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Welcome to the only TNA news and fun column on Pulse Wrestling.  I have videos, previews, and a diary of Kurt Angle.  Actually, not really…but Angle is part of the news, and we all know how crazy he can get.  Without further delay, let’s CROSS THE LINE!

Kurt Angle Mania

Kurt Angle was recently a guest on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius.  He talks negative about the WWE, about how he was overworked and how Vince is a monster.  He then discusses his run in TNA, his recent marital problems and even utters how MMA is easier than pro wrestling.  The show takes a downward toll as Kurt joked about how a midget can f*ck him and that he’s a good piece of ass.  Don’t believe me?  Read it for yourself and be sure to have that bottle of Listerine to wash the taste out of your mouth.

Also, Kurt Angle appeared on the Max Kellerman Show.  Kurt talks about why he went to pro wrestling first than MMA.  He claims to be in the top three ever in the WWE in terms of entertaining the fans.  He says that “fake” pro wrestling is a hundred times more brutal than MMA and that was what contributed to him reinjuring his neck four times during his pro wrestling career.  They discuss Kimbo Slice’s hype and Brock’s venture into MMA.  He goes into promoting TNA.  Good interview all around.

Jesus Barred from Vito’s?

From the November 3rd edition of the Wrestler Observer (subscribe here), as already covered by Iain Burnside in his weekly Observer posting, Booker T and Marty Wright (The Boogeyman) were kicked out of Vito’s Deck House in Houston on October 26th because Wright was wearing a cross necklace.  They bickered back and forth about the issue since there was no stated “dress policy” at the establishment.  This columnist was willing to post some scandalous pictures of employees and patrons wearing cross necklaces, but decided that they don’t need extra attention.  I shall link you to their main website, which is currently under construction, but do a little clicking, and you’re sure to find a few pictures.

It’s sad that Jesus is being banned for this, but what can you do?  There isn’t much details on this, no pictures of said cross that got Wright and Booker kicked out.  The duo intends to stage a formal protest over this incident.  File this under soon to be interesting news.

TNA One-Liners

Scott Steiner returned to TNA last week after being on the injured list.  He was seen joining the Main Event Mafia.

Derek Jeter made a visit to the iMPACT Zone last week at the request of The Beautiful People’s Velvet Sky.

Jay Lethal v. Sheik Abdul Bashir from the Las Vegas edition of iMPACT was scheduled to be longer, but was cut due to segments going over their allotted time.

With Mick Foley joining TNA, TNA had to cut expenses to ensure they had enough money.

Therefore, Glenn Gilberti and Pat Kenney were “future endeavored” from TNA.

Ratings News

I called the slight increase in ratings from last week’s report.  Last week, iMPACT scored a 1.16 rating, which was rounded to a 1.2.  There’s not as much ratings breakdown, except that it seems that the viewers were curious about the Main Event Mafia.  TNA has gone into a different direction since going to High Definition.  The new set looked awesome and it looked like the arena had more seating, which is big in many ways.

This week, I’m kinda calling for the show to stay flat, might fall back to a 1.1 due to rounding since a 1.16 isn’t much better as a 1.13.  I am going to ask this question for the readers.  Do you think TNA will break a 1.5 rating anytime between now and the end of 2008?  There’s 8 more episodes left this year, counting two on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Is it almost impossible to say that they can break a 1.5 rating by the end of the year?  I want your comments.

TNA Spin Cycle

Last Week’s iMPACT Results

ODB & Christy Hemme d. The Beautiful People
Eric Young d. James Storm
The Motor City Machine Guns d. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Volador Jr.
AJ Styles & Samoa Joe d. Booker T & Kevin Nash
Abyss d. Kurt Angle via DQ
Mick Foley makes executive decisions regarding Turning Point

iMPACT Preview

There are so many things I can say about tonight’s iMPACT preview, but I honestly forgot the spoilers, so I almost have no idea what they have taped for tonight.  Never fear, TNA’s website has a preview, which I’ll use.

– “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner is back in TNA, and this Thursday night The Main Event Mafia plan to officially induct him into their group! With the Mafia growing bigger (and badder!), how will the young lions like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles react? Tune in and find out!

– has learned that Executive Shareholder Mick Foley has requested time to speak with “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles! After his face to face with Sting this past week, what does Foley want to address with The Phenomenal One?

– A Ladder Match is also scheduled for the broadcast, with the winners earning a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship: Team 3D vs. The Latin American Xchange vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Tanahashi & Volador

– Also, a Knockouts Tag Team bout is set to take place with TNA Women’s Champion Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Taylor Wilde and Roxxi

– Plus, in a Six Man War main event it will be TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting, Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash taking on “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, Eric Young and Consequences Creed!

All this and much more this tonight on Spike at 9pm ET – plus more news on the November 9 “Turning Point” Pay-Per-View epic event!

Turning Point Preview

Just so I won’t spoil tonight’s iMPACT, the following matches were announced before tonight’s show.  Here is what you can expect Sunday when TNA goes live on Pay-Per-View.  Matches to be added as necessary.

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Champion “The Icon” Sting

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash

“The Instant Classic” Christian Cage vs. Champion Booker T

The Motor City Machineguns vs. Champions Beer Money, Inc.

Abyss vs. Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle

Grudge Match: “The War Machine” Rhino vs. X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir

Plus, an X Division championship seeding match to determine the top contenders!

Ugh…a seeding match to determine the top contenders for the X Division Title?  Last time they had seeding matches, they meant nothing as booking made #1 Contender matches on top of this.  Everything else seems on the money and the main thing I noticed…no gimmick matches.  That’s truly a turning point for TNA.

Pulsating Action

Vinny T. talks about ROH possibly being on the brink of death.
John Wiswell talks about how Gabe Sapolsky was invisible to the audience, but visible to everyone else.
Scott Keith goes old school covering an episode of World Class Championship Wrestling.
Mark Allen admits to liking Hogan’s CCW and also talks about the news from Stamford.
Speaking of CCW, here’s Week 3.

Until Next Time

That’s it for this week’s edition of Total Nonstop Weekly.  I’ll be back next week for more of the same.  CCW, RAW, ECW, and some more news from Orlando!  At least I can say I’ve survived one week doing a TNA column.  Have a great weekend!

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