Heroes – Episode 3-7 Review

This was probably the episode that many people were waiting for with some blonde-on-blonde action between Claire and Elle. Of course, this wasn’t exactly the same kind of action as shown on House. Hey, remember when Dax’ kiss on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a HUGE deal? Seems really long ago, doesn’t it?

Just about everything was rolling into the Pinehurst storyline, save for one. Hiro has another mentor in “African Meestor Issac,” and I suppose we’ll see his vision quest in a couple of weeks. But this week it was about giving Hiro and Ando some blatant filler. It’s kind of like how on 24 you see someone for 5 seconds to establish that, yes, they’re still doing the exact same thing they were doing an hour ago.

Tracy and Nathan had a rather tame story this hour. They also had some blatant filler, but unlike Hiro and Ando they interacted with some of the other characters. And the whole Nathan / H.R.G. / Tracy / Meredith thing was one of those funny-awkward moments.

Parkman finally started to get into something interesting, but it’s a bit confusing. He used his power to convince Knox that he’d killed Daphne and Parkman, but somehow Daphne is a double agent of sorts and still working for Arthur Petrelli. Except, how did Petrelli know that Parkman would trick Knox using his telepathy? It seems like the plan is a wee bit too clever, no?

Which may also describe what was going on with Peter and Sylar. Peter has lost his powers, but Sylar has come to rescue him. Except, Arthur manages to make Sylar see “the truth”, so Sylar TK tosses Peter out a window. Peter’s bruised, but based on the velocity he should probably be dead. Except that maybe Sylar used his TK to cushion the fall. And Arthur has already figured that out. Meaning… well, probably nothing. Arthur, like any good villain, probably wants his adversary to be in top condition before defeating him.

Speaking of villains, I guess Suresh has hooked up with Arthur to “find a cure” for himself. I’m glad that Suresh finally did the right thing and found a cure for Maya, because one hopes that this means that she’s gone from the show. No offence to Dania Ramirez, but the way her character was portrayed made it extremely difficult for anyone to care about her. Regardless, I think we can see that Suresh’s experiments will somehow lead to Peter getting his powers back.

Which brings us to Claire. Claire and Elle would probably make a devastating duo, but alas it only lasts about 4 hours as Elle looks to get rid of her powers while Claire takes care of her uncle. I fear that this may be the end of the line for our favourite blonde, since Arthur already has lightning powers. so what need does he have for Elle now?

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