Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Cyber Sunday Report

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Cyber Sunday Report
Announcers are Cole & The King, JR & Tazz, Grisham & Striker
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Todd Grisham is at the Polling Center, and he reveals that R-Truth will be taking on Shelton Benjamin for the US Title. MVP & Festus were the other 2 choices.

Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. R-Truth – United States Championship
Truth comes down rapping. I can not believe that the crowd pops for ‘What’s Up.’ Tie-ups to start, Truth ducks Shelton with the splits, and then hits a leg lariat for 2. Shelton then lays Truth over the top rope, and then gives him a boot to the face. Truth fires up and hits a missile dropkick, and Truth then hits the ropes, but Shelton drops him with the Paydirt for the win.
Winner – Shelton Benjamin

Show starts with a cool intro with a bunch of WWE SuperStars telling us that our vote matters.

Grisham is back at the polling center, that Kane & Mysterio will be in a No Holds Barred match. The other choices were 2 out of 3 Falls and Falls Count Anywhere.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane – No Holds Barred
They fall to the outside early, and Mysterio seems to be working on Kane’s left knee. Mysterio pulls a STOP sign out from under the ring, and tosses it in the ring, then grabs a Singapore cane, and slaps Kane’s knee with it a few times. Back in the ring, Kane tosses Mysterio to the corner, and he slides under the ropes and right into the ringpost, and Kane follows it up with a baseball slide. The match slows down, as Kane takes the advantage. Mysterio fights out of a submission, and gets on fire. He hits a bulldog, followed by an enzaguri, which lays Kane on the middle rope. Mysterio then goes for a 619, but Kane gets up and hits a huge clothesline. Kane gets a chair, but Mysterio dropkicks it in Kane’s face. Mysterio then grabs the chair, and hits an Arabian Facebuster…minus face, plus chest for only a 1 count. Kane has had enough for this, and he hits a big boot. Kane brings in the top of the steps, and sets it up in the corner. However, Mysterio catches Kane in a Drop Toe Hold, and Kane goes face first to the steps. Kane set up for the 619 again, but Kane gets up and goes for a choke slam, however Mysterio hurracanranna’s out of it, setting up the 619 again, and Mysterio finally hits it. Mysterio then hits the springboard splash for the pin.
Winner – Mysterio

We get to see some of the Diva’s in their Halloween Costumes. We get McCool as an Army Brat, Lena as a Ninja, Katie Lea as a Vampire, and Candice as Marilyn Monroe.

Jericho runs into Priceless backstage, and wants them to take out Batista. They said that they will not do Jericho’s dirty work, and that they may have a Tag Title Match later.

Grisham back at the polling center, and introduces Tiffany & Theodore Long. Grisham runs to the announce table, and Long reveals that Evan Bourne has won the voting to face Matt Hardy for the ECW Title. The other choices were Finlay or Mark Henry.

Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne – ECW Championship
Bourne starts out quick, of course. Bourne hits Hardy in the face with a knee, and then a running canranna. Hardy reverses a whip, and then tosses Bourne over the top. Back in the ring, Matt starts to take over. Matt on the floor, and Bourne goes to springboard on him, but Matt takes Bourne’s legs out, and Bourne gets wrapped up in the ropes. In the ring, Matt locks on an Abdominal Stretch. Matt goes for the Splash Mountain Bomb, but Bourne canranna’s out of it. Matt back up quickly, and hits a Side Effect for 2. Matt tries another Side Effect, and gets another 2. Matt is getting a bit frustrated, and he goes to the middle rope, but when he flies off, Bourne hits a spinning heel kick. Bourne goes to top, and hits his double knee drop off the top rope. Bourne then goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Matt rolls out of the way. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Bourne ducks it, and tries a Back Slide for 2. Matt pops up quickly, and nails the Twist of Fate for the win.
Winner – Matt Hardy

They show more Divas. Beth as a Gladiator, Jillian as Batgirl, Maria as a Bunny, and Kelly Kelly as a Sailor.

