Hannah Montana – DVD Game Review

She leads a double life and tries to keep it a secret so she can be both a regular kid and also a pop superstar. Hannah Montana has grown from being just a kid’s show to being one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons in history. Children all over the world love to sing like her and own her clothes, jewelry, and even wigs so that they can be more like their idol. Miley Cyrus is the daughter of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus and is following in her father’s footsteps only by getting into the music industry for her stardom has risen to brand new heights. But when it comes to putting her show and characters into an interactive game then you better be young and a fanatic of the show or you’ll get nothing from it.

A multitude of games are included on this DVD game and can be played by one person and all the way up to five or more. Certain games cannot be played unless there are more then one or two players participating. Players will choose a character from the series they wish to be and then play along with games dealing with memory, acting, singing, and much more. This DVD game is rather simple direction wise, but each game has both visual and verbal instructions before playing if you so choose to view them.

I’m not entirely sure why this game was created except for maybe to allow children who don’t have a video game system to play something somehow. The game is fully interactive, but it’s not the most fun game in the world. Actually, unless children are a big fan of Hannah Montana then they won’t get any enjoyment whatsoever out of it. Those that don’t watch the series will get nothing out of the quizzes and musical games which eliminate half of them. Adults might as well just steer clear altogether even if they like the films because this DVD game is obviously aimed at a very young audience.

Hannah Montana Trivia Challenge – On the menu, this game is called “Main Game.” Basically you can answer questions about the show with multiple choices for each one. Using the DVD remote, you select your answer by pushing one of the directional arrows.

Pop Star – No scoring for this game as Hannah calls it “just for fun.” Choose one of her songs and you can sing along with the words as they are highlighted at the bottom of the screen for you.

Dance Off – Eight Hannah Montana songs can be danced to as Lilly teaches you some moves. Lilly explains the rhythm of the beats and then there is an on screen display that shows you where to place your feet. Pretty much this is Dance Dance Revolution without the giant game board underneath you.

Band Audition – A set of drums appears on screen with each one having a directional arrow on it. Like that old game Simon; you merely try to remember the beats and hit them accordingly.

Seeing Stars Memory Game – Pictures of people from the show appear on the right side of the screen and you have to memorize them. After a minute or two, you then must place the faces where they belong.

Personality Quiz – Three quizzes: what star you are most like from the show; what kind of rock star you are; and what school group you fit into most. Answer questions and your answers will determine your status.

Keep The Beat – OK, this one may be the stupidest one yet. A silhouetted character is on screen and a beat goes on with her clapping at particular times. Players should take turns clapping and shouting out words associated with the topics, and if you mess up then the honor system must be used to say so.

True Friends – The Hannah Montana version of The Dating Game. One person answers a question as if they were their opponents (friends).

Say Whaat? – (Team game) This is essentially Super Password/Taboo. One person knows the secret word and has a list of other words they can’t say while trying to get their team to guess it.

Hellooo Drama! – (Team game) Charades. That’s all this is.

Art Class – (Team game) Pictionary. Yes, seriously.

The game is played in Full Screen format and everything looks fine. Colors are bright all over the place and the games are played without a problem.

The game is heard in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and the dialogue and music comes through just fine.

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Perhaps my biggest boggle is why wasn’t all this stuff just put as special features on one of the DVD sets of Hannah Montana seasons or on her concert DVDs? I have an idea why, but I’m sure all of you do as well. There isn’t any real reason why this DVD was made, but since it was, it does have some purpose. For fans of the television series and love everything Hannah/Miley does; then you’ll love this DVD game and want it for your collection. It just is hard to call it a game at all because it’s full of quizzes and sing-a-longs that will get old after playing them all through even once. None the less, it’s made for children so should and will be enjoyed by just that demographic.


Walt Disney Video presents Hannah Montana: DVD Game. Starring (narrator): Emily Osment. Rating: Not Rated. Released on DVD: November 18, 2008. Available at Amazon