Celebrity Championship Wrestling TV Report (Week 4)

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Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling
Week 4: Learning to Promo and Working the Crowd

We’re in the gym and Nikki is psyched.  Dustin said that Erin should had stayed and Nikki should had left.  Nikki has trouble with the weights and Dennis continues to be awesome.

In the arena, Eric Bischoff says that they are doing better than expected.  Eric quizzes them on their favorite wrestlers.  One thing they all have is good promo work.  Todd Kelly is their help this week to teach them how to promo.  He then takes on a Hogan promo pretty good.  They crack at this new concept and embarrass each other in the process.  Danny and Dustin take it a bit too far, which was quite entertaining.  Todd has them take a breather and informs them that they will all have to cut a promo before the main event.

This week’s three moves are the hip toss, taking the turnbuckle, and the elbow smash.  We go training these moves and Nikki continues to have trouble.  It’s a wonder she wasn’t eliminated last week, but that’s that for you.  She rants about how she won’t take the risk.

In the other room, Trishelle has trouble at first, so Beefcake makes it work to help her.  Even Danny has a hard time taking the bump.  He takes a good bump finally and he’s going to the medic to be checked out.

Nasty complains about Nikki, uttering explitives to the nth degree.  She comes back and he leaves.  Now we go back to Erin being better to a degree.  They talk it over with her, but they fail.

More practicing ensues in Beefcake’s ring.  Meanwhile, Hogan talks to Nikki and she opens up to him.  He explains to her that she deserved to be here more than Erin did.  So, he works with her a bit.

Danny Bonaduce returns and he learns the moves once again.  In Nasty’s room, Hogan asks for Rodman and Nasty to leave, so they can train with Rodman.  Suddenly, she becomes better.

Time for the Main Events!

Red Hot Redneck & Mean Bean v. Mr. Not-So-Perfect & “Dangerous” Danny Bonaduce
Team Beefcake

Well, the promos rocked the boat.  Danny and Bean are in the ring.  Bean is strong and keeps Danny from doing this.  In comes Not Perfect and they double team Bean a bit.  Danny covers for not even a count.  Bean leaves the ring and heads to the back, but the Hot Redneck makes him come back.  She comes and and she plays to the crowd a bit.  She slaps Danny, but he blocks and he liplocks her.  She gets rolled up for two.  She reverses a whip and Danny gets hiptossed poorly.  Another whip and Bean attacks from behind.  Redneck grinds on Danny and she sends him face first in the corner.  She dances a bit and KICKS HIM HARD IN THE CHEST!  Bean comes in and hits the elbow smash.  Bean walks over Danny and drops the elbow for a close near fall.  In comes the Redneck and Danny comes back from the ropes and they both hit a clothesline.  Todd comes in and so does Bean.  He hits a handspring back elbow for one count.  Bean squishes Todd in the corner and he collides with Danny, who takes a sick bump on the guardrail!  Todd gets splashed and Bean scores the pin.

Winners: Red Hot Redneck & Mean Bean

Candy Girl and the Winner v. Rodzilla
Team Nasty

Rod and Dustin start things off.  They play to the crowd to start off before lock up.  Rod woks on the arm, but Dustin rakes the eyes. Candy Girl comes in and they work on both arms, but Rod introduces themselves to each other, HAHA!  The heels roll out of the ring, but Dustin comes back and he rakes the eyes again.  Rod gets posted in the corner, but he turns the tables on Dustin.  Hip toss connects and Candy Girl comes into the fray.  She gets hiptossed, but she rolls out of the ring.  Dustin tags out and Nikki rakes the eyes, kick to the midsection and the heels double team.  Nikki his the double axe handle and Rod gets slammed against the guardrail.  Candy Girl schoolboys Rod for two.  Tag to Dustin and he works on Rod some more.  Back elbow connects and Dustin drops the elbow for two.  Candy Girl drops her own elbow and she shows her body a bit.  Another elbow gets two.  Tag to Dustin and he continues to own Rod some more.  Elbow drop gets two and in comes Candy Girl.  She goes up top and she hits a double axe handle on Dustin instead.  Rod gets on fire and she experiences some of Rod’s B.O. Rod goes up and he hits the flying clothesline on Dustin and that’s done.

Winner: Rodzilla

I feel that Team Beefcake had a slightly better match, but both of the matches weren’t as good as last week.  The handicap match was balls since the heels took control for a long slow time and Rodzilla came back to win in about a couple minutes.  Could be my hatred for John Cena doing that many times, but let’s see what the judges think.

Hogan has a hard time deciding who did better.  Both teams sucked so NO ONE IS SAFE TONIGHT!

The meat of the subject is about the in ring performance.  Bischoff critques Bean harshly. He’s safe.  Hart likes Danny’s bumping tonight.  He’s safe, so is Todd Bridges.  Rod is safe, and so is Dustin.  It’s down to Nikki and Trishelle.  Hogan says it’s unfair to send either one of them home.  Trishelle has gotten better since donning the Red Hot Redneck gimmick.  Nikki seems to have a hard time gutting it.  So, the decision is that Nikki Ziering is this week’s jabroni.

Next week, The teams combine and it is every man for themselves!  RVD makes a guest appearance and somebody goes to the hospital.  Tune in as Week 5 will be interesting!

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