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I’m back this week and I have some new toys I’m attempting to try out.  I’ve finally jumped on the cool train and joined Twitter.  Find me at pulsepaul, and follow me as I hope to like this feature.  There’s another thing I’m looking into to connect with the readers, but I’m still working on that.  This way if you’re not part of the RAW chats each week on AIM, you can still connect with me through other means.

Without further ado, let’s get going with our top story!

No Lipstick on My Pig

Believe it or not, but TNA has posted a news release inviting Alaska governor and former Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, to come to Orlando to be a part of Final Resolution.  TNA sweetens the deal by offering to fly her and her husband to Orlando and donate $50,000 to the charity of her choice.

All this as a way to humble Sarah Palin?  I rarely offer insight to news stories, but I can’t stay silent because this could either be classified as a huge opportunity to gain viewers, or a huge opportunity to alienate wrestling fans.  What does Sarah Palin need to accomplish to salvage her “national spotlight”?  Actually, let’s stray away from that side of things.  What does TNA need in Sarah Palin?  To give her an honorary membership in The Beautiful People?

Everyone can guess Sarah Palin will say “Thanks, but no thanks” and move on with her life.  However, Vince Russo never takes no for an answer – everyone should know that by now.  Will Sarah Palin appear at Final Resolution?  Depends on which “Sarah Palin” actor they can get.  Tina Fey does the best Palin impersonation, as noted on Saturday Night Live…I’m sure they can get her to play the part.

File this underneath the “Bridge to Nowhere” I have for sale somewhere.

Christian Cage to WWE Rumors

Let’s briefly talk about this now.  Christian Cage’s TNA contract is up in about a month’s time.  It’s rumored that he’ll go back to the WWE, but TNA is trying to keep him in the company.  Look for Christian Cage tonight on iMPACT! as we see how he does as a “part” of Main Event Mafia.

Whether or not Christian Cage will go to WWE, this will be rather interesting to see.

James Storm Interview

Another hit topic this week is the interview with James Storm on Between the Ropes on November 4th.  Yes, it takes a week and a half for some news stories to shed the light on Total Nonstop Weekly.  However, if no one is reporting this, it can’t be news.  Right?  Right.  Anyhow, James Storm talks about his tag partner, Robert Roode and his time with Chris Harris before he gotten chubby and went to the WWE.  This is a good interview, so feel free to check it out.

TNA One-Liners

Petey Williams and Curry Man have been released by Midway Games as downloadable characters for TNA iMPACT.  Get them for 100 Microsoft Points!

Mike Tenay is also available as a downloadable character for free, just in case you’re dying to beat his ass.

The presale password for TNA Genesis in Charlotte, NC is “FOLEY” (without quotes).

Scott Hall made it to his TNA booking, albeit a year late.  He had no impact on the PPV as he was later kicked out.

The Insane Clown Posse was actual guests at TNA Turning Point.

The Main Event Mafia is a league of their own, being the only pro wrestling stable with everyone being a former world champion before joining.

TNA has a graphics guru that used to work for the WWE.

Kenny Dykstra may be heading to TNA, or so what he is saying on his MySpace blog.

FOX News, among other media organizations, has picked up on TNA’s attempt to get Sarah Palin to show up.

Turning Point Results

In case you’ve missed Turning Point, PK has you hooked up.

X Division Seeding Match Results:
10. Sonjay Dutt
9. Voladore
8. Jimmy Rave
7. Homicide
6. Consequences Creed
5. Petey Williams
4. Tanahashi
3. Doug Williams
2. Jay Lethal
1. Eric Young

Taylor Wilde & Roxxi d. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed
Rhino d. Sheik Adbul Bashir
Beer Money d. The Motor City Machine Guns to retain the Tag Team Championship
Booker T d. Christian Cage to retain the Legend’s Championship
Kurt Angle d. Abyss
Kevin Nash d. Samoa Joe
Sting d. AJ Styles to retain the World Championship

Ratings News

TNA iMPACT got a 1.1 rating last week, down from the rounded up 1.2 they received the week prior.  It seems the majority opinion is that 1.5 may be out of reach this year, but let me ask this question.  How high do you expect ratings to go in 2009?  Post your answers in the comments field or using Twitter (pulsepaul) and I’ll post some responses next week.

iMPACT Preview

Three title matches are assigned for this week’s iMPACT episode!  Here is the spoiler-free card for tonight!

Awesome Kong and Rhaka Khan vs. Roxxi and Taylor Wilde
Sheik Abdul Bashir © vs. Eric Young for the X-Division Title
Rhino vs. Scott Steiner
Sting © vs. Jay Lethal for the TNA World Championship
Beer Money © vs. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles for the TNA Tag Team Championships

Expect Christian Cage being “welcomed” to the Main Event Mafia and some Angle/Jarrett/Foley interactions, as Angle is crazy.

Pulsating Action

Want more TNA?  K. Sawyer Paul has your hookup with 30 minutes of podcast with OMFGTNA!
Norine cooks up a column featuring the Legend of Gorgeous George.
Jonathan Kirschner has this week’s report on CHIKARA.
Mark Allen frowns at Paul London getting the pink slip and if WWE’s financials don’t do any better, there may be more where that came from.
And to wrap it up, John Wiswell discusses Paul London’s indy career.

Until Next Time

There will be TNA coverage tonight on the Pulse!  Who has it?  Somebody will most likely show up.  This does it for week 3 of Total Nonstop Weekly.  I’ll be back to wrap up the week in wrestling with some C…C…W!  Have a good weekend!

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