all about the young guys, not the old guys. Abyss sneaks in behind Angle as Jarrett again tells him no. Abyss delivers a fist and goes for the choke slam but Kurt gets away. Abyss is unable to deliver the Black Hole Slam and Angle bails out of the ring. We go to commercial break.

Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong are backstage with Lauren to talk about the match tonight for the championship against Taylor Wilde. Jeremy is backstage with Wilde so that she can talk about her upcoming title defense.

Women’s Knockout Championship Match: Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed vs. and we go to commercial break.

Taylor Wilde ©

The ref calls for the bell and Wilde comes out swinging but Kong slams her to the mat. Kong misses a splash. Taylor comes off the top with a dropkick and gets caught. Kong goes for the cover but Wilde kicks out. Taylor is in trouble as Kong takes control of the match. Kong delivers a corner squash but Wilde is still fighting as Kong delivers a choke slam and goes for the cover, getting a two. Kong goes for the Awesome bomb but Taylor catches her with a face plant, and goes after her with dropkicks. Taylor comes off the top with a dropkick and gets a two. Wilde delivers a hurricanrana roll up and gets another two but gets tripped by Saeed. Taylor goes after Raisha and gets caught in the Awesome bomb with Kong getting the three and the win.

Winner and New Knockout Champion: Awesome Kong

Kong has been growing on me in the ring although I was hoping to see Saeed more involved in ring action. This was not a bad match but I don’t believe it was the best either wrestler could have done, especially in a championship match. We go to commercial break.

Nick Bockwinkel is in the iMPACT audience tonight.

Tag Team Match: Kevin Nash and Sting, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, representing The Main Event Mafia vs. Samoa Joe and “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Styles and Nash begin the match with Kevin showing a little power over AJ. Joe gets the tag and Nash tags in Sting with Joe slapping Sting before taking him down to one knee. Joe tags in Styles who delivers a knee drop but stops to deliver a blow to Nash. Sting catches AJ to take him down before tagging in Kevin and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Nash has Styles down as he tags in Sting. AJ takes Sting down for a quick cover and delivers a peleg kick as Sting kicks out. Kevin gets the tag but Styles tags in Joe. Joe comes off the ropes with a nice kick and goes for the cover, getting a two. Sting tries to nail Joe in the back but Joe moves out of the way and gets Nash instead. Joe throws Sting out of the ring but Kevin catches Joe with the title belt and gets the three and the win.

Sting and Kevin Nash by using the title belt

This was the main event and it was not impressive. With the exception of Joe and AJ managing to get in some decent moves, it wasn’t worth seeing. After the match, AJ goes after everyone in the ring, Joe has a cut on his head but he’s back to his feet helping Styles before Angle and Booker come to the rescue. AJ is cut with the Legends title belt and it’s a general beat down by the old guys. We go to commercial break.

It appears to be time for the big announcement as Mick Foley comes to the ring. Mike reminds fans that last week everyone thought Foley was done with TNA. Foley tells us about his closed door meeting with Jarrett but the anticipated announcement is interrupted by The Main Event Mafia and Angle is now in the ring with a mic but he delivers a head butt to Mick. Foley is back to his feet and he tells Angle that Jeff asked him to make a major investment in TNA and Kurt has just head butted his new boss. Mick says as Angle’s new boss, the first thing he is going to say is Kurt is free to work at TNA if he wants because Foley doesn’t want to be throwing his money away. Foley brings up WWE and how things happened and the same thing will happen with TNA. Mick asks Angle if he wants to be a part of history or if he simply wants to be history and the choice is up to Kurt.

Does this mean Foley will get a chance to take over creative? And does that mean we will be seeing some decent hardcore matches?

Thank you for joining us tonight. I’ll see everyone tomorrow night for Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report!

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