Pulse Wrestling Roundtable: WWE Cyber Sunday

Batista v. Chris Jericho (c)

WWE Universe chooses the Special Referee: Your choice of Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, or Steve Austin

Raffi Shamir: We can discard Randy Orton right away, so let’s do it. It comes down to the two Texans, and Austin is still a huge name with the WWE audience. They can also start a program between Jericho and Austin here for Wrestlemania, and it would be foolish to mention Austin in the run-up to the PPV and not deliver, even though officially it’s in the voters’ hands. Regardless of the referee, Jericho retains.
My Pick: Austin
WWE Universe pick: Austin
Winner: Jericho

Andrew Wheeler: So I miss a few weeks of columns and the WWE up and crafts one of the poorest builds to a PPV in months. This show, from top to bottom, just feels flat. Cyber Sunday always tends to be on the flat side as it is the end of the back-to-back-to-back doldrums that is the “Unformercunday” block that leads up to Survivor Series. With that said, the entire draw of this PPV is the voting aspect. When this was just an online voting pay-per-view, the kitsch value was that “we” have the power. The WWE, in an effort to rebrand the company, wanted to establish this idea that the fans are the true masters of the industry and that if fans felt empowered enough, they would tune in. It hasn’t really worked in terms of returning wrestling to the boom period, but it has sort of morphed PPVs like this into testing grounds for future stars with minimal pressure. By doing online only voting, rigging the votes was easy. Now, with text voting, the WWE is charging fans to vote. When you charge the fans, you can’t fix it. That, folks, is fraud. With that knowledge, the WWE went out of their way to idiot-proof almost all of the matches on this show, starting with Batista/Jericho. By forcing upon us the two contenders, the only potential variable is the referee. If our choices were Orton, Michaels and Adamle, then it would be clear that they want HBK in zebra stripes so that he can screw over Jericho. Since that isn’t in the cards, they threw in Austin, whose annual appearances are designed to pop the ratings and the buyrates. Steve will win this one hands down, though from a storyline perspective it is the least logical choice. Michaels as the referee adds intrigue because he can either screw over Jericho and cost him the belt or he can ensure that Chris holds the belt until HBK can win it back. Orton poses a unique option because him in the driver’s seat allows for an Evolution v. 2.0 tease. Randy could help Batista win in an effort to reform the stable, or he could cost Dave the gold and jump into a major feud. Sadly, Orton’s heel status will all but ensure that he won’t get the votes. That leaves Stone Cold Steve Austin. Think what you want about him, he’s still insanely over, and the masses will ignore storyline and character development for a chance to watch Steve drink beers and flick them off. How does Austin affect the match? Not too much. Sure, he has history with Jericho that the WWE has tried desperately to remind fans of, but very few people really remember the animosity between these two. The worst part is that the height of the Austin/Jericho stuff was right around the time of the “Two Man Power Trip”, and since that involved Benoit, it never happened. Stepping away from the special guest ref stip, the match itself should be okay. I haven’t been wowed by Batista in quite some time (if ever), so if anyone can drag a watchable match out of him it’s Jericho. Chris is going to keep his title because there’s more money to be made in a Batista chase for the gold, and no one is buying Cyber Sunday for a World Title switch. Everyone is buying this show for the “anything can happen” approach combined with the draw of seeing Steve Austin. If Dave wins the gold due to Austin-ference, it cheapens his reign. My guess is that either there will be a Wild West finish where Michaels attacks Jericho or Chris gets DQqed and in the end eats a Stunner.
Winner: Chris Jericho is walking in champ and he’s walking out champ

Danny Cox: I just beg, BEG, of WWE…don’t put any damn title on Batista ever again. My God, he is so incredibly boring and Jericho is all that is awesome. You know the crowd won’t pick Orton and HBK would be the choice if it wasn’t a chance to see Austin again.

