Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 10/24/2008

It’s Friday night! For the next two hours, journey with us into the world of Smackdown…

In Memory of Leah Maivia
1927 – 2008


Smackdown is being aired from Laredo, TX via MyNetworkTV and our ringside announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz.

We open with “The Game” Triple H, WWE Champion, making his way to the ring to a standing ovation. Does he ever wear that belt or just carry it around? HHH opens with how sick he is of Vickie Guerrero and calls her an annoying hag and he doesn’t like her telling him what to do and then makes fun of her weight. Trips gives his push for CyberSunday and his match against Undertaker tonight as Jeff Hardy comes on down to the ring. Hardy is one of the choices for the title match Sunday and as he talks, Vladimir Kozlov shows up to remind everyone that he is also a choice for that title match. The Game pedigrees Jeff and stares down Kozlov. Triple H heads backstage and runs into Undertaker and we go to commercial break.

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WWE Rewind: Last week’s Diva Fuzzy Pink Dice Match. Maria won and will face Michelle McCool for the Diva’s title.

Diva’s Tag Match: Maria and Michelle McCool, Diva Champion, vs. Maryse and Natalya

The referee calls for the bell and Maryse faces McCool. McCool goes for a quick cover but Maryse kicks out but she tries for a second and this time Maryse goes takes Michelle down by the hair. Natalya gets knocked off the apron as Maryse goes after McCool with a flurry of fists before tagging in Natalya. Natalya beats on Michelle before tagging in Maryse. Festus and Jesse appear at ringside so that Festus can give Maria a flower. Michelle reaches for a tag, Maria isn’t paying attention, Maryse gets a roll up and the three.

Winners: Maryse and Natalya

An opening Diva’s match that once again doesn’t prove that WWE women can wrestle. After the bell rings, Festus does what Festus normally does and he chases his band of musicians up the ramp. We go to commercial break.

Tag Team Match: Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero vs. Primo and Carlito, WWE Tag Team Champions

Since Neely and Guerrero are already in the ring, I am assuming this is not a title match. Carlito opens the match facing Chavo who takes Carlito down to the canvas. Guerrero comes off the ropes and gets caught with a dropkick before Carlito tags in Primo. Nice teamwork by the brothers and Chavo tags in Bam. Primo can’t seem to catch the fast moving Primo but a sudden slam sends Primo to the mat. Carlito hits a blind tag and the pair deliver a double suplex, takes down an interfering Guerrero and tags in Primo. Neely gets Primo into the wrong corner and tags in Chavo. Primo goes to the top, gets distracted by Bam and gets dropped by Guerrero who then tags in Bam but when Neely charges into the corner, Primo gets out of the way and knocks Guerrero off to the outside. Carlito delivers some nice moves but gets stopped by Chavo who gets into a disagreement with his own partner, causes a distraction, Carlito delivers the backstabber and gets the three and the win.

Winners: Primo and Carlito

Carlito and Primo do a great job together. I’m not certain why there was fighting amongst the other team but it spiced up the match a little. We see Hurricane Helms with words of wisdom in the corner of the screen and then a video of Kizarny, coming soon to Smackdown. We go to commercial break.

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We see a video of the recovery of John Cena after his neck injury, a really long one. McCool and Maria area backstage so that Michelle can complain about what happened during their match while Primo is hitting on Bella and being interrupted by older bro, Carlito, but they are interrupted by Festus still chasing the band. We go to commercial break.

WWE Smack of the Week: R-Truth finding out Kung Fu Naki is really Funaki’s name which causes Truth to break into song.

Tag Team Match: R-Truth and Kun Fu Naki vs. Montel Vontavious Porter and “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin, United States Champion

R-Truth comes through the audience as he makes his entrance. I may be mistaken, but I think he was getting a little frustrated with fans sticking their hands in his face. Kung has changed his outfit to white martial arts attire. The ref calls for the bell and it’s MVP facing Truth in the center of the ring but wait! Porter wants Naki so Truth obliges and it appears the new martial arts expert has a fan base. Kung is doing a little martial arts and a little wrestling and Montel tags in Benjamin. Shelton seems to be having the same problem keeping up with Kung and Truth gets the tag. Benjamin delivers a back body drop, backs Truth into the corner and pummels him before tagging in MVP. MVP continues the beat down until the ref backs him up and he catches an elbow. Porter follows up with a throw, goes for the cover and gets two. Truth comes off the rope with his corkscrew elbow and Naki is begging for the tag. He gets it, comes off the top and takes down Montel, going for the cover but Shelton is in for the save. Truth enters the ring and takes out Benjamin but Kung delivers a kick, goes for the cover and gets the three.

Winners: Kung Fu Naki and R-Truth

As soon as I can get over the fact that Kung Fu Naki can work, I’ll comment on the match. All four men are talented but Naki really shined in this match up. Primo and Carlito are backstage and Primo approaches Bella who doesn’t seem to know him. Has anyone figured out that Bella has a twin? The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh appear to tell Primo he has no game and we go to commercial break.

