Chikara Update for 11.05.2008


A quick update on what’s happening in the world of Chikara. Tag World Grand Prix 2008 is this weekend, and I have a final lineup of the first round inside. I’ll be back either Friday or Monday with a full-fledged Chikarticles. Until then, enjoy!

After a couple of unfortunate injuries, Chikara Officials have once again made new brackets, and we are set for action this weekend in Germany. All predictions are shot out of the window with the removal of PAC’s original partner, Kota Ibushi. Ibushi injured his shoulder on a DDT Show and will be out of action for a few weeks. With all that being said, here is the final lineup.

1. Tommy End and Zak Sabre vs. Jagged and Shane Matthews
2. Jimmie James and Kidd Fight vs. Soldier Ant and Fire Ant
3. Johnny Kidd and Robbie Brookside vs. Adam Polak and Lazio Fe
4. Joel Redman and Wade Fitzgerald vs. Ophidian and Amasis (Campeones de Parejas)
5. Claudio Castagnoli and Mark Roudin vs. STIGMA and Vin Gerard
6. Martin Stone and PAC vs. Chuck Taylor and Icarus

All of these matches are First Round Matches, and will take place on November 8th. On November 9th, there will be three semi-final bouts, and a three-way dance in the finals of the tournament.

Mike Quackenbush is set to face legend Johnny Saint on November 8th. This match has been highly anticipated by not only internet wrestling fans, but also by Mike Quackenbush himself. The two squared off back in March of 2008 with neither man winning in a draw.
Both men hold the nickname “Man of 1,000 Holds”, and I guarantee you this will be an instant classic. If you want to see a technical-submission clinic, be sure to order this DVD. And if you’re in Germany, do I even have to tell you to go buy tickets?

One night after he goes up against Johnny Saint, one of wrestling’s biggest names, Quack will have to face one of wrestling’s brightest rising stars Claudio Castagnoli in a two out of three falls match! Quack WILL be bent like a pretzel in his match against Saint and whether he walks out victorious or not, he will be in a great deal of pain. That has to play a factor when he goes up against Double C, someone twice his size.

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