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ROH Weekend Previews: 10/24/08 in Danbury, CT

Iron Team Match: Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. LAX vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black vs. Chris Hero and Davey Richards

Why it’s happening: This is the new concept match for ROH, with the team getting the most falls in 30 minutes winning. Steen and Generico are the new tag champions and, because this is non title, it’s a great way to set up future contenders.

What to expect: This should really be an hour to mean what ROH wants it to. Teams like these will wrestle for nearly a half-hour regularly for one fall. I have no idea why this is expected to go to many. With so many great teams, this should be fast paced and keep the crowd happy at least.

Who should win: Steen and Generico are already tag champs, LAX don’t need to be built, due to both their TNA run and Homicide’s history in ROH, and Jacobs and Black are the former tag champs. That leaves Hero and Davey for the win, but I’d really prefer Davey and Edwards be built as a team instead of Hero and Davey. Due to this, I’ll pick LAX to win and set up a tag title shot.

Who will win: LAX are unlikely to lose as the big name, debuting team.

FIP World Title Match: Go Shiozaki © vs. Austin Aries

Why it’s happening: Go is FIP champion and had his best American match against Austin Aries at the Sixth Anniversary Show, which Aries won. Since Go has a belt now, Aries wants a shot at it.

What to expect: Their first match was great. This should be more of that.

Who should win: Go would be really elevated by beating Aries.

Who will win: Go won’t lose the FIP Title at a minor ROH show like this.

No DQ Match: Delirious vs. The Necro Butcher vs. Mark Briscoe

Why it’s happening: Necro was in Age of the Fall when they kidnapped Mark Briscoe, then he left the group due to differences with Jimmy Jacobs and the AOTF recruited Delirious to replace Necro.

What to expect: Every show gets a wild brawl through the crowds. This will be this shows version of that, with Necro taking unprotected weapon shots and Mark making wild dives, so if you like that kind of thing, here it is.

Who should win: Necro is being built up to face Nigel McGuinness for the ROH World Title and is very over.

Who will win: Delirious needs to be legitimized and a win here, likely over Mark, will go a long way towards that.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jerry Lynn

Why it’s happening: Jerry Lynn is trying to move up the list of contenders for a shot at Nigel McGuinness. Claudio is trying to help build a legend by going over the nearly legendary Lynn.

What to expect: This should be a fun face vs. heel match up and, at best, will be reminiscent of Lynn’s return to ROH match with Nigel from Vendetta 2, but this match should have been saved for a hot ECW crowd to get Claudio better heat.

Who should win: Claudio can help his rise as a top heel with a strong win here.

Who will win: Lynn will lose nothing from a loss, while Claudio gains a lot for a win.

Jay Briscoe vs. Brent Albright

Why it’s happening: This is a standard exhibition between hard hitters.

What to expect: Two big guys will hit each other hard.

Who should win: Albright needs to be rebuilt a bit after losing the NWA Title.

Who will win: Albright stays strong here.

Sara Del Rey vs. Ariel

Why it’s happening: Del Rey gets various wrestlers carted out to beat from time to time.

What to expect: Del Rey will give Ariel a bit, but ultimately outclass her opponent.

Who should win: Ariel immediately becomes a regular with a win.

Who will win: Del Rey will win like usual.

Ruckus vs. Rhett Titus

Why it’s happening: An exhibition wherein Rhett tries to beat the lowest man on the ROH roster.

What to expect: Ruckus flips while Rhett brings the comedy.

Who should win: Rhett Titus should finally get on the winning side after regularly losing for his entire ROH career thus far.

Who will win: A Ruckus win means nothing. Rhett winning gives him some momentum, so lets go with Titus.

ROH Weekend Previews: 10/25/08 in Edison, NJ

LAX vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe

Why it’s happening: LAX are coming to ROH to show how great a team they are, so they face the top ROH squad ever, the Briscoe Brothers.

What to expect: Jay and Mark vs. Homicide and a partner has happened numerous times. It’s always a fun, high energy sprint. This will likely be the same.

Who should win: LAX getting a win here sets them up as a huge threat for their return.