I predict it ending with Stunners all around.
My Pick: Stone Cold
WWE Universe Pick: Stone Cold
Winner and STILL Champ: Chris Jericho

Brad Curran: I’m thinking Jericho goes over due to chicanery, since I expect this to go on last. Both the real world title matches seem set up for DQ/screwjob finishes. I’ll guess this gets the latter, since they haven’t done a DQ finish for a main event in ages.
My Pick: Shawn Michaels
WWE Universe Pick: Stone Cold (could go either way between he and Orton)
Winner: Jericho

Mark Allen: There is still a lot of mileage left in Chris Jericho’s reign. He’s got a triple threat with Batista and Shawn Michaels in the future, plus singles matches with Rey Mysterio, John Cena and maybe some more with CM Punk.
My Pick: Randy Orton
WWE Universe Pick: Steve Austin
Winner – Chris Jericho

Paul Marshall: Orton’s returning, so either the WWE needs to put the title on Batista or hope that the fans won’t crap out on a heel v. heel feud between Orton and Jericho.  The referee choice won’t matter unless HBK gets the nod.
My Pick: Steve Austin
WWE Universe Pick: Tied between Austin and HBK – meaning that both will referee the match
Winner: Chris Jericho via sheganigans.

Triple H (c) v. Your Choice of Jeff Hardy, Vladimar Koslov, or Both

Raffi Shamir: We’ve seen Triple H vs. Hardy last month in a regular match, and while it was good, I don’t want to see the same match again so soon. Plus, a triple threat will allow Hardy to win the title by pinning Koslov, giving Triple H another opportunity to say “You’re not a champion until you’ve beaten me” (And like I’ve said many times before, I don’t want hardy to be champion). But I don’t think my opinion is the popular one.
My pick: Triple threat
WWE Universe pick: Hardy
Winner: Triple H

Andrew Wheeler: Come on, WWE. Please, I’m begging you. You got what you wanted out of Hunter/Hardy last month. You got over the idea that he’s oh-so-close all the time but just can’t pull it out. You made the fans believe he could be champion. Now please behave yourselves and keep him away from Hunter until at least the Rumble. Don’t toss him into the triple threat and PLEASE don’t thrust upon us another singles match. I wish the WWE switched gimmicks with this and the RAW title. I would have killed to see the options be Batista, Michaels or Both. Instead, we get Austin there and the triple threat potential here. I know I’m in the minority on the site because I like Koslov, but frankly the guy hasn’t done anything for me to share in people’s outright hatred of him. He isn’t the most boring big man on the show, he makes his squashes entertaining, and he really isn’t a heel as much as he is a badass. I imagine that this is what Ludwig Borga would have been had he not been a complete stiff. Koslov is a reliable xenophobic heel that is just hated for being from Russia. He hasn’t embarrassed himself in the ring, he has a hell of a unique look and he gets major heat just by opening his mouth. Should he be champion? No. On the other hand, having a versatile big man heel at the top of the card never hurts a show, and with Umaga still on the shelf, Koslov can fit the bill. My guess is that Hunter goes over here by he and Hardy double-teaming Vladimar (you know, a pedigree into a swanton kinda deal) and then Hunter throwing Jeff out of the ring to get the pin. Koslov/Hardy is a nice feud to carry over for a month or two while Hunter moves on to yet another Big Show feud. This match will be a triple threat because the WWE cannot afford to give either one of these matches away completely unadvertised. Hardy/Hunter II would draw well on a major PPV and Koslov/Hunter is enough to carry Armageddon for Smackdown if needed. With all of that said, Hunter will retain, its just a matter of the WWE being dumb enough to blow Koslov’s undefeated streak or let Jeff take yet another pin.
Winner: Triple H

Danny Cox: They finally pull the trigger here and let Hardy have the title. Either way it goes…with just Hardy in it or both Hardy and Koslov, somehow the big foreigner will have a reason this match ends with Hardy getting the pin on Trips.

My Pick: Hardy/Koslov
WWE Universe Pick: Hardy
Winner and NEW Champ: Hardy

Brad Curran: I’m guessing Vlad doesn’t take losing the popularity contest to Jeff too well (which he inevitably will) and runs in to cost him the match just as he’s got the Hs down, thus getting more heat on him for screwing Jeff out of the title. Well, that seems like the best idea to me.
My Pick: Jeff Hardy
WWE Universe Pick: Jeff Hardy
Winner: Jeff Hardy by DQ

Mark Allen: Triple H has single matches with both these guys in the future, so I don’t expect him to lose to both in a triple threat here.
My Pick: both men
WWE Universe Pick: Jeff Hardy
Winner – Triple H

Paul Marshall:  The bigger question is how many are rooting for Triple H to destroy two men in one night?  They came so close last month, so either they have to pass the torch to Hardy or move him down to the mid card.  Vladmir won’t get the title aside from an injury, so it’s safe to assume that he won’t be involved.
My Pick: Triple Threat
WWE Universe Pick: Jeff Hardy
Winner and NEW Champion: I’ll roll the dice and say Hardy gets the title finally.

