Indy Mania – PCW’s HELLBOUND! by Norine Stice

Results of PCW’s HELLBOUND, October 30, 2008
Dylan O’Connor’s Pub, Pembina Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Team Impact with Mike Arnott opens the show by declaring they don’t want to put their tag titles on the line in a No Holds Barred match against Southern Comfort which brings out recently signed WWE Developmental athlete, “Prime Time” Jon Cutler, who is preparing to report for duty in FCW. Cutler calls TI a more colorful description of Prima Dona and says that although he’s not the PCW Commissioner, elected official or anything else, he does have a WWE contract so that gives him some pull. He then delivers a challenge: If both members of Southern Comfort can beat both members of Team Impact in singles competition tonight, the advertised Main Event is on! Everyone agrees and on with the show…

“Outlaw” Adam Knight vs. Anderson Tyson Moore

In a match that took on shades of wrestling versus high impact or crazy, Knight and Moore worked with holds and counters throughout. During a series of reversals, Outlaw stops a super kick, swings Anderson around and delivers The Long Arm of the Outlaw that was felt as far away as Minot, North Dakota, Knight covers and gets three.

Winner: “Outlaw” with The Long Arm of the Law.

PCW Canadian Championship Match: “Priceless” Chad Tatum© vs. Nate Hardy vs. “Adorable” Dave Dixon

In the spirit of Haloween, Dixon is appearing as Fred Flintstone, Nate continued his homage to the real deal by emulating Jeff Hardy, and Tatum appeared as none other than “Priceless”. The Champ is underrated considering his arsenal of athletic risk taking and fearless maneuvers. All 300 pounds of Dave sweated it out in the ring, beating down his smaller opponents, and hitting a cross body block off the top onto both! Hardy delivers a hold not seen, and therefore not named, Chad counters and gets the win.

Winner and still PCW Champion: “Priceless”.

CWF owner Ernie Todd accompanied by a scrawny wannabe, cut a promo but if anyone tries to write up what he said, carpal tunnel syndrome will ensue. Chris Marxwell joins Todd’s team but Darren “The Bomb” Dalton impolitely declined. Ernie and Chris bail out leaving the wannabe to receive a Power Bomb that he will be feeling after his 17th birthday.

Referee vs. Manager Grudge Match: Marty Labossiere vs. Mike Arnott

The fans couldn’t decide whether to laugh, throw up or both at the thought of Arnott in an amateur wrestling match and while it was funny for a total of two minutes, fans showed no enthusiasm. ATM interfered on behalf of Mike but Marty won. The general consensus is that Labossiere will be exiting the ring as a ref and returning as a worker. He’s been spending quality time at the gym and his standing moonsault was the highlight of the match.

Winner: The Referee.

Main Event on the Line: “The Enforcer” JP Kaos vs. “Showtime” Robby Royce

This is clearly the best match these two have ever had. Royce is a true veteran and Kaos is basic, but he hits hard! JP clearly outclassed here, Showtime is schooling him like crazy but can’t put him away. After several reversal attempts, out of nowhere Kaos hooks The Kaos Effect Cobra Clutch Slam to secure the main event title match.

Winner: “The Enforcer” with a Kaos Effect Cobra Clutch Slam.

PCW Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega arrives dressed as John Travolta, well, not exactly Travolta, but the outfit he was wearing oozed of “disco sleeze”. Omega gave a great speech, talking about his travels to Japan and Europe and his upcoming appearances at the BOLA and ROH in Montreal. The PCW Commissioner came out and gave Kenny crap for not defending regularly enough and the verbal altercation led to a face off with Omega and Mentallo! Please give us this match!

Mentallo vs. Chris Marxwell

Marxwell pulls a Mr. Fuji and nails Mentallo with 4 tons of powder right before the bell but the beating soon takes a turn as Mentallo uses tricks he certainly didn’t learn from his time in CMLL. For some unexplained reason, the decision is reversed and Chris pulls out the win.

Winner: Chris Marxwell via reversed decision.


NO HOLDS BARRED TAG TEAM MATCH: “Outlaw” Adam Knight and “The Enforcer” JP Kaos of Southern Comfort vs. Anderson Tyson Moore and “Showtime” Robby Royce © with Mike Arnott

Brawl matches that make no sense are boring, but this was a FUN brawl. It was one of the good types of ECW crowd brawls with all members of the match taking the fight into the seats, making sure everyone in attendance got a chance to be in the action zone. A 260 plus pounds Knight hit a tope to the floor! Royce seemed to hurt his leg early on and was visibly limping for the rest of the match. After several chair shots and a lot more in the way of weapons, the action moved back into the ring. Arnott tried to stop Outlaw with a chair to the back but only got a glaring grimace from the big man but Anderson delivered an El-Kabong with the same chair and Mike celebrated. Former SC Manager Cowgirl Pam had seen enough and made a surprise return to the ring, instigating a classic catfight with Arnott to a loud pop from the crowd. Robby got busted open and Kaos got sent to the floor while the table got teased, but the table leg broke. Adam hit the Brokenback Mountain Bomb and went for the Five Gallon Frog Splash on ATM. Royce tried to stop him from the apron and Moore recovered and delivered a reckless Spanish Fly for the victory.

Winners and still Champions: Team Impact.

Darren “The Bomb” Dalton made a run in and speared both Royce and Moore through what was left of the table. Dalton got a big pop from the fans although they were unsure why he was attacking Team Impact. Royce was down in the ring until he was physically helped to the back.

This was a great show with the fans getting the action they came to see.

The next event at Dillon’s is scheduled for December 11!