Kiefer Sutherland stares into Mirrors on January 13th!

In Alexandre Aja’s (The Hills Have Eyes) Mirrors, Kiefer Sutherland stars as ex-cop Ben Carson who, now working as a night watchman, experiences horrific images inside of mirrors. And surprise surprise, nobody believes him, not even his sister (Amy Smart). Also starring Paula Patton (Swing Vote), Mirrors appears on DVD and Blu-ray January 13th.

DVD Includes:
◦ Rated/Unrated versions of the film
◦ Deleted Scenes including an Alternate Ending with Optional Commentary by Director Alex Aja
◦ Reflections: The Making of Mirrors
◦ Mythology of Mirrors: Behind the Mirror

Blu-ray Includes:
◦ Above material plus…
◦ Anna Esseker Backstory featurette
◦ Animated Storyboard Sequence
◦ Mirror Images: PIP with Optional Commentary with Director Alex Aja and Gregory
Levasseur on 23 Selected Scenes
◦ PIP Scene to Storyboard Comparison
◦ Trailers
◦ Digital Copy

Source:20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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