Matt Hardy (c) v. Your choice of Mark Henry, Finlay, or Evan Bourne

Raffi Shamir: This is probably the easiest pick and perhaps match of the night. Bourne is one of the freshest acts WWE presented in a long time and his style is so unique he makes many other wrestlers seem so boring and bland. He’ll have no problem putting a good match with Hardy.
My Pick: Evan Bourne
WWE Universe Pick: Evan Bourne

Winner: Matt Hardy

Andrew Wheeler: Its Hardy/Bourne, which means a potentially fast-paced match and the first legit shout Evan will get at being a main event guy. Henry isn’t going to get the votes because he’s a “bad guy”, not to mention no one is clamoring for a rematch between him and Hardy any time soon based on No Mercy. Finlay’s fan base is predominately kids who aren’t really going to vote. That leaves Bourne, the ROH kid gone big time who will hopefully have a good showing and can lay down for Matt with minimal tarnish to his star. With Bourne, Hardy has someone he can finally look strong against, which will only enhance his championship reputation.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Danny Cox: Ya know, I’m not as thrilled anymore by having Hardy as a champ. It was cool at first but quickly lost its attractiveness. And freakishly, Mizzark Henry is becoming more and more interesting to watch, but Bourne is a beast. The kid is phenomenal and the best thing going on ECW right now. Shame they won’t give him the title as quickly.

My Pick: Evan Bourne
WWE Universe Pick: Evan Bourne
Winner and STILL Champ: Matt Hardy

Brad Curran: Matt pretty much has to go over here. This could be really good, especially if Bourne wins, although Finlay and Hardy have had some pretty damn good free TV matches. I think Finlay will win the vote because he’s so damn over with the kids.
My Pick: Evan Bourne
WWE Universe Pick: Finlay
Winner: Matt Hardy

Mark Allen: As bad as I want Evan Bourne to win the fan vote and then pick up the ECW Championship, I just don’t think it’s the right time. Hardy still has a lot left as ECW Champion and Bourne still has a lot of growing left in the company before he becomes the c-show Champion. Speaking of which, has anyone see Paul London?
My Pick: Evan Bourne
WWE Universe Pick: Mark Henry
Winner – Matt Hardy

Paul Marshall: I’m sure the fans will vote Henry in.  If he gets more than 10% of the vote, I’ll be shocked.  It’s a text off between Finlay and Bourne.  Needless to say, Hardy can’t lose the title just yet.
My Pick: Finlay
WWE Universe Pick: Bourne
Winner: Matt Hardy

Santino Marella (c) v. Your Choice of Goldust, Roddy Piper, or Honky Tonk Man,

Raffi Shamir: GOLDUST!!!!!!!!!! That’s who I want to see. I miss him, regardless of the phase he was in. Fun Goldust, Creepy sex maniac Goldust, never mind. But with the current storyline I won’t get my way.
My Pick: Goldust
WWE Universe Pick: Honky Tonky Man
Winner: Santino

Andrew Wheeler: And the one-note-joke finally pays off. Honky Tonk Man all the way, baby! I can’t believe I’m rooting against Piper, but if he got in there, there’s a chance the WWE would be dumb and give him another legit run like they did a few years back. Santino is going to make this Honk-a-meter thing work for as long as they need him to, so as long as this thing doesn’t go too long (which it will), it should be mildly entertaining. I have a feeling all three characters will get involved, but Marella will out Honk HTM and retain.
Winner: Marella

Danny Cox: It won’t be match of the year or even match of the night, but it will be entertaining no matter who is out there. The fans are going to pick Piper without a doubt, but I’d love to see any of the past WWE guys out there. I also have a gut feeling that the Honk-A-Meter wasn’t created so that Santino won’t get close to the record before probably losing the belt a week or day before beating it.

My Pick: Goldust (I love him and his music!)
WWE Universe Pick: Rowdy Roddy Piper
Winner and STILL Champ: Santino Marella

Brad Curran: No matter who wins the voting, this should be good for some laughs.
My Pick: Honky Tonky Man
WWE Universe Pick: Roddy Piper
Winner: Santino Marella (Because there’s no point in jobbing him now, especially to a retiree.)

Mark Allen: If there is any God, Honky Tonk Man will get voted in by the WWE Universe and hilarity will ensue.
My Pick: Honky Tonk Man
WWE Universe Pick: Honky Tonk Man
Winner – Santino Marella

Paul Marshall: It’ll be funny if HTM gets voted in and wins the title, thus breaking up the famous HONK-A-METER.  Then again, it’d be funnier if Santino beats Honky.  If Santino loses, he’ll regain it back on RAW, so let’s go for the comedy bit.
My Pick: Honky Tonk Man
WWE Universe Pick: Honky Tonk Man
Winner and NEW Champion: Honky Tonk Man, but will lose it the next night back to Santino.

Undertaker v. Big Show
WWE Universe Picks the Stipulation: Knockout Match, I Quit Match, or Last Man Standing
Raffi Shamir: It was boring the last time, it still is this time. Don’t care.
My Pick: Knockout Match
WWE universe: Knockout Match
Winner: Undertaker

Andrew Wheeler: I still don’t care about this feud. I will never care about this feud. These two bore me to death. I don’t get the difference between last man standing and a knockout match, and frankly I don’t care. The fans know Last Man Standing so they’ll pick it. Taker laid down for Show last month due to punches, but Big Show as a top contender is too good for the WWE to let him lose. Maybe this is the glorious return of Edge? It could happen, but it would mean that Edge is right back in the feud he’s been wrapped up in for a year. I don’t understand the point of this match since it isn’t going to be the main event and isn’t going to really help either guy too much. Blah.
Winner: Big Show via Edge-ference

Danny Cox: None of the choices look that good, but I hate “I Quit” matches (especially between 2 big dudes) and “Last Man Standing” matches just drag ass. After Show beating the hell out of Taker last month, I just can’t see it happening again, but I’m not sure what will happen. Shenanigans wih the Family I betcha.

Edge needs to come back.

My Pick: Knockout Match
WWE Universe Pick: Knockout Match
Winner: Undertaker

Brad Curran: It should be interesting if these guys can follow their shockingly good match next month. The stips will help them to that end, depending on what wins.
My Pick: I Quit
WWE Universe Pick: Last Man Standing
Winner: The Undertaker

Mark Allen: I love how all three of these matches are essentially the same, just beat someone until they can’t continue. I still think this feud has legs to go until Survivor Series as that PPV is one of Undertaker’s specialties, and I expect him to finally get the blow off there.
My Pick: Last Man Standing
WWE Universe Pick: Knockout Match
Winner – Big Show

Paul Marshall: I enjoyed their match last month, so this one shouldn’t be too bad.  Not sure if they need to blow this off just yet, but since it’s Vickie Guerrero, it’ll either be blown off, or she’ll have Koslov destroy the Dead Man.
My Pick: Knockout Match
WWE Universe Pick: Last Man Standing
Winner: Big Show

Rey Mysterio v. Kane
WWE Universe Picks the Stipulation: Falls Count Anywhere, No Holds Barred, or 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Raffi Shamir: The only option that won’t suck is falls count anywhere, and since Rey’s mask is not on the line this time, I guess it can go Kane’s way.
My Pick: Falls Count Anywhere
WWE Universe Pick: Falls Count Anywhere
Winner: Kane

Andrew Wheeler: If you thought I was indifferent towards Taker/Show…oh man. I still don’t like Rey and I am bored with Kane. Two of these stips are EXACTLY THE SAME, but the fear of having a 2-out-of-3 falls match is too much to bare, so I’ll flip a coin and say we get Falls Count Anywhere. Either stip allows Rey to use a weapon to beat Kane, which will hopefully kill this feud dead. Please?
Winner: Mysterio

Danny Cox: Blah blah blah…hate Rey Mysterio. I call brutality here and I want to see Rey slammed against a ringpost again while strapped to a stretcher. And Rey’s demolishing of Snitsky on Raw will just mean he doesn’t beat the next monster he faces.

My Pick: No Holds Barred
WWE Universe Pick: Falls Count Anywhere
Winner: Kane

Brad Curran: I didn’t really care for their match last month at all. Here’s another crack at it for them. Hopefully they’ll suprise us all and deliver something fun.
My Pick: 2 Out of 3 Falls (because that would certainly be interesting, at least)
WWE Universe Pick: Falls Count Anywhere
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Mark Allen: The commentary on RAW has been hyping the 2-out-of-3 as better for Mysterio while the No Holds Barred is better for Kane, so I think they are trying to tell everyone to go for Falls Count Anywhere, which I think is a fine choice. I don’t see this as the blow off to this rivalry yet either, so Kane picks up the win here.
My Pick: Falls Count Anywhere
WWE Universe Pick: Falls Count Anywhere
Winner – Kane

Paul Marshall: Rey did beat Snitsky in a couple minutes last week on RAW.  Sadly, he won’t have that much luck against Kane.
My Pick: Falls Count Anywhere
WWE Universe Pick: No Holds Barred
Winner: Kane

Your choice of:

CM Punk & Kofi Kingston v. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (WWE World Tag Team Championship Match)
Cryme Tyme v. The Miz & John Morrison
Jaime Noble & Mickie James v. William Regal & Layla

Raffi Shamir: Anyone who reads DotCom Delivery knows there’s only one option for me, and it should be the only option for everyone.
My Pick: Cryme Tyme v. The Miz & John Morrison
WWE Universe Pick: Cryme Tyme v. The Miz & John Morrison
Winners: (Sadly) Cryme Tyme

Andrew Wheeler: This is just stupid. Sorry, but it is. Now we’re booking which of these three “feuds” we care most about? Punk/Kingston/Priceless is for the gold, which means fans should WANT to get another title match. Cryme Time/Miz & Morrison has the hottest act in wrestling against the most over team in the company, which means fans WANT to see these two go at it. Noble/James/Regal/Layla has divas and a slightly logical feud, which means fans WANT to see more divas. Personally, I think the best one to do here would be the Cryme Time/Miz&Morrison because seeing Punk job yet again would continue his freefall and seeing Noble/Regal reeks of Sunday Night Heat. Oh well, we’ll get all of these matches eventually. Sadly, if Punk doesn’t get picked, it means that on a PPV where fans pick and where he’s the guy on the commercial, he doesn’t even get to wrestle. Is it because his popularity is waning or because people really want to see Mysterio/Kane instead?
Match: Cryme Time v. Miz & Morrison
Winner: Miz & Morrison

Danny Cox: Ok, Cryme Tyme just got beat down by Simply Priceless and they aren’t even the team in line to face them? Stupid! CM Punk and Kofi will receive a leg up from their criminal friends and “steal” the titles.

My Pick: Cryme Tyme Vs. Miz/Morrison
WWE Universe Pick: Punk/Kofi Vs. Simply Priceless
Winner and NEW Champs: Jamaican Pepsi

Brad Curran: Seriously, how can you not pick Punk and Kofi vs. Priceless here? Cryme Tyme vs. the Douches is an ECW Main Event at best, and the mixed tag is an hour one Raw match. It will be interesting to see if Punk’s fanbase gets out the vote/text for him here, especially because this seems like the best place for a title change.
My Pick: World Tag Title Match
WWE Universe Pick: World Tag Title Match
Winner: Punk and Kofi

Mark Allen: I really would like see either the Tag Championship match or the Cryme Tyme-Miz & Morrison match and RAW has done a good job of hyping up both matches. As an old school fan I would love to see the World Tag Championships defended on PPV so I’ve gotta go with that match. Hopefully it will lead to some elimination matches at Survivor Series and then maybe a four corners Tag Title match between these four teams at Armageddon.
My pick: CM Punk/Kofi Kingston v. Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes
WWE Universe Pick: Cryme Tyme v. Miz/Morrison
Winner – Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes

