Celebrity Championship Wrestling TV Report (Week 3)

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Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling
Week 3: Pick Your Gimmick

The celebrities are working out in the gym to begin the show.  Danny recalls running into a brick wall last week.  The two coaches come in and they say that the celebs suck.  HA!  The three judges come in and Hulk explains the wrong that happened last week.  Eric explains the task this week, creating your own in-ring persona.  Since this is hard, they will allow Jimmy Hart to work with them.

We go to the lounge, which is full of all clothes and accessories.  This is right up Dennis’ rally.  He lets them have fun while he leaves.  Todd has some personality with this.  However these clothes are not the answer.  Jimmy Hart returns and he is not impressed.  He wants these guys to find out their true self and to rethink this.

We return from the break and we go to the arena.  Jimmy Hart said that it was horrible, but he tried to fix it.  Eric Bischoff shouts out this best line: “This is the part where I start to really get pissed off.  Because this is the part where I knew you guys would all take this as some kind of joke.” Eric is God!  It’s time for this week’s three moves.  Basic Tie-Up, Working the Arm, and Working the Ropes.

We go to the practice rings and the ladies on Team Nasty’s team are complaining.  They work the moves for a bit and Hulk Hogan walks in.  Nasty has Rodman and Diamond show off to Hogan.  Hogan is…not impressed.  Hogan comes in and he tears Dustin apart.  Hogan works with the other teammates.

After the break, Hogan decides to check up on Team Beefcake.  He wants to spar with Danny for two minutes.  He works with the others as well.  Now it’s time to learn about the personas.  Everyone seems to be better off with this, right now.  Erin Murphy wants a big move and we’re all arguing about the ending of the match.  This is one hour until match time too!

The Main Event

Nikki Ziering as Candy Girl & Dustin Diamond as The Winner
Erin Murphy as Mistress of Mayhem (aka MOM) & Dennis Rodman as Rodzilla

Team Nasty

They get the audience participation going.  Rodman and Diamond lock up and Rodman has a headlock.  Rodman runs over Diamond.  Rodman works on Diamond’s arm.  Diamond tries to leave, but Rodman stops this.  Diamond rakes the eyes and he sends Rodman to the ropes.  Leapfrog over Diamond and Rodman grabs the arm, Murphy tags in and she jumps off the second rope and she continues to work the arm.  Murphy can’t sell well.  She does move away and Diamond hits the corner.  Rollup gets two.  Diamond is in control as he distracts Rodman.  Double team by the heels goes flawlessly.  Rodman tosses the trash, so to speak and spits in Rodman’s face.  Cat fight ensues outside the ring.  Tag to Ziering and she slaps Rodman.  Diamond takes care of Murphy on the outside.  Tag back to Diamond and Ziering tags back too.  Rollup gets two.  Tag to Diamond.  He knocks Rodman to the barricade.  Diamond off the ropes, he collides with his own partner.  Murphy tags in Rodman.  Diamond gets leveled repeatedly.  He hits the forearm smash.  Tag to Ziering and she hits a cross body for three!

Winners: MOM & Rodzilla

Todd Bridges as Mr. Not-So-Perfect & Butterbean as Mean Bean
Trishelle Cannatella as the Red Hot Redneck & “Dangerous” Danny Bonaduce

Team Beefcake

Danny shows his abs and Butterbean shows his flabs.  They lock up and Butterbean tosses him like a child.  Another lockup and same result.  Danny dances a bit, talking trash.  Butterbean charges and hits the post.  Trishelle bends down and Butterbean trips over her.  Bonaduce gets two for that.  He works on the arm of Butterbean.  He tags in Trishelle and she hits a double axe handle.  Butterbean grabs the hair and sloppily throws her down.  She won’t be denied.  She gets sent to the ropes and crashes into him.  Bridges puts his hat on her head and Butterbean grinds against her, before splashing her against the corner.  Bridges is in and he nails a perfect forearm.  He chokes Trishelle in the corner.  He drops a elbow, but misses.  He misses another elbow again.  The third time sucks as well, but it’s playing the gimmick.  Danny comes in and he mouths some words.  He posts Bridges and we go pillar to post again!  Off the ropes and he hits a shoulder tackle.  Butterbean comes in and Danny unloads on him.  Bridges grabs Bonaduce and Butterbean ends up hitting Bridges instead.  Trishelle depants Butterbean…not a good sight.  She runs away and he gives chase.  Bonaduce goes on top and he hits the crossbody for the three.

Winners: Red Hot Redneck & “Dangerous” Danny Bonaduce

I’m torn here.  Both matches were an improvement to last week.  The only thing I didn’t like was the slow pace from Team Nasty’s side.  Erin Murphy does not belong in that ring because it seemed almost slow motion when she was in there.  That’s just me though.  I say Team Beefcake had the better match.

After the break, Hogan has the teams inside the ring.  He was impressed with the personas this week.  The team safe this week is Team Beefcake!  Eric Bischoff says that he can’t criticize anything except for the timing.  The men are safe this week, leaving the ladies on the verge of elimination.  Jimmy Hart loves the outfits.  Erin Murphy seemed lost in the ring.  Nikki was on spot, but she needs to step it up.  He says that Nikki may be a candy girl……..Erin is this week’s jabroni and she is gone!

Next week, things go to meltdown and when no one is safe…anything goes.  Should be interesting.

Take care everyone, see you next time.

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