Disney Produced The Secret of the Magic Gourd to be Released on DVD in the US

Source: Ultimate Disney

The Secret of the Magic Gourd, a story by late Chinese author Zhang Tianyi about a little boy who finds a magic gourd who grants his every wish, is finally coming to DVD in the US. The release date will be January 27, 2009. Disney is the third studio to produce a film in partnership with China’s growing film industry.

The Secret of the Magic Gourd marks the directorial debut of special effects supervisor Frankie Chung, the mastermind behind Kung Fu Hustle and the Promise. It’s a live action feature, but also has animation elements to it.

Personally, I’m excited about this film. CJ7, a family film from China by director Stephen Chow, has just been released on DVD and my kids loved it. I’m excited about showing them cultures from other countries in a way that they enjoy. I’d love to expose them to international film and this is a great way to do that.

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