Austin & Booker Troubles…

Steve Austin was down to 248 pounds for Cyber Sunday. He has been getting into shape to film his new movie, Damage, and had a 5am start the day after in Vancouver. There was a fight scene filmed on October 22 with Paul ‘The Mauler’ Lazenby, a Vancouver-based wrestler and MMA fighter, which ended with Austin breaking Lazenby’s nose. He got two black eyes from a left-hook and it took 20 minutes for the bleeding to stop. Austin was upset about the accident but Lazenby does rate Austin as a screen-fighter. As Lazenby was being treated, Austin went away and came back with his arm in a sling and an ice-pack on his hand, joking that he had bruised knuckles and needed to go to the hospital. Lazenby returned to work two days later.

Booker T and Marty Wright, a.k.a. The Boogeyman, went to the Vito’s Deck House sports bar in Houston on October 26th to watch an NFL game. About 15 minutes after they arrived a bartender asked Wright to take off his cross or leave as it violated the dress code. Booker asked to speak to the manager and to see where the dress code was posted, yet there wasn’t one posted anywhere so Booker refused to leave. The police were called and they told Booker and Wright to leave and filed a report. Booker said there were two other patrons there wearing crosses who were not asked to leave, although they did leave when they saw what was happening. Booker has organised a protest march against the sports bar for suppressing freedom of religious expression.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 03 November 2008 (subscribe here)

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