Who will win: LAX with two wins get to come back for a money match for the tag titles.

Anything Goes Match: Austin Aries vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Why it’s happening: Really quickly now- Aries took Lacey from Jacobs, so Jacobs chased her from wrestling. Aries decided to cause Necro to leave the Age of the Fall and Jacobs just wants Aries blood. This is the first of their three matches to end the feud.

What to expect: Naturally, this will be a wild brawl, but Jacobs is awesome at keeping these original, so this match should be great, even if a bit much of it is in the crowd for the live crowd’s enjoyment.

Who should win: Jacobs should win to set up the heat of Aries needing two in a row to take the series.

Who will win: A win here for Jacobs adds heat, while for Aries would make Jacobs outclassed. Since we don’t want a heel underdog…

FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match: Go Shiozaki © vs. Necro Butcher

Why it’s happening: Necro is a FIP regular and wants the title. Go doesn’t want him to have it. They will punch and chop one another over this.

What to expect: They had a match at Eye of the Storm, which was great and hard hitting. This should be similar to that.

Who should win: Necro with the FIP title would be awesome. FIP Champions can make their own rules. This would give Necro a great purpose.

Who will win: Go will likely win because a NOAH guy is unlikely to lose to a pure brawler.

Jerry Lynn vs. Tyler Black

Why it’s happening: Tyler is still on his rise to the top, while Lynn would love to take Tyler’s potential title shot.

What to expect: This should be a fast paced, great chain wrestling match.

Who should win: Tyler shouldn’t be losing so as to validate his being the one to beat Nigel.

Who will win: Lynn will likely win so Lynn can lose to Nigel and still be a valid challenger if Tyler gets the belt.

Brent Albright vs. Davey Richards

Why it’s happening: Albright still has issues with Sweet and Sour from when he was a member. Davey Richards is returning from NOAH to take out the threat.

What to expect: Both guys hit hard and specialize in arm work. These are two of the most improved wrestlers in the world and they will get a chance to show that here. Albright comes in with a hurt arm, so the kimura might be an issue.

Who should win: Davey Richards needs to re-establish himself as a threat upon his ROH return.

Who will win: Davey because Albright has the hurt arm as an excuse for losing.

6-Man Mayhem: Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ruckus vs. Hallowicked vs. Rhett Titus vs. Jason Blade

Why it’s happening: This is just a random get everyone involved match.

What to expect: Naturally, this will be a spotfest, but the money confrontation is former partners Claudio and Hero squaring off now that Claudio is too a heel.

Who should win: Hero can knock out nearly anyone to keep his Knockout Kid Gimmick going.

Who will win: Everyone bounces of Claudio, while Hero steals the win, just like old times.

Do or Die: A team representing AOTF vs. Cheech and Cloudy

Why it’s happening: If Cheech and Cloudy (formerly ROH Special K wrestlers, currently in Chikara) win and they get an ROH roster spot. The AOTF just happen to be in the way of that.

What to expect: I’d expect Hagadorn and Delirious as the AOTF team here. That means that Cheech and Cloudy get to show their stuff against Hagadorn, while Del looks strong against them.

Who should win: Cheech and Cloudy have belonged back in ROH for ages.

Who will win: Cheech and Cloudy because Hagadorn taking the pin makes sense.

Do or Die: Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. The Osirian Portal

Why it’s happening: This is the ROH Tag Champions vs. the Chikara Campeonas de Parejas. The Portal are a really fun comedy team and if they win they are immediately elevated huge, while being roster regulars.

What to expect: This will focus on comedy as Generico and Steen can be hilarious, while the portal feature a dancing Pharaoh and a human snake.

Who should win: The Osirian Portal would get so much from a win, and as two young, hard workers, really deserve a big break.

Who will win: Steen and Generico will give these two a great match, like they got from the Briscoes at Fifth Year Festival: Philly before taking the match.

These aren’t the biggest ROH shows, but they both feature a lot of opportunity for young talent to take off. Aries will likely have the match of the weekend, either with Go or Jacobs, while LAX is sure to make an impact. Seeing Homicide back in ROH is reason enough for me to be there!

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