Tazz shows us the 3D WWE Magazine as Khali and Singh make their way to the ring for the Kiss Cam. Ranjin empties a large bag full of love letters from Khali’s fans and he reads two letters he says he selected at random. The first one, Helga from Berlin, Germany, claims she adored John Cena until she saw Khali and the second one claims loves for Khali’s physique, including his tush in those tights, and wants to spend some time alone with Khali. That letter is from Bruce in San Francisco, CA. The cam finds a volunteer to kiss Khali but Singh says they need two volunteers so they pick another. I will have to say Khali seems to enjoy this rather than being in a match. Ranjin tells Khali that anybody can kiss the slimmer girl but it takes a real man to kiss the chubby girl and the audience has to encourage Khali to deliver the smooch. And this has gone on longer than any match…wrestling, anyone? We go to commercial break.

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We see another Kizarny video at the carnival side show. JR and Tazz run down the matches for Cyber Sunday. The Undertaker is still gunning for Vickie Guerrero it appears but tonight he’s after HHH and we go to commercial break.

JR and Tazz remind us Wrestlemania 25 is coming up.

”The” Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson vs. Super Crazy

Super Crazy faced Zeke last week. The bell rings and Crazy is all over Kendrick, sending him off the ropes with a back body drop and following up with a dropkick. Crazy delivers a back breaker and a kick to the shoulder but Crazy gets caught with a kick as the ref is holding him. Brian hits The Kendrick and gets the win.

Winner: Brian Kendrick with The Kendrick

I like Kendrick but these extremely short matches aren’t doing much for me. After the match, Jackson delivers a slam to Super Crazy and we go to commercial break.

We see a video of WWE’s tour of Mexico.

Main Event: “The Game” Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Trips used both of his entrance themes tonight, The King during his earlier entrance, The Game during this entrance. I was tempted to time the entrances of both workers but decided against it. And before the match can begin, we go to commercial break.

The ref calls for the bell and the two lock up with Undertaker applying a headlock. HHH sends Taker into the ropes but he gets dropped with a shoulder block. Another lock up and Trips applies a headlock before being sent into the ropes and dropped with another shoulder block. The Game delivers a kick to the abdomen and goes with right fists but when the ref pulls him off, Undertaker turns it around and delivers right hands of his own, goes for the cover and gets two. Taker applies a wristlock to the left arm and takes HHH down to the mat, continuing to put pressure on the left arm and shoulder with a hammerlock. Hunter gets back to his feet but gets taken back down and Taker goes for a cover getting a two before going old school and getting caught with a fist to the ribs. Taker misses a kick in the corner and gets a leg caught on the ropes when Trips moves out of the way. The Game goes after Taker’s left leg but Taker delivers a kick and they come off the ropes catching each other with clotheslines and both men are down. Undertaker comes up with a fist and we have a slugging contest with Taker dropping HHH twice. Taker delivers snake eyes but Trips catches him with a high knee…and contrary to JR’s description, it was not a Harley Race like knee. Trips goes for the pedigree but Undertaker counters and goes for a cover again getting two. Taker goes old school again but HHH swipes his legs and delivers a superplex off the top turnbuckle and goes for a cover getting two. The Game sends Taker over the top rope but gets dragged outside the ring and is send into the steel steps and the steps moved quite a bit on the hit, it looked like Trips hit the steps shoulder first. Back in the ring, Undertaker goes for the cover and gets two before Hunter gets a shoulder up. Taker tries for the last ride but Trips counters and takes Taker down, goes for the cover and gets two. Undertaker comes off the ropes with a high clothesline and goes for the cover getting two. Taker goes for the choke slam but gets caught in a spine buster, HHH gets an arm over and gets two. Trips comes up throwing right fists but we have counter after counter with both wrestlers having trouble staying on their feet. Undertaker hits the last right but can’t get to Trips for the cover and Big Show enters the ring, going after Undertaker.

I’m not sure who won but it definitely is a disqualification

The Game enters the ring with a steel chair and nails Show in the back but Show delivers a choke slam and nails Taker with the chair twice. Undertaker gets back to his feet and gets hit with the chair again. Big Show is the last man standing in the ring.

And we are back…sorry about that, I thought the show was over.! We see a replay of what happened before the break. JR and Tazz discuss HHH’s match at Cyber Sunday and The Moscow Mauler heads to the ring with Trips still down on the mat. Hunter fights back but Kozlov sends Trips to the mat with head butts to the chest.

Actually the match between The Undertaker and The Game was a good match. The beat down by Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov could have been left out and I wouldn’t have noticed and now that’s all.

Thank you for joining us tonight. Everyone have a great weekend and be safe! Come back and visit Pulse Wrestling for all the pro-wrestling news, reviews, opinions and live reports!

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