Paul Marshall: WWE wants us to vote for Cryme Tyme v. Miz & Morrison, but I want to vote for the Tag Title match because if for any reason no other title changes hands – this one will be the one that will.  This will also move forward the upcoming Orton/Punk feud nicely.
My Pick: World Tag Team Title Match
WWE Universe Pick: Cryme Tyme v. Miz & Morrison
Winner: Either Punk/Kofi; Cryme Tyme, or Regal/Layla

WWE Diva Halloween Contest
Participants: Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Brie Bella, Candice Michelle, Eve, Jillian, Katie Lea Burchill, Kelly Kelly, Layla, Lena Yada, Maria, Maryse, Natalya, Tiffany, Victoria and Mickie James.

Raffi Shamir: huh?
My Pick: (Just random pick) Kelly Kelly
WWE Universe Pick: Kelly Kelly?

Andrew Wheeler: So this is Maria/McCool and they all wear crazy get-ups? Okay. I don’t want to elaborate too much but I’m sure there will be some stuff that is provocative for tweens and hopefully it’ll be over quick.
Winner: McCool

Danny Cox: Meh!

My Pick: Mickie James
WWE Universe Pick: Kelly Squared
Winner: Kelly Squared

Brad Curran: I like the Divas a lot, and I even I don’t care about this. Well, unless Maryse is in her FRENCH MAID COSTUME!
My Pick: MARYSE (if she’s in here French Maid Costume)
WWE Universe Pick: Maria
Winner: Maria

Mark Allen: Useless filler. Who cares.
My pick: Maria (Second favorite modern diva behind Trish Stratus)
WWE Universe Pick: Kelly Kelly
Winner – Michelle McCool

Paul Marshall: Piss Break Match.  They should had made this the preview show, but everyone knows that this will be after one of the main title matches.  Too bad they couldn’t put a title on the line instead of parading the divas out wearing costumes.
My Pick: Kelly Kelly
WWE Universe Pick: Maria
Winner: Maria, since the fans vote the winner.

WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP (Cyber Sunday PREVIEW Match to be streamed on WWE.com at 7:45PM EST)
Shelton Benjamin (c) v. Your Choice of R-Truth, MVP, or Festus

Raffi Shamir: Again, recent storylines only lead to one logical choice.
My Pick: R-Truth
WWE Universe Pick: R-Truth
Winner: R-Truth

Andrew Wheeler: So this doesn’t make the show but it makes the Roundtable. Of course it’ll be R-Truth, but would the WWE really give him his big win on WWE.com? Probably not. My guess is MVP gets pissed about not getting picked and he interferes to cost Truth the match. Or something. I don’t care.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Danny Cox: Why the shit would this not be on the actual PPV? Idiots. I give you then the most pointless match of the night even though it could be the best one.

My Pick: MVP
WWE Universe Pick: R-Truth
Winner and STILL Champ: Shelton Benjamin

Brad Curran: Any one of these matches could be fun. So, of course, it gets bumped for the Diva costume contest.
My Pick: Festus (Just for the novelty of it. That and I saw MVP vs. Shelton Monday night)
WWE Universe Pick: R-Truth
Winner: Shelton (surely they won’t give away a title change on the ‘net)

Mark Allen: Shelton Benjamin is no stranger to either R-Truth or MVP so he’ll able to put on a good match with either if they are chosen. That being said the WWE Universe will probably pick Festus cause he’s funny and such. If either Porter or Festus win the vote, Shelton will win the match. If R-Truth wins the vote I can see them pulling the trigger on an R-Truth Championship victory.
My Pick: MVP
WWE Universe Pick: Festus
Winner – Shelton Benjamin

Paul Marshall:  R-Truth should be used to winning a championship with few people watching.  He did it when TNA was doing their weekly Pay-Per-Views.  Unless the fans are dumb, that’s the obvious match that should happen.  Then again, Festus is another good choice.  Tempting, tempting.  Shelton will probably win this to piss the fans off.
My Pick: R-Truth
WWE Universe Pick: R-Truth
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Tune into real-time coverage later tonight with PK and be sure to watch RAW tomorrow night for the Cyber Sunday fallout!

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