Grisham then reveals that the Tag Match we will see is Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz & John Morrison. Other choices were Layla & Regal vs. Noble & Mickie and CM Punk & Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase.

Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz & John Morrison
JTG & Morrison start. JTG hits a big right hand, and Morrison tags Miz in. Miz & Morrison double team, and Morrison is back in. JTG corners Miz, and then tags in Shad, and CT hits some double team, sending Morrison to the floor. Miz charges, and CT sends him over to the floor too. Shad then presses JTG, tossing him to the floor on Miz & Morrison. CT celebrate a bit, and it allows Miz to jump Shad. Morrison works on Shad’s right hamstring. Shad gets the hot tag, and JTG takes out both Miz & Morrison. JTG hits a weird neckbreaker, and then goes to the top but Miz distracts him. Miz then starts to work over JTG, and Shad is now on the apron getting hot. Morrison grabs JTG’s leg as he is crawling to the corner, but JTG whips Morrison towards Shad, and he backs off, allowing JTG to make the tag. Shad picks up Morrison for a slam, but Miz chop blocks Shad, as the ref is trying to get JTG out of the ring. Morrison then hits the Moonlight Drive for the win.
Winners – Miz & Morrison

More Divas: Tiffany as a nun, Brie Bella (only one of them) as Cleopatra, Natalya as an Officer, and Eve as a Ninja Turtle.

Jericho tries to get Khali in his corner for the match tonight. Khali sputters a lot, and Runjin says that Khali says NO!

Promo showing that Cena will be back in action at Survivor Series.

Glamarella comes down. Santino says that Phoenix is where athletes come to die, just like any of the 3 he’s going to face tonight. Randy Johnson, Shazam O’Neal (who is sitting ringside, and give him a cut throat), and Matt Leinert…but Santino then corrects himself, and Leinert is actual a Never-was. He then asks ‘Rod’ Grisham to show who’s career he is ending tonight. Grisham shows us that Honky Tonk Man won, with 35% to Piper’s 34% and Goldust 31%!

Honky Tonk comes down, and says that Santino can have the IC title for 10 years, and he will never be has good has the Honky Tonk Man. Honky then does his dance, and tries to get Santino to do it, but he does the Macarena instead. HAHA. Santino then cheap shots Honky and the match starts.

Santino Marella (c) (w/ Beth Phoenix) vs. Honky Tonk Man – Intercontinental Championship
Honky tries to get an advantage on Santino, but Beth pulls on Honky’s leg, and the ref calls for a DQ quickly.
Winner via DQ – Honky Tonk Man

Santino yells as Beth, and calls her stupid. They go to walk away, but Goldust and Piper come out to stop him. Santino retreats into the ring, where Honky kicks him in the gut. Goldust slides in and hits the Curtain Call, followed by Piper who this a series of punches, and then the poke to the eyes. Honky then hits the Shake, Rattle & Roll!

More Divas: Maryse as a French Maid, Layla as Princess Leia, Victoria as the ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Time’ Banana, Mickie James as Tomb Raider.

Grisham has Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero come out to reveal what match Big Show & The Undertaker will be in. The vote goes to Last Man Standing. The other possibilities were I Quit & Knockout Matches.

The Undertaker vs. The Big Show – Last Man Standing
Yup, it’s pretty much the brawl we expected. On the floor, Taker puts a chair to Show’s throat and runs it into the ringpost. Show gets up at 8, and tries to roll in the ring, but Taker catches him and nails a right hand. In the ring, Taker is slugging away, and tries to whip Show, but Show reverses it, and clotheslines Taker. They are both down for the count, Show gets up at 6, Taker at 8. They go punch for punch, and both men grab each others throats for a Choke Slam, but Taker turns it into DDT. Show is down for another 8 count. Show is up, and he tears off a turnbuckle pad. Show goes for a Snake Eyes, but Taker slides over and sends Show gut first into the exposed turnbuckle. Taker then charges with a boot, but Show ducks it, and Taker crotches himself on the exposed turnbuckle and falls to the floor. Show sends him over the wall into the crowd, and goes to hit him with a chair, but Taker punches it in his face. Taker goes to get back over the wall, but Show catches him and Choke Slams him off the wall through the ECW announce table. Taker stays down for a 9 count, and just barely stays up. Back in the ring, Taker ducks a clothesline, and this another DDT. Taker goes for the Old School, but as he leaps off, Show catches him and nails another choke slam. Show hits a few big punches, and then a chair shot. As Taker was getting up, Show grabs his hair, however Taker pulls him in, and locks on the Gogoplata, and Show is out cold.
Winner – Undertaker

Tazz introduces all of the Divas for the Costume Contest. When they all get in the ring, it is revealed that Mickie James has won! Victoria tosses her maracas, and all the Diva’s brawl until the faces dump the heels out of the ring.

Recap of the WWE Title picture.

Grisham announces that Jeff Hardy was voted to the WWE Title Match. Kozlov seems upset, and he only got 5%.

Triple H (c) vs. Jeff Hardy – WWE Championship
Lots of back and forth action to start the match. Hardy goes to the top, but HHH shoves him off to the floor. More back and forth. Hardy hits his sit-down facebuster suplex. On the floor, HHH is against the wall, and Jeff runs the wall and hits a leg lariat. Back in the ring, Jeff hits not 1, but 2 Whispers in the Wind (Note: Matt Hardy hit to consecutive Side Effects earlier…seems odd). Jeff hits a Twist of Fate for only a 2 count, but then goes to top and hits the Swanton!! Instead of the pin, he goes for a 2nd Swanton, but HHH gets his knees up. HHH goes to the outside, and Jeff leaps over the top on him! Back in the ring, Jeff goes up for another Swanton, but HHH slugs him, hooks his arms, pulls him off the turnbuckle and hits the Pedigree for the pin.
Winner – HHH

Recap of Batista/Jericho stuff.

Grisham shows us that Austin beat out Orton & HBK to be the special guest ref.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Batista – World Heavyweight Championship
Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Jericho and Austin jabber, and then Jericho slaps Batista. Batista slams Jericho into the corner, but Jericho slides out of the ring, and starts to walk out of the match. Austin gets on the mic, and says that Jericho will lose the title if he gets DQ’d or Counted Out. Jericho then rushes back into the ring, and Batista overpowers Jericho. Jericho eventually shoves Batista to the floor, and Jericho follows it with a baseball slide. As Batista tries to get in the ring, Jericho shoves him back, and Batista’s leg gets caught in the ropes. Jericho pounds away on Batista’s exposed knee, until Austin backs him off. Batista gets back in the ring, but Jericho focuses on Batista’s newly injured knee. Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho. Batista scraps to the ropes, but Jericho won’t let go, and Austin pulls him off. This gives Batista the opening for a Demon Bomb, but Jericho grabs the ropes, and pulls Batista over the top. Back in the ring, Jericho goes off the top rope, but Batista hits him with a clothesline for 2. Batista charges with a spear, but Jericho dodges it, and Batista rams his shoulder into the ringpost. Jericho works on Batista’s shoulder, and pulls him to the top ropes, but Batista shoves him off, and hits a top rope shoulder block. Batista goes for a powerslam, but Jericho reverses it into a DDT for 2. Both men are slow to get up, and Batista charges Jericho, but he ducks and Batista takes out Austin. Batista is distracted, and Jericho delivers a Codebreaker, but Austin is still out. HBK comes down, and does a very slow count. Jericho jabbers with HBK, and gets hit with a spear, and as HBK started a very fast count, JBL comes down and pulls HBK out of the ring. Austin makes his way back in, but Randy Orton comes out and levels Austin. Jericho gets his title belt, and cracks Batista with the belt, and Orton makes the count, but it only gets 2. Austin is back up, and guess what happens next…stunner on Orton. Batista hits Jericho with a spinebuster, and follows it with the Demon Bomb for the pin.
Winner and New Champion – Batista

Show Over…